Andre Maddox helps Anna make sense of Dr. Cabot's experiments
General Hospital Recap for Thursday, March 14, 2019
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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Alexis and Finn left their meeting at the hospital, and Finn invited her out for a meal. She replied that she would if she wasn't meeting her daughter's at Charlie's. A concerned Finn wondered if the location was wise, but she insisted that she would be fine. Finn lightheartedly warned her that he wasn't above saying, "I told you so." "I'm not surprised," she shot back, and she got into the elevator.

Ava saw Kevin in the hall at the hospital and made a beeline for him. She slapped him across the face, spitting insults at him and accusing him of killing Kiki. Scott pulled Ava off of Kevin, and he reminded her that Ryan was gone. Kevin insisted that he wasn't Ryan, but it took Scott showing her Kevin's hospital bracelet for Ava to believe it. She calmed down and apologized to Kevin, who asked Scott for a minute with Ava.

When Scott was gone, Kevin apologized on behalf of Ryan for what Ava had been put through. He talked about how they'd both been violated by Ryan, but Ava wasn't interested in bonding over their pain. Amy approached and offered to help Kevin with his discharge papers. He promised to be there "in a minute," and she left. Kevin begged her to talk to someone and offered to help her find someone she could trust. She thanked him for his concern but believed that opening her heart was what had gotten her into "this mess." She didn't intend to make the mistake again.

A short while later, Ava walked through the hospital and passed by a poster with Kevin's face on it. She ripped the poster down and ripped it apart while screaming and sobbing. Scott found her and held her as she slid to the floor and wailed about all the months, all the lies, and Kiki.

At the hospital, Laura was thankful that the "nightmare" was over, and Lulu commented that Laura and her "real husband" could pick back up where they'd left off. Alexis passed by, and Laura updated her on Ryan's switch with Kevin. Alexis remarked that she'd assumed "Kevin" had dropped her as a patient because she'd been representing Laura in the divorce. Laura realized that the divorce was probably the only reason she was alive.

Alexis needed to discuss the divorce with Laura, and Lulu assumed it wasn't valid. While Laura had signed under duress and Kevin's signature was forged, the filings were already in progress, but Alexis promised to handle it. Alexis had to go and wondered when she could meet with Laura and Kevin. Laura promised to let her know, as there was a lot going on, so Alexis left.

Lulu suspiciously asked her mother why she didn't seem eager to invalidate the divorce. Laura told Lulu about Kevin hiding Ryan and added that "none of this had to happen." She was irate that he'd kept the secret from her for months, and she didn't know how to deal with it. Lulu wondered if Laura thought the two would work it out.

A short while later, Kevin was at the desk, filling out his discharge papers, when Laura approached. Amy went to get a wheelchair for Kevin while he finished up with the paperwork. He informed Laura that he was allowed to go home, "if you want me home?" Laura didn't think it was a good idea, and he understood. She was glad that he was feeling better, and she walked away.

Anna was sitting in Metro Court when Andre arrived, and they embraced. They talked about Jordan, and Andre disclosed that he'd been tested to be a donor, but he wasn't a match. Changing the subject, he wondered if Anna wanted to talk to him about his work in memory transfers. She briefly told him about Arthur Cabot's work, and her unwilling participation. He didn't remember many details of the research, but he did know that the patients had only been listed by number. He thought that he might have something better.

Finn joined Anna and Andre as Andre searched through his computer. He explained that, while he'd destroyed his own research, he hadn't destroyed Cabot's original work. He turned his computer around so the couple could look, and Finn read that there had been "partial success" in the memory transfer from Patient Two to Patient One. He sent the files to both Anna and Finn, as Anna agonized over which of her memories were Alex's. Andre explained that Cabot would have focused on the physical reactions to the memories instead of the memories themselves. Finn suggested that there was someone who could help Anna. "My sister," she replied unenthusiastically.

Drew entered Oscar's hospital room to find Kim, and he informed her that Oscar's tests could take a few more hours, according to Terry. She talked about how much she and Oscar had moved, and how many rooms he'd had. She feared that the hospital room would be the last room he was in. Shiloh entered the room and stated that miracles were more common than they thought. He revealed that Oscar had reached out to him, inquiring about "alternative healing." Kim tearfully revealed that she'd seen the benefits of spiritual medicine, but she'd also reviewed Oscar's charts, and he was "well past that point."

