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For the Week of July 2nd, 2007
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There was no joy at Chandler mansion this week once the reality of everything Adam owns now belongs to Zach Slater.
There was no joy at Chandler mansion this week once the reality of everything Adam owns now belongs to Zach Slater. Zach's revenge is disturbing since Zach took advantage of Adam during a crisis. It's not as if Zach outsmarted Adam in a business venture or took charge of a coup. Yes, we knew the kidnapping was fake and Zach knew the kidnapping was fake but Adam was genuinely concerned for his son's well being. I find Zach's actions despicable. It would have been better for Zach to confide in Adam the whole mess, team up together and then have JR end up with nothing. JR's evil intentions were very wrong but Zach is also very wrong with his own evil intentions. Zach has an extreme dark side as he faked his own death those many years ago, denied his own son, Ethan, when it came to light Zach was Ethan's father, helped Ryan fake his own death, caused the blackout, meddled with Dixie when she first came back to PV by telling her to "remain dead" and certainly didn't mind allowing Dr. Madden to be tortured and murdered in a horrendous way. Once Zach told Kendall about "acquiring" Adam's fortune, she was all for it and quite frankly I found this reaction out of character. Kendall has many flaws but she normally isn't intentionally hateful considering this had ramifications against others besides JR.

During all the goings on JR and Amanda found time to unite and bond. They do make a truly cute couple. I'm surprised I find them appealing since I wasn't much of an Amanda fan when she first showed up under JR's covers some time ago. I don't think she's changed that much but has matured which now has given her some endearing features.

Erica was playing games. Games Jackson wisely figured out as he turned the tables on her and then forced her into an admission of her true feelings for him. Erica told Jackson he had broken her spirit by making her admit her love for him, but Jackson is right Erica's spirit isn't broken at all. I'm glad Erica has decided she prefers her 10th marriage instead of going for a 10th divorce. I love this couple and never understood why Erica left Jackson in the first place. That whole plot was misplaced and unnecessary. However I miss Jeff Martin. I like both the actor and the character and would like Jeff to be included in future storylines.

Greenlee is being manipulative and selfish which should surprise no one. I am so disappointed that Greenlee returned and only wish she would decide to blow Pine Valley. Instead she is trying her level best to ruin Ryan and Annie's marriage. And she just may have succeeded as Annie walks out on Ryan after figuring out Greenlee was with Ryan earlier in the morning. I never understand why the writers just allow the person to sit there and say nothing while they are wrongly attacked. Ryan should have immediately spoken up and told Annie what went down and I understand Annie rushing out is supposed to build suspense. I don't want to see Greenlee become a self-pitying drunk but it appears she is well on her way. I also don't want to see Greenlee reunite with Ryan. I didn't enjoy the pairing when Rebecca Budig was playing the role and the new actress doesn't make the couple more appealing.

This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from long time watcher Ellie who writes: "After this loyal fan watched this show since Day 2, the writers have finally disgusted me so much that I refuse to watch anymore! The silly kidnapping plot, the contrived, childish Erica (she is much more enjoyable as an intelligent, strong woman using that intelligence to create & inspire) and Jack divorce plot, the ridiculous Greenlee, Kendall, Ryan plot . . . it's just too much to handle, believe and waste my time over. These were such great characters at one time, Tad's character is almost non-existent, Adam was emerging but who knows what will happen to him? It is all such a waste! I enjoy intelligent dialogue and plots with strong, independent smart women. Maybe when they bring those back I will watch again, but I'm out the door and gone, too many things more important to do. I'm so sorry about it too, maybe in a few years I'll come back . . . but to what (?) to the same old stale three plots."

Other Items!

Lots of changes are coming down the road with the new writers. I hold on to hope that AMC will improve. Time will tell once some actors are shown the door and new ones come onboard. Currently, the bottom line in my opinion is AMC is boring. The fake kidnapping wasn't exciting, neither are any of the couples currently on the canvas. The show rehashes old plots and uses the same characters almost everyday. I'm tired of seeing the Kendall, Babe and Greenlee show. It's hard to watch right now and the emails I receive confirm this. The ratings also reflect this because AMC continues to drop.

It's going to be a hot 4th of July in Georgia and I want to wish everyone a safe holiday. Please don't drink and drive, keep those pets safe and secure from the noise and festivities. Remember our troops who are far away and in need of everyone's prayers. Most of all be thankful for all of our past and present service people for giving us a free country to live in. This is the reason we have something to celebrate on the 4th. God bless America!!

Suellen will be filling in for me next column as I will be having a weekend away shopping and browsing with my mother. A fun time! Thank you for all the emails with your rants and raves! Keep them coming. See you next time!!


Mary Page
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