CRAMER Family Tree
Lou Cramer (deceased)

m. Sonya Roskova (deceased)

    c. Dorian Cramer
        a. David Renaldi
            c. Cassie Callison
            Born Cassie Reynolds, adopted by Herb Callison when he married Dorian.
        m. Victor Lord (married 1975; dissolved in 1976; see Lord)
        Victor was discovered to be alive in 2003 but was declared dead in 1976.

        m. Herb Callison (married 1981; divorced 1985)
            c. Cassie Callison
            Herb legally adopted Cassie when he married Dorian.
                m. Bo Buchanan (married 1991; invalid; see Buchanan)
                m. Andrew Carpenter (married 1993; divorced 1997; see Carpenter)
                    c. William Sloan Carpenter (deceased) (born 1993; died 1993)
                    c. William Sloan River Carpenter (born 1994; adopted)
                    His birth mother was Beth Garvey.
                m. Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan Sr. (married 1998; annulled 1999; see Buchanan)
                    c. Kevin Riley Buchanan Jr. (born 2004; died 2004; stillborn)

        m. Manuel (Espinoza) Santi I (deceased) (married 198?; invalid; see Espinoza)
            c. Adriana Cramer
            Adopted by César and Ramona Colón to protect her from Manuel.
                m. Rex Balsom (Married: May 20, 2008)

        m. David Vickers (married 1995; divorced 1995)

        m. Mel Hayes (deceased) (married 1998; dissolved in 1999; see Hayes)

        m. Mitch Laurence (married 2003; divorced 2003)

        x. Drs. Wilde
            c. Langston Wilde
            Dorian's foster child upon the Wildes deaths

    c. Melinda Cramer (deceased; Died: Feb 2010)
        a. Unknown
            c. Kelly Cramer
                m. Joseph Francis Riley Buchanan (married 2000; divorced 2001; see Buchanan)
                m. Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan (married 2003; estranged; see Buchanan)
                    c. Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan Jr. (stillborn)
                a. Demerest Buchanan (deceased)
                    c. Zane Cramer (born 2006)
        a. Unknown
            c. Paul Cramer (deceased; died in 2004)
                m. Arabella Carey (married 2003; annulled 2004) (deceased)
                    c. Adam Chandler III
                    Babe's son with J.R. Chandler.
        m. Peter Janssen (married 1978; annulled 1981)

    c. Agatha 'Addie' Cramer
        r. Unknown
            c. Blair Cramer
                m. Asa Buchanan (married 1992; divorced 1992; see Buchanan)
                m. Todd Manning (married 1995; annulled 1995; see Lord)
                m. Todd Manning (married 1995; divorced 1997; see Lord)
                    c. Starr Manning (born 1996; see notes in character profile)
                        a. Cole Thornhart (see Thornhart)
                            c. Hope Manning Thornhart
                a. Patrick Thornhart (deceased; see Thornhart)
                    c. Brendan Thornhart (deceased) (born 1997; stillborn)
                m. Max Holden (married 1999; divorced 2001; see Holden)
                m. Todd Manning (married 2001; divorced 2002; see Lord)
                    c. Jack Cramer Manning (born 2001)
                m. Todd Manning (married 2003; divorced 2004; see Lord)
                m. Todd Manning (married: Sep 2007; Divorced Jul 2008; see Lord)
                m. John McBain (married: Mar 2009; see McBain)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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