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For the Week of December 13, 2004
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Last week, Alistair threw a party to out Kathy, and he invited the usual suspects. It isn't a big surprise that he is about to kick the bucket. Everyone in town has threatened to kill him.

Okay, why is Theresa still breathing? Had I been Gwen, I would've knocked her out. Instead Gwen gets sedated and Theresa is playing mommy to the baby. All Gwen has thought about for the past few months is the child(ren) Theresa has been carrying. All Theresa cares about is Ethan. Yet when push comes to shove, Theresa is willing to knock anyone out the way to get what she wants. From the beginning, all she has cared about is herself. It's about time someone take her down a peg or two.

I thought her comeuppance was happening until Eve admitted that she doesn't know who the baby belongs to. And Ethan sees what Theresa is doing and how spiteful she is being. I hope this makes him walk his happy butt away from her for good. But I doubt it. Not the way he was staring so fondly at her while she stood by the baby's crib in NICU, and the answers he was giving to Sam's questions.

Oddly enough, Rebecca seems like an excited grandmother. When she talked about shopping for her granddaughter and how beautiful she is, she seemed to really mean it. Rebecca knows Theresa's up to something, and I think she is VERY close to figuring out what happened between Ethan and Theresa. And if Rebecca finds out the whole truth, Theresa better look out. Ivy and Rebecca will make SURE she fries this time.

Alistair throws a party to out Kathy, and invites the usual suspects. It isn't a big surprise that he is about to kick the bucket. Everyone in town has threatened to kill him. At the party, everyone mutters and stutters about wanting him dead, and Marty even attacks him. Had to love everyone sitting around and looking while Al choked on the poison cigar. But Al won't stay dead long. He is the only certifiable villain on this show now that Julian has gone all soft.

It's amazing the Lo-Fitz family has no money, and no one wanted to come to this party, yet everyone of them broke out the designer duds for the shindig. Where did Kathy find that dress (it was hideous by the way)? Did she pack it when she came from Mexico or did she make a quick trip to a boutique? Or maybe it was left over from her time as mistress of the mansion.

We had to know T.C. would flip out when he found out Whitney is pregnant, especially when he learned it was Fox's baby. You would think a father would be more upset at an unplanned pregnancy by his unwed daughter, but T.C. is furious about the baby being "a damned Crane" (really T.C., get over it already). The only good thing about that scene is seeing him shoot the frog down. And why were they at the party?

Some Random Thoughts:

As I stated last week, my annual Best and Worst column is coming up. Thanks to all who have written in so far. If you haven't written in yet, you still have two weeks to voice your opinions of the following categories: Best Actor/Actress; Best Reason to watch/fast forward; Best/Worst Villain; Best/Worst Story; Most Useful/Useless Character. Be sure to catch the column the first week of the new year to see the results.

I've received a ton of email this week stating how much you all hate the turn Whitney has taken. Many of you hate the fact that she yells at her mother and blames Eve for destroying her life. Wait about five years when Whit's baby is 20 (you know how soaps are), and let's see who's yelling at who. Thanks to everyone who wrote in this week.

"I know you think Teresa started this feud when she stole Ethan from Gwen, but Teresa was only a junior or senior in high school when she did that and if a high school girl could take him away from a grown woman, he couldn't have been THAT in love with Gwen to start with." You have a very good point Jenny.

Quote of the week: "No kids should grow up around the crazy, selfish, [Lopez]-Fitzgerald's. You're right! They are hypocritical! Its okay for Theresa to rape Ethan, Miguel to walk out on his daughter, Luis to walk out on Martin, and commit adultery with Sheridan, and try to get Antonio declared dead 'so they can marry', yet they don't want to hear Martins side of it! No wonder that man left! I would too." Thanks Chavonn.

Quote of the week part two: "Maybe they need to do a test to see if Paloma really isn't T.C.'s child because she doesn't seem to know who she needs to place her anger towards!" Thanks Yoldyve.

Until next week friends,

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