Serena Colville
Actor History
Valerie Karasek
1987 to 1988
Resides At
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Philip Colville (divorced)
Diana Colville (daughter; with Philip)
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
  • Tried to kill John Black
Brief Character History

Serena Coleville was married to Philip Coleville, and was the mother of Diana. Serena was after a mysterious computer disk that Victor was also after. When she beat Victor to the disk he vowed revenge on her. After she got the disk she began to mine a valuable mineral that the disk gave the location to. When Roman II/John Black and Diana began to see each other she tried to kill him. Roman II/John Black survived and arrested Serena, who he later learned was Diana's mother. After Philip Coleville was killed Serena and Victor Kiriakis began plotting to steal the Coleville fortune from Diana. Their first attempt at getting the fortune was to trick Diana into marrying Victor, but it was thwarted when Roman Brady II/John Black rescued Diana from Victor's clutches. There second attempt was to make it seem like Serena had been kidnapped and Diana was to turn over her fortune to set her mother free. This attempt was also thwarted when Diana's assets were frozen and Diana was kidnapped by a terrorist group. Diana was rescued, and learned the horrible truth about what her mother had done to her.

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