Shiloh asked Drew to let Oscar know that he'd stopped by, and he left. "I can spot a charlatan a mile away," Kim muttered when Shiloh was gone, and Drew was surprised by the reaction. Kim realized that Oscar reaching out to Shiloh meant that he was looking for a miracle. Drew figured that Oscar was being brave for them, when, really, he was scared of what would happen next. "So am I," Kim cried. "Me, too," Drew agreed, and the two embraced.

As Sam entered Charlie's, she asked Spinelli if he'd tracked down the symbol she'd seen tattooed on Daisy. He hadn't, but she knew it had to be tied to Dawn of Day. When she was off the phone, she looked at the symbol again. Molly entered with Kristina, who asked what Sam was working on. Sam dismissed it as a case she was working on and put her phone away. Sam and Molly sat at a table as Kristina excused herself.

Valerie entered and approached Kristina. She didn't like how they'd left things, and she apologized, figuring that it was all right for them to not agree on everything. "Actually, it's not," Kristina replied. Kristina revealed that she had no time in her life for any negativity, and she accused Valerie of not being honest with herself. Valerie was offended that Kristina was throwing away their friendship for people she'd just met. She reasoned that the friendship had been one-sided for a while, anyway, and she stormed out.

From across the restaurant, Sam and Molly speculated what Kristina and Valerie's conversation was about until Kristina joined them. She explained that she was "weeding out the toxic relationships in my life" and told them about her fight with Valerie. Molly was horrified that Kristina had "zero tolerance" for anyone who annoyed her, and she feared that Kristina would do the same to them. Kristina reasoned that it was different because they were family, but they were supportive, anyway.

As Alexis entered and greeted her daughters, Sam got a text and excused herself to take care of a "very important" client. She left, and Alexis updated Kristina and Molly on Ryan and Kevin. She concluded, "So, I went to a serial killer for therapy." Kristina invited Alexis to more group classes instead, and Molly was irritated that Kristina would be so insensitive as to turn Alexis' ordeal into a "pitch." Kristina sang Shiloh's praises, but Molly reminded her sister that all humans were fallible. "Walk in your own choices," Kristina finished, drawing another shocked look from Molly.

Kristina had to start working, so she went to the bar. Molly confided in Alexis that she hadn't known Kristina was so involved in Dawn of Day. Alexis thought that it had done Kristina some good, so Alexis was cautious instead of worried. "As long as she's not hurting herself or someone else," Alexis added, and she left. "Let's hope not," Molly muttered.

Molly approached Kristina and asked what was really going on with her, as Dawn of Day and Shiloh were all Kristina talked about. She wondered about the last time that Kristina had had an original thought. Kristina countered that Shiloh had taught her "so much," and he was very spiritually evolved. Molly believed that Kristina had been indoctrinated into a cult.

Valerie arrived at Metro Court and sat down at the bar, remembering her and Kristina's kiss. She ordered a drink and instructed the bartender to be "generous with the vodka."

Sam quietly entered the Dawn of Day house and looked around. She called out to see if anyone was home, but no one answered. She got a text from Spinelli that read, "Haven't found anything yet. Are you sure your sketch is accurate?" Just then, a shirtless Shiloh entered, claiming to be drying off after being caught in the storm. Sam said that she wanted to talk about Kristina, but she asked him to put a shirt on. As she hid her phone behind her back, he got closer and wondered if him not wearing a shirt made her uncomfortable.

Willow knocked on Chase's door, and he was surprised to see her, as he was supposed to pick her up. She revealed that she'd been able to leave work early, so she'd decided to go to him. She suddenly passionately kissed him, and he observed that she was "full of surprises." They'd both been so busy since Valentine's Day that she didn't want him to think she was losing interest, and he agreed. He suggested walking to the restaurant, since it was nice out, so they left their apartment as lightning flashed unseen in the window behind them.

A short while later, Willow and Chase returned to his apartment, soaked. He offered to put her clothes into the dryer and advised her to pick out any of his clothes to wear. She returned a few minutes later as he made a fire. She handed her soaking dress to him, and he ran out to throw their clothes in the dryer. When he returned, he poured some wine and apologized that he didn't have much in the way of food. She revealed that she wasn't much of a cook, either, so he asked for a "literal rain check" for a dinner out.

Willow and Chase both agreed that they wanted more time together, but she worried about scaring him off with her baggage. He assured her that everyone had baggage. She called him easy to confide in, as he didn't have an agenda. He admitted that he did, as he wanted to see where they went as a couple. She agreed, and they shared a kiss. Chase's timer went off, so he got up to get their clothes out of the dryer. When he returned, Willow went to his bedroom to change. A Dawn of Day tattoo was visible on her back.

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