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Jeffrey Bardwell
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Actor History
Other Names

"Loverman" by Gloria


Usually has no real job, a schemer, wheeler-dealer, blackmailer

Formerly acted like a manager at Gloworm

Former busboy at Gloworm

Former co-owner of Gloworm (the former Indigo Jazz Club)

Former bookie


Last known to be somewhere in France

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Anita Lawson [Claims to have dissolved by declaring her dead]

Gloria Fisher [Married: Jan 14, 2008; divorced: May 30, 2008; married: Jun 30, 2008; divorced: Mar 5, 2009; Remarried: Mar 27, 2012; Divorced 2016]


William Bardwell (twin brother; deceased)

Others unknown


Chelsea Lawson (daughter by Anita Lawson)

John "Johnny" Abbott (grandson; son of Chelsea with Billy Abbott)

Connor Adam Newman (grandson; son of Chelsea with Adam Newman)


Once had a dog named Mr. Scruffles

Flings & Affairs

Anita Lawson

Jill Abbott

Crimes Committed

Long history as a scammer

Blackmailed Gloria Fisher

Blackmailed Victor Newman

Ran a book-making operation

Brief Character History

After her rich husband, John Abbott had died, Gloria Fisher set her sights on the recently widowed district attorney, Will Bardwell, who had just come into an inheritance. She started attending widow's grief counseling to be with him, and was competing against Jill Abbott, one of her few friends, in an effort to keep Jill away from Will. Once Gloria discovered that Will was onto her in his investigation of the Glo by Jabot skin cream tainting case, it didn't take Gloria long to get Will to marry her. But Will admitted that his inheritance was tied up in court over a company that was severely in debt. Will had a stroke and died after deciding he loved Gloria enough not to turn her in for tainting the face cream. Then Gloria found a letter stating the inheritance case had been settled, and Will had been awarded 50 million dollars! Gloria threw an elaborate memorial party at the Genoa City Athletic Club and was stunned when one of the guests turned out to be Will's twin brother, Jeffrey Bardwell! Gloria began spending her inheritance like it was water. Jeff started coming onto Gloria, but she didn't trust him because she suspicious that he was only after "her" money. Once Jeff discovered that Gloria was behind the tainted face cream, he coerced Gloria into marrying him to keep her secret -- and he found joy in spending her money.

When it was revealed that Jack had falsified his father's will, a judge reversed his previous decision and awarded her half of Abbott Manor. Gloria and Jeffrey moved in and Jack and Sharon refused to move out, they were time-sharing by area. Meanwhile, Jeff claimed he had actually fallen for Gloria, but continued to blackmail her to force her to become his wife in every way. Kevin and Gloria cooked up a plot to make it look like Jeff was slowly poisoning her to inherit, but Jeff one-upped her again, substituting something else for the poison which she was taking daily. Both couples were doing everything they could to make the other leave. Gloria redecorated in outlandish style, and Sharon and Jack with Jeff's help, hired an actor, Alistair Wallingford, to play John's ghost to scare Gloria into selling her share of the mansion and leaving. Gloria figured it out and threatened lawsuit, but Jack, influenced by his conscience in the form of his dead father John, gave up and gave her the house, and he and Sharon moved out. Then Gloria, influenced by Jana and her beliefs in karma, decided to turn her life around and gave the mansion back to Jack. Gloria and Jeff began to realize they really were actually attracted to each other even after all their feuding and blackmailing. They had one hot night together, but misunderstandings and refusal to admit they cared led to Jeffrey filing for divorce and asking for half her net worth as a settlement. Meanwhile, Gloria was still trying to offset her karma and made legal arrangements to donate half her assets to charity as the Marksalogria Charitable Foundation (which was an algorithm for meaning Gloria's Karma). So Jeff received the other half in their divorce settlement, and Gloria was left penniless! Even her diamond stash turned out to be a fake.

Jack's conscience - in the form of John - influenced him to back down and allow Gloria to live in the Abbott pool house. After trying her hand and failing as a waitress at Crimson Lights and as a sales clerk at the Glo by Jabot Boutique, Gloria begged Kay for her job back. She was given a job as the Jabot receptionist instead. When Jeffrey realized how low Gloria had sunk, he made another attempt to reconcile with her. After one hot night together, Gloria accused Jeffrey of somehow stealing her diamonds - which he did. Jill came on hot and heavy to Jeff, seducing him in her office chair, but it wasn't long before he finally realized that the woman he wanted was Gloria. Jeff broke it off with Jill, and Jill took it out on Gloria. Jeff returned to Gloria and asked to start over together. Gloria went along with it half-heartedly until they made love again. Then Jeff coaxed her to his place, showed her 50 million in cash to frolic in, and asked her to remarry him. They eloped to Las Vegas with a wedding officiated by Little Richard.

