Marc Menard
AMC's underused Menard let go
Posted Friday, February 13, 2004 10:13:51 AM
Though seldom seen on-screen, Marc Menard's (Boyd Larraby) days in Pine Valley are coming to a close. According to sources, Menard asked to be released from his contract and show execs granted his request.

Menard has seen his character, a chemist at Enchantment, pushed to the back burner for months. Upon his initial appearance in Pine Valley, Boyd quickly befriended his boss' daughters -- Bianca became an almost little sister figure for Boyd and Kendall became one of the objects of his interest. After the initial flirting was done with Kendall, Boyd was relegated to Myrtle's card partner.

Prior to joining All My Children, Menard was a male model. AMC's casting department had caught flack from fans for hiring beauty of experience, but Menard is just one of its recent cast members to have a background in modeling.

Menard's arrival in Pine Valley was bookended by the arrival of several other characters. Two of those characters, Michael Cammbias and Henry Chin, have also been trimmed from the cast.

Menard, who joined the cast of All My Children in December 2002, will last air March 1st, 2004.

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