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Just a few quick thoughts, part two
For the Week of August 30, 2004
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Once upon a time, in a magical land called Harmony, lived a princess named Theresa. Theresa always dreamed that she would end up with the handsome (but dumb as bricks) prince Ethan, even though he had a princess of his own named Gwen.

Once upon a time, in a magical land called Harmony lived a princess name Theresa. Theresa always dreamed that she would end up with the handsome (but dumb as bricks) prince Ethan, even though he had a princess of his own called Gwen. Princess Theresa schemed and plotted, lied and destroyed all in the name of love. Alas, princess Theresa got her prince. Princess Gwen's evil mother used Gwen's hurt and convinced her to set Theresa up for the fall over the exposure of the prince's true identity. The prince was terribly hurt, and turned to princess Gwen for comfort. Princess Theresa "married" prince Ethan's one time father and had his love child. The marriage wasn't real, and prince Ethan was overjoyed.

Prince Ethan could not let go of his love for princess Theresa. Just as prince Ethan was about to propose to princess Theresa, he learned he was to be a father to princess Gwen's child. Being the nobleman that he is, prince Ethan denied his love for princess Theresa and instead married princess Gwen. Prince Ethan took princess Gwen to a magical land called Los Angeles for a relaxing trip to help with her delicate pregnancy. Princess Theresa unknowingly followed, hoping to give the couple some happy time in Harmony. Once princess Theresa learned prince Ethan and princess Gwen were in Los Angeles too, she stuck around, convinced FATE had brought her true love to her.

Yet tragedy was all that came. Prince Ethan, in a moment of passion, told princess Theresa he really loved her and kissed her on the beach. Little did he know a TV camera caught them and princess Gwen was watching. Her delicate pregnancy be damned, princess Gwen took off in search of princess Theresa and got into a horrible fight, which culminated in princess Gwen losing her unborn daughter and being left barren. After several good whacks to princess Theresa with a bedpan, princess Gwen made prince Ethan swear on his daughters grave never to go near Theresa again.

Feeling that princess Theresa robbed her of a grandchild, princess Gwen's evil mother decided that princess Theresa should lose her child too. Evil mother's new husband, the most powerful man in town, just happened to be the father of princess Theresa's son. Under the threat of blackmail, he sued her for custody, and won (after paying a judge). Prince Ethan knew what was being done to princess Theresa was wrong, and paid all her legal bills.

Evil mother and her husband signed custody of princess Theresa's son over to prince Ethan and princess Gwen. Princess Theresa tried to kidnap the child, to no avail. Instead she went to jail. Another handsome prince, prince Fox, in love with a princess of his own, helped her out as a friend. The pair grew quite friendly and ended up in bed. Prince Ethan wasn't happy about it, but realized he was due to impregnate a surrogate so he and princess Gwen could have a child of their own.

Princess Theresa realized her chance to get her son back was now. She knocked the surrogate out and locked her in a closet. She then was implanted with princess Gwen and prince Ethan's eggs. Upon finding the surrogate locked in a closet, princess Gwen and prince Ethan realized what princess Theresa had done. While staying with prince Fox, princess Theresa had what she thought to be a miscarriage. So she tried to seduce prince Fox, hoping he would get her pregnant, but he rejected her.

So princess Theresa schemed and plotted and got princess Gwen to leave town. Princess Theresa then dressed up like princess Gwen and drugged prince Ethan's drink. Princess Theresa then proceeded to rape prince Ethan, hoping that this time she would get pregnant and have the necessary tools to bargain for her son. Princess Gwen grew more and more suspicious of princess Theresa, while prince Ethan is starting to remember being raped.

Princess Gwen happened to overhear princess Theresa confess to Queen Pilar that she has no intention of giving princess Gwen and prince Ethan the child she is carrying. Princess Gwen agreed to give princess Theresa her son back if she delivered a healthy baby and gave it to them. Princess Theresa agreed, but secretly vowed that she will never give the child up. Princess Gwen noticed that princess Theresa was having stomach cramps, so she and prince Ethan rushed princess Theresa to the hospital where they all learned princess Theresa is expecting twins.

Popular lore is that princess Theresa will be indeed carrying one child that belongs to prince Ethan and princess Gwen and one that belongs to her and prince Ethan, while many assume that both twins are the result of the rape of prince Ethan. Whatever the outcome is, this story surely won't have a happy ending.

Why do so many people side with Theresa? I can not stand her, and the regular readers of this column know that. She is a lying, manipulative she devil. Most women would concur that if a man is engaged and has shown little or no interest in you, you don't chase after him. But Theresa did. She pursued Ethan and lied to him, because he just needed some help in realizing how much he loved her. She did all these things in the name of FATE. If Theresa is such a big champion of FATE, then why didn't she just sit back and wait for Ethan to come to her. I mean FATE would've eventually brought him to her right?

And I guarantee that if it were Theresa married to Ethan and Gwen would've raped him, she would find a couple of bedpans of her own and show Gwen a thing or two. Instead, it's all justified because she was wronged. I believe what goes around comes around and I think that Theresa should've hauled her happy butt back to Harmony the minute she found out Ethan and Gwen were in L.A. That way, little Sara would be here and no one would've taken EM away from Theresa. Instead of growing up and admitting she has made mistakes, Theresa just keeps compounding them and she is impossible to root for.

I love hearing from all of you and all of your ideas, so every week, I will include comments from one or several of you who email me throughout the week. Judging from the response of emails I received over last week's column, y'all agree with me on most everything. Except Chad and Whitney. Just about everyone who wrote in disagreed with me that Chad and Whitney are not siblings. Jennifer feels that this wasn't a bombshell because from the beginning it has been stated Chad is Eve and Julian's son. That is only partly true. It has been hinted at, but never confirmed until Alistair told Julian. And even now it still isn't confirmed.

Jenny wrote to me with an interesting twist. Jenny says that she thinks Chad is Julian's son, with the FROG (Liz - I call her a frog because she reminds me of one when she's smirking). Jenny thinks the frog seduced Julian one night many years ago, and gave birth to Chad. This also explains the secret Alistair has on the frog. Jenny also pointed out the ick factor of Chad and Whitney being cousins, but because Eve and Liz are half-sisters, she feels that they are distant enough to remain a couple. Hats off to ya Jenny! You should definitely write for this show.

Highest point of the week: No Passions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowest point of the week: No Passions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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