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Last week, Whitney admitted that she is still in love with Chad, and then Fox proposed to her. Instead of letting Whit go and stew in her own mess, Chad jumped in the middle and forbade the marriage.

How much did I love Julian telling that whining brat Whitney off? Yes Eve was wrong to betray Whit's confidence, I am with her on that. But when she started her whining and Julian laid the law down on her, I was cheering him on. Somebody needs to put that brat in her place. I don't understand why she didn't just have the abortion. She claims to hate this baby so much, yet she loved it enough to keep give birth to it. Now she wants to starve it. I hope she starves herself.

But the real shocker comes when Whit admits she is still in love with Chad. Yes it's gross to watch, but love doesn't just stop because your life changes. I am glad the writers are addressing this rather than acting as if Chad and Whitney never loved each other. Chad, however, has grossed me out completely. I understand he is still in love with Whit. That is not the problem. The problem is he wants to move to a state where it's legal to marry your sister. That's just twisted.

After Whit admits she's still in love with Chad, Fox proposes. But instead of letting Whit go and stew in her own mess, Chad jumps in the middle and forbids the marriage. When he admits to Whit that he still loves her she tells him it's disgusting. But she just admitted the same thing to Julian and Eve. You could literally see everyone in the room's stomach turn when Chad admitted he wants to "be" with Whit. Fox jumping Chad every five minutes is ridiculous too.

I live roughly 50 miles from New Orleans, a city of about 1.5 million people. I live roughly 40 miles from Baton Rouge, a city of about 500,000 people. Both of these cities have ONE major airport. So how is it that a small New England VILLAGE like Harmony has 2 major airports? Not just a passenger airport, but a commercial airport as well. Are you kidding me with this?

So Gwen got away with baby Jane. I don't necessarily think that a mother needs to be separated from her baby, but I think Theresa drove Gwen to insanity and I loved Rebecca telling Theresa off. I also loved it when Rebecca told Theresa that since she killed both of Gwen's children, it is her FATE to live without her daughter. Rebecca telling Ethan off was the icing on my cake. He has flipped flopped so much, it's a wonder either woman can still love him?

Why was Kathy so worried about hurting Sheridan by leaving, but not Julian? Other than that one day when Julian learned Kathy was still alive, have Ben and Leigh shared scenes? I loved Sheridan telling Luis off. It was high time somebody did it. Everything Sheridan said to Luis was right on the money. Even in his defense, all Luis could say was "your mother ruined MY family and MY life." I agree with Sheridan, it is very hard to love someone who constantly puts their needs ahead of your own.

Now Jessica is hanging out with the creepy guy who tried to rape Paloma. This is absurd. I see her getting raped in the near future. And why? To give her a storyline. That is great, but it would make more sense if it were a random rape and then let Jessica deal with the fallout. This running around, dressing skanky, and acting a fool is coming across as though Jessica is asking for trouble. And why would Paloma, who almost died in that club, go back there? And how are these kids getting around? Do they all have vehicles?

High Point of the Week:: Rebecca. Regardless of her shortcomings, you gotta give props to a mom who did what she did to protect Gwen.

Second High Point of the Week:: Sheridan. It's high time she stood up for herself. Her spunk has been sorely missed.

Some Random Thoughts:

Quote of the week: "I vote for you dying of a broken heart. That way I can dance on your grave." Rebecca to Theresa.

As far as Beth's scheme to kill Sheridan goes, why? It's not as if any of the other attempts to kill Sheridan have worked for Beth.

I received no emails this week. I'm not sure if it's a technical error or if nobody read my column. So that is why this space is fairly blank.

Until next week friends,

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