Jeffrey and Gloria Bardwell's next plot was to buy up shares in Jabot to get controlling interest. They opened an account in the Caymans called "Agreeing Lovers," which was an anagram for "Gloria's Revenge." They included Jack in the plan, promising that he'd become the head of Jabot again. Jack was hesitant to trust them because they didn't fully trust each other. But he convinced Ashley, Billy, and Traci to let him proxy their stocks to help put Jabot back under Abbott control.

Michael Baldwin's father, River, showed up at Jeffrey's door trying to explain and make amends for his past. River, who was also known as Lowell, claimed he was not guilty of a death he was accused of in the 60's. Gloria had a very touching reunion with Lowell, and she and Michael both made peace with him. Just as he was about to leave town, Lowell was apprehended by the FBI. Jeffrey later admitted that he turned Lowell in to the Feds out of jealousy.

After a visit from Jeffrey that convinced Lowell that there was little chance of him going free. Lowell took a capsule that would make him sick so he'd be transported to the hospital. He left a note for Michael, and with his daughter Eden causing a distraction, Lowell escaped out a second story window, hurting his ankle in the process. Eden met Lowell at a warehouse, but he convinced her to stay with Michael live have a decent life. Not long after she left, the police surrounded the warehouse. Michael arrived and talked Lowell into surrendering. Among some old evidence used against Lowell, Michael found an audio tape of a witness named Tonya condemning Lowell as a violent ringleader. The voice on the tape was undeniably Gloria's. When Michael confronted her with it, Gloria broke down and admitted she was coerced by the police under threat of getting Michael taken away from her. In court, thanks to Michael's expertise and Gloria's last-minute testimony, the charges against River -- charges for the bombing of a Michigan bank and the resulting death of the janitor -- were dropped. Michael later figured out that River was guilty, confronted him, and left town, moving on to another scam.

Meanwhile Katherine began having some recurring memory loss, but was covering it up pretty well. Gloria took advantage, pulling tricks to convince Kay she was losing it in an attempt to get enough of Kay's Jabot stock to have controlling interest. Kevin helped her once by moving Kay's car to make her think she'd misplaced it, but Jana found out and disapproved. Luckily Jill caught and stopped them, just as Kay was signing over the stock. Jeffrey spotted Kay's doppelganger, Marge drunk and assumed it was Kay, and convinced everyone she was drinking again. Later Kay was secretly taking Marge to rehab, but they were in a bad car accident on the way. Kay was thrown clear, but Marge was found dead in the car by Nikki and Jill who were out looking for Kay. Not knowing about Marge's reappearance, they assumed it was Kay's body. A funeral was held, and Kay's will was read, and five percent of Kay's Jabot stock, in addition to a Ming vase, was left to Gloria as both were given to her by John Abbott. Jill was livid, knowing that the Chancellors now were no longer majority stockholders. A Jabot shareholders meeting was called, and to Jill's shock, Gloria and Jeff and Billy Abbott, with the majority of Jabot shares and proxies from Traci and Ashley, announced their takeover. Jack was present, and Jill reminded them that he was still legally banned from having anything to do with Jabot. Total confusion about who was now in charge was calmed when Ashley Abbott arrived and announced that she was once again the rightful CEO of Jabot.

Because Gloria went against Jeffrey forbidding her to testify for River at his trial, Jeffrey retaliated by burning his own face with the tainted cream so that Gloria would be discovered as the culprit. Gloria was arrested and jailed for tainting the face cream, and the Abbotts tossed Jeffrey out of the pool house and are suing for the Jabot shares and damages.

Jeffrey and Jill each wooed Gloria to sell her Jabot shares, and Jack also offered to drop the charges if she sold to him, but she sold them to Victor instead for money deposited in an offshore account.

Shortly after Jeff visited Gloria in jail to tell her he was divorcing her again, Michael arrived with some good news. Paul investigated Andrew Gibson, discovering that Emma had a child by a former husband who was institutionalized with anaphylactic shock from a severe food allergy. Emma's tests were compared with the son finding six points of correlation, proving Gloria innocent of causing her death. Although the judge was appalled at Gloria's product tampering, he had to set her free of charges in the death of Emma Gibson. Her first act as a free woman was to visit Jeffrey, and finding him in bed with Jill, had a cat fight with her, then left. Jill resented that she was being played, but after getting one up on Gloria, she decided to stay and enjoy it. The next time Jill saw him though, she told Jeffrey to forget it, she was not interested in playing his games. Jeff went back to Gloria, and Gloria told him she'd signed the divorce papers and never wanted to see him again.

After being arrested for bank robbery, Kevin became near-catatonic and delusional in a padded cell, and wouldn't even let Gloria near him. Though still non-responsive, he was okay with Mackenzie, Jana, and Michael's visits. But Amber was the one to finally have some affect on Kevin. Jeffrey visited him, realized that Kevin was haunted by demons, and encouraged him to fight back, that he was not a bad boy. Kevin had a major delusion that he was put in an ambulance in a straight jacket, and the chipmunk taunted him into jumping out of the back while it was moving. They escaped into the woods where Kevin and the chipmunk had it out with Jeffrey's words to fight back echoing in his head, he did, and came out of it hearing Daniel plead with him.

The fact that Kay was really alive invalidated Jill's claim to Jabot, and Victor turned her down to work at Newman. Jill teamed up with Gloria and Jeffrey to get back at Victor for using them, since Gloria could not access all the money she was paid for her shares. Gloria was found guilty of tainting the face cream in the civil suit, and Jabot was awarded double damages. Jeff revealed he had divorced Gloria to protect her assets. Then all three got news that their bank in Grand Cayman was about to go under, thanks to the pullout of their largest investor, Victor Newman. Jeff, Gloria, and Jill went to the Caymans to get their money, but were too late. They lost everything and were stuck there. A frantic phone call by Jill got Jack to bail them out by arranging for a less than luxurious trip home. Together again and both penniless, Gloria & Jeff were kicked out of the Athletic Club, and conned Phyllis into letting them sign a lease on her penthouse without a credit check.

Jeffrey met with Victor, showed him a photo of Victor hugging Mary Jane, and offered to not show it to Ashley if Victor would pay him, Gloria, and Jill an amount equal to what they lost in the offshore bank, thanks to him. Victor sneered at him, "You don't know who you're dealing with.", and went to Jill. Jill offered to settle for Victor giving her a job at Newman, but he turned her down. Victor asked Gloria and Jeff to create some scandal for Colleen to get her off the Newman board, and he might consider their request. They arranged for Aiden, the Athletic Club bartender and an aspiring actor, to get her drunk at Jimmy's Bar, where Jeff took video of her dancing on a table baring her breasts. Gloria got Kevin to unknowingly put "a video" out on the Internet, and gave her an untraceable email address to make sure everyone saw it. Victoria did and she and Victor called Colleen to Newman to demand her resignation.

Meanwhile a mystery woman took confession with Paul's brother Father Todd, who told Paul he recognized her as their sister Patty. Paul spotted a woman at the athletic club in a blonde wig, recognized her as Mary Jane and followed her. When he confronted her, she pled with him not to turn her in, and confessed that she was Patty. Paul was shocked, but took her to the convent for sanctuary, and called his Assistant DA daughter Heather hoping to get her some help and not jail. Meanwhile Gloria and Jeff found out where she was, and hoping to steal her away to blackmail Victor, Gloria got inside dressed as a nun. Jack saw the standoff at the convent on TV, showed up there, and Paul let him inside. He too was shocked to discover that Mary Jane was Patty, and talked to her. Patty, with a kitten in her arms, had reverted to the young girl they both knew and called "Pattycake", saying she knew that her big brother Paul and Jack would rescue her. Before she would surrender, she insisted Jack marry her, telling him she was pregnant by him. Another ADA was assigned to the standoff once Heather reported, and Detective Chancellor was put in charge. Suddenly the lights went out, and Patty was taken away by Gloria. Paul and Jack figured out that Victor was responsible for Patty's new identity, all the havoc she caused, and her current mental state. Jack told Phyllis the truth about Mary Jane, and she confronted Victor, asking if he brought Patty in and set her up to get back at Jack, causing Patty/Mary Jane to hurt Summer. Victor avoided the question, claiming he would never intentionally hurt a member of his family. Jack offered a two million dollar award, hoping to outbid Victor. Jeff and Gloria heard it on the radio as they were driving Patty to hide out at the Abbott cabin, and ended up making deals with both, but both had booby-trapped the briefcases with blue dye that blew up in their faces, and no money. Gloria appeared to have given up on her life of trickery and went to Jill for a job at the nail salon where she was sweeping floors. But she quit when Deacon Sharpe offered her five million dollars to get a stolen painting from a safe deposit box in Detroit that belonged to her late husband Tom. Daniel had the key, and tried to get the painting for Deacon to get his and Amber's freedom from Deacon's blackmail. Because the bank refused Daniel admittance to the box, he returned with Amber posing as Tom's bereaved widow Gloria. But just after they got into the box and retrieved the painting, Gloria showed up. They convinced her to play along, and got the painting back to Genoa City, where they bickered about what to do with it since Gloria wanted Deacon's five million, Jana felt it should be returned to the museum, and Daniel needed it to give to Deacon for their freedom. Kevin hid the Terroni painting at Crimson Lights, but Gloria found and took it to Deacon. Daniel tricked her, got it back, and returned it to the museum. He received a $25,000 reward, but gave it to Kevin to bail out Ryder.

Billy Abbott bought out Restless Style magazine/webzine, Billy's first issue became an exposé of Victor Newman's role in Colleen Carlton's death then to be kept alive by the donation of Colleen's heart, plus his part in the failure of the bank in Grand Cayman. The SEC investigated and ordered Victor to repay the Cayman bank depositors for their losses, including Jill, Gloria and Jeffrey. Just in time to save them from eviction, Jeff and Gloria were overjoyed to be rich again, even if she cannot openly spend the money or face a lawsuit from Jack.

When Gloria discovered that Tucker McCall had acquired Chancellor Industries and was about to sell Jabot, she talked Jeffrey into using his money to ally with Jack to bid on Jabot. Jack was horrified, but relented, knowing he could not come up with enough money on his own to outbid Victor. Thanks to Victor's son Adam getting a look at the bids, Victor outbid the Abbotts. Victor named Victoria CEO and hired Gloria as Jabot Ambassadress, just to stick it to Jack. But after signing over Jabot to Victor, Tucker received word that Jack had gotten a judge to block the sale pending investigation of Adam's part in it. When Adam did not show up at the hearing, the case and sale were delayed for thirty days and in the end, Tucker retained Jabot.

Phyllis evicted Jeff and Gloria from her condo for non-payment of rent. Not long afterward, Neil suddenly sold Indigo to Jeffrey. Jeff said it was a present to Gloria to celebrate their anniversary, saying they were happier together now that they were divorced. At Kay & Murphy's 4th of July picnic Gloria and Jeff announced their ownership of Indigo Jazz Club.

Opening night for the newly redecorated club, which was renamed Gloworm, began as a disaster with a cook with food-poisoning and the sudden appearance of the health inspector. But it ended as a huge success when all the invited elite of Genoa City as well as the press approved of both the elegant décor and the food. Abby Newman saw it as another opportunity for exposure, stripped and took a dip and posed for photos in a giant champagne glass that was part of the décor.

Kevin discovered that Jeffrey was laundering money out of Gloworm as a bookie running his own betting operation. Rather than expose him to Gloria, Kevin made a deal with Jeffrey to take over cooking the books and act as the bagman in exchange for money to buy back Crimson Lights. Kevin made several successful money drops to a man named Hogan, but Chloe got suspicious when he kept disappearing, so she followed him. Chloe watched Kevin meet Hogan and hand him a Fenmore's gift bag. The man informed Kevin he was short ten grand from the last drop while putting the squeeze on Kevin's hand. Kevin said he was just the bagman, but he would let Jeffrey know. After discovering that Gloria had found and spent the money, Jeffrey dipped into his secret bank account and gave Kevin the $10,000 to deliver to Hogan in the usual gift bag. But Kevin and Chloe got stopped by the police on the way, the gift bag overturned, exposing the money and betting slips, and they were arrested and jailed. After Michael convinced Acting D.A. Heather that there was insufficient evidence to make the bookmaking charges stick, and after Kevin refused to acknowledge any association with Hogan, Chloe and Kevin were released.

Gloria bought the title of Count for Jeffrey for Valentines Day. Still behind in his money drops, Jeffrey told Gloria they were holding a Valentine's fundraiser called puppy love to benefit dog rescues. Before Jeffrey could make the drop afterward, Gloria had a woman there from the dog rescue to pick up the proceeds, leaving Jeffrey with no money to pay them off once again.

