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For the Week of April 4, 2005
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Alistair received a lot of airtime last week. From doing the push-push with Edna to kidnapping little Marty, it was good to see him out and about. However, it's unlikely that he and Beth will be able to kill Sheridan. How many times have they tried and failed?

How cool was it to see the fabulous Kathleen Noone up and dancing about. However, I find it very hard to believe Alistair Crane ever wore a white polyester suit and hung out in a discotheque. And it looks as though the rumors are true. Sheridan and Beth will be sisters. Makes sense to have Beth be Alistair's daughter, neither of them can accomplish Sheridan's murder.

Alistair's gotten a lot of airtime this week. From doing the "push-push" with Edna to kidnapping little Marty, it was good to see my favorite villain out and about. However, I just don't think he and Beth will be able to kill Sheridan. How many times before have they tried? I just don't see it happening.

I did love Gwen figuring out she is a prisoner of Alistair. She is good and po'd now and we all know Gwen loves to start flinging bedpans when she gets upset. Let's hope Alistair doesn't have any stashed away in the compound. And Ethan finally looked Theresa dead in her eye and admitted he loves Gwen. She straight up asked and he straight up answered. But of course it isn't as simple as that, because we all know that even though Ethan loves Gwen, he is in love with Theresa.

Why does Sheridan miss her mother so much? The whole time Katherine was in Harmony all Sheridan did was ignore and reject her because of Luis. And why can't she tell Luis to get lost. He is so controlling. Heads up ladies, this is an abusive relationship. If he's not telling her what to do, he's putting words in her mouth. