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For the Week of December 27, 2004
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Paloma is the biggest brat ever. Pilar is too fine a woman to deserve such selfish, spoiled, bratty children. They only care about themselves, and what is good for them.

I knew as soon as I read the spoilers that Julian was taking Eve on a shopping trip, I'd see a "Pretty Woman" montage. Instead of hearing "Pretty Woman", we heard "Anything You Want", another fine Roy Orbison tune. Not only were we treated to a "Pretty Woman" montage, but also to a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" montage, complete with Eve having her hair redone. But I don't understand something. Liz's whole ambition was to ruin Eve. Sure her family hates her, but now she's got a man with no temper, who loves her unconditionally, and spoils her with expensive goodies. She's rid of her two selfish, whining brat daughters. Liz really didn't hit the jackpot with T.C. And I know Julian has been in love with Eve forever, but it's so obvious she still wants T.C., so he really got the short end too.

Paloma is the biggest brat ever. I know she feels Kathy was more of a mother to her than Pilar, but she insisted on "tiá" Wheeler helping her turn on the lights instead of her mother purely out of spite. And when she threw that temper tantrum after she saw the house, I was rooting for Theresa to pummel her. Pilar is too fine a woman to deserve such selfish, spoiled, and bratty children. The only thing any of them ever think about is themselves and what is good for them. Had I been Pilar, I'd have pulled every hair out of that wig Kathy is wearing. And Martin really needs to take his "I love you's" and "My beautiful wife's" down a notch.

It was proven this week why Gwen should be the mother. At the tree lighting ceremony Theresa is hugging EM and talking about Ethan coming back to her. Gwen is across the way talking about how much she wants to be a mother. She is so upset that she may not be baby girl X's mother, she hasn't even dealt with Ethan's betrayal. I have one question for Gwen and Rebecca. Instead of throwing Theresa out, why aren't you having her arrested?

I don't care for Valerie right now. Maybe it's because I am so in love with Fox and I just see her as a vixen who is using a vulnerable Chad to climb to the top. Her spying on Fox put me off. My opinion may change, but as of now, she is just as bad as Theresa. And how does Chad ever expect to be taken seriously as a businessman when he says things like "wassup" and "sumthin, sumthin" in the office? I'm waiting to hear "fo shizzle my nizzle" next.

Tabitha has been dropping hints, Beth knows the magic word, Sheridan found Kathy at Rachel's grave, and no one can put two and two together. I can not wait for this to come out. I want to see Pilar take her down. I am betting Sheridan will be all tears and sobs when she learns her beloved mother really is alive. Of course this is the same woman who holds her own child (little Marty) over and over, and can't figure out that he's really is hers, even when complete strangers can see the resemblance. Why is so much being made over Sheridan and Katherine? Isn't Julian her child too? Why isn't he feeling any connections? I mean, he's old enough to remember his mother.

Rebecca (a reader, not the character) is wondering the same thing I am. How did Luis and Sheridan manage to book a wedding in a Catholic church so quickly? Two years ago, I had a Catholic ceremony myself. We were told we had to wait at least four months and go through Pre Cana (a pre-marital counseling type activity designed to help couples decide if they really are ready for marriage) to prepare for our ceremony. Furthermore to the point, Antonio's death certificate isn't even signed yet. If you ask me, this really is jumping the gun.

Some Random Thoughts:

As soon as I heard the sales girl ask Julian, "What's in your wallet?", I knew a Capitol One plug was coming. I was expecting David Spade to come walking out of one of the dressing rooms, screaming "NO"!!!! I'm not going to complain about this plug though, because my beloved LSU Tigers are playing in the Capitol One Bowl on New Year's Day.

Sarah asked me "if Ivy found out it wasn't Theresa who did it, don't you think maybe she'd at least kinda forgive her?" No Sarah I don't. Ivy has always wanted Ethan to be happy, and when it was Theresa he wanted, it was Theresa she wanted for him. Theresa upended Ivy as Mrs. Julian Crane and threw her out of the mansion, crippled and helpless into the snow. I think Theresa has put Ivy and Ethan through too much for Ivy to ever accept Theresa as her daughter in law.

Quote of the week goes to Betty: "Frog? Actually, Liz is more like a snake, a venomous viper, than a frog."

Kamille has a request for me: "Please give Theresa some backbone. She is a very beautiful young woman. Stop portraying her as some psychotic person chasing after one man." I'm sorry Kamille, I have to call em as I see em.

Next week will be my annual best and worst column. There's still time to get your opinions in. The categories will be: Best Actor/Actress; Best Reason to watch/fast forward; Best/Worst Villain; Best/Worst Story; and Most Useful/Useless Character.

Happy Holidays,

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