Mobster Angelo Veneziano took over for Hogan, and the threats against Jeffrey became more violent. One separated shoulder and one knocked out tooth later, and Jeffrey was in big trouble with the mob. Gloria was still oblivious to what was going on, believing that Angelo was just the nice man who stopped by the club with his little dog Vig, who flirted with her. When Gloria would leave the room, Angelo would threaten Kevin and Jeffrey that their women would be hurt next if Jeff didn't pay up. Kevin told Angelo that his attorney was holding a copy of the ledger of all bets that were laundered through Gloworm and details of the operation which convinced Angelo to back off threatening their women. Shortly afterward, Jeffrey won big in Las Vegas and paid off Angelo. But Angelo returned, demanding Jeffrey turn over the ledger. Gloria later told Colin that she had discovered that Jeffrey and Kevin were running numbers at Glow Worm

Jeffrey and Gloria had a fight and Jeffrey disappeared. Gloria was devastated to find out that Jeffrey had drained the Gloworm bank account, then had sent her flowers with a farewell note. Desperately needing money to keep Gloworm and herself afloat, Gloria began to butter up Angelo. Angelo, who had always been smitten with Gloria, gave her the cash she needed in exchange for becoming her partner in Gloworm.

Nearly three months later, Jeffrey was seen sitting on the ground in an apparently cold and deserted location, attempting to start a fire while talking to a football, ala Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway.

Angelo gave Gloria a Christmas gift of Gloworm free and clear. Michael took issue with the contract, but Angelo swore it was legitimate and that they would fix it to Michael's satisfaction. Gloria called Angelo her "Guardian Angelo" and began dating him.

Kevin and Angelina escaped to Long Island Sound where Kevin fell out of their boat and lost his cell phone on the way to Angelo's cabin on an island there. After they arrived, they discovered Jeffrey who had been marooned there by Angelo. Jeffrey claimed that he had not been the one who wiped out Gloworm's bank account, nor would he have abandoned Gloria. When Kevin and Angelina refused to return to Genoa City with him, he took their boat and left them marooned there in the cold cabin with no food or heat.

Jeffrey capsized the boat, hit his head and lost his memory, only remembering that he had to get to Genoa City. Jill, on returning from visiting Phillip in Australia, discovered Jeffrey at Crimson Lights, and checked him into a hospital. After Jeffrey began to remember Jill "intimately", she decided it was time to reunite him with Gloria and Gloworm. Gloria was not totally convinced that Jeffrey wasn't lying, and flaunted her new relationship with Angelo. Once Jeffrey met Angelo, although he told no one, Jeff remembered Angelo making him empty the cash drawer at Gloworm.

On Valentine's Day, Jeffrey showed up at Gloworm with a box of discounted chocolates and a plastic rose for Gloria, but she rejected them when Angelo gave her a diamond necklace. Days later, Jeffrey showed up looking for a job, and Gloria hired him as a busboy. Jill chided Gloria for hiring Jeffrey, then treating him badly when the poor man didn't even remember her, because Gloria still had a thing for him. Gloria hired Anita Lawson as a waitress. When Anita first laid eyes on Jeffrey, she dropped her things when she recognized him. Anita later asked Jeffrey, did he not remember her? And Jeffrey told her that he had some memory problems. She later told her daughter Chelsea that she had located her father, but that she wouldn't tell her who he was.

Angelo asked Gloria to marry him, and she said yes. Witnessing this caused Jeffrey to suddenly get his memory back, and he confronted Angelo alone about his making Jeffrey write the farewell note to Gloria and empty out the Gloworm accounts and cash register, before Angelo had kidnapped Jeffrey and stranded him on the island. Angelo then beat Jeffrey up, bound and gagged him, and locked him in the dumpster. But Jill discovered Jeffrey in the dumpster and let set him free just in time to stop the wedding and tell Gloria everything that Angelo had done to him. Jeffrey then asked Gloria to remarry him. After she said yes, Michael and Jeffrey had a chat with Anglo, and Angelo agreed to legally return Gloworm to Gloria, and they would forget the whole kidnapping and theft. An impromptu wedding was held with Katherine Chancellor officiating. Chloe was Gloria's maid of honor with Jill as Jeffrey's best (wo)man, with a miffed Angelo looking on. Afterward Angelina announced that she was moving to Los Angeles to launch her singing career with Angelo as her manager.

Anita's daughter Chelsea arrived and confronted Jeffrey that he was her father. Jeffrey denied it as Anita sneaked out. Gloria and Jeffrey left for their honeymoon in Reno. Luckily Michael thought to nab a hair sample from Jeffrey, and Victoria supplied one from Chelsea. Michael had a DNA test done which proved that it was true. Jeffrey told Gloria that his memory did not extend past her, but he thought that he had never met Anita before she began working at Gloworm. Gloria called Michael and had him fire Anita. When they returned from their honeymoon, Jeffrey claimed the DNA test was false, that Chelsea's father must have been his dead twin brother William. But it was disclosed to viewers that Jeffrey was lying and had paid off Anita to disappear and to keep secret that he and Anita were still legally married.

Since their engagement announcement to the Newman clan was not well-received, Chelsea and Adam tried telling Jeffrey. Five months after Jeffrey paid her to leave, Anita showed up at Gloworm supposedly after hearing about Chelsea's engagement. Gloria was delighted and reminded them that Gloworm hosted weddings, and Jeffrey pointedly congratulated his niece. Anita interjected that whether Chelsea's daddy was Jeffrey or the late William, she did recall that he had a heart-shaped mole on his inner thigh. Gloria, who had been married to both, was then able to identify Jeffrey as Chelsea's father. Later Jeffrey took Anita aside and she threatened to tell everyone that they were still legally married, if her support checks did not resume. Anita gloated to Gloria that she was still married to Jeffrey, but Jeffrey was able to convince Gloria that she had lied. Confronted again by Anita that she was a fool to believe him, Gloria set Michael to find out if it was true. But Jeffrey showed them papers proving that he had once had Anita declared legally dead. Once Jeffrey and Anita heard that Adam had married Chelsea and bought her a mansion, they dropped by, obviously schmoozing to cash in, but Chelsea threw them out.

In November 2012, Gloworm was a victim of arson, and it burned to the ground. Gloria and Jeff were devastated until they received word of a seven million dollar insurance settlement. Kevin asked Gloria for money to help him keep from losing his house, and Chloe and Chelsea asked her to finance a new designer business they were forming, but Jeffrey talked her into investing in a race horse instead. Gloria lost a bundle when the horse got sick and could not race. She then convinced Chloe and Chelsea to let her join their design business. Gloria and Jeffrey left for Europe to promote the line.

Gloria returned month's later after a successful campaign with boutiques all over Europe who are interested in Chelsea's designs, saying that Jeffrey was at the hospital getting X-rays after a fall.

Dylan surprised Chelsea by inviting Jeff and Anita to their place for dinner. Both were visibly disappointed in the place, and Jeff insulted Dylan as not being able to take care of his daughter. But Anita surprised Chelsea saying that Dylan was a good guy, and everything would be all right. They discussed potential baby names of Scarlet, Emily, or Terry after Dylan's dad. After Jeff made some more judgmental comments, Dylan said that he was not Adam and glad of it, because Adam was smart enough to make millions but smart enough to make Chelsea happy. Jeffrey later got Chelsea to pay him off to keep quiet about the paternity of her baby.

Not long afterward, Chelsea went into labor, and Dylan suggested to Chelsea that they get married right away. When Chelsea's labor stopped, Dylan took her home to his loft which was decorated for a wedding. The invited guests Chloe, Jeffrey, Anita, and Stitch arrived, followed by Billy with a cake catered by his restaurant. After some quick alterations to Chelsea's wedding gown by Chloe, the minister arrived, heartfelt vows were exchanged, and they were married using Dylan's parent's wedding rings. Afterward, Chelsea again went into labor, and Dylan delivered Terrance "Connor" McAvoy. After the truth came out, that Connor was fathered by Adam, Dylan and Chelsea divorced and Connor's name was later changed to Connor Adam Newman.

Jeffrey did not show up in Genoa City for weeks after Adam was declared dead following a fiery car accident, and then only to loot Adam's closet of one of his suits. Chelsea caught and shamed him, collecting Adam's cufflinks as she showed him the door.

Jeffrey showed up again in October 2014. His latest scheme was to sue Genoa City Memorial Hospital and Dr. Ben Rayburn for fraud, since he had treated him for hemorrhoids while practicing medicine under an assumed name. Jeff dropped by Chelsea's looking for another handout until his money came in. Chelsea begged him to drop the suit because it was a scam, and ended up having to give him money before he agreed to do it. When Jeffrey told D.A. Christine that he was dropping the charges, she threatened to arrest him for fraud. Gloria mentioned since that Jeffrey had gotten into yacht-racing.

In December 2016, Gloria returned to Genoa City, fresh from her breakup with Jeffrey in France, where he had finally lost all their money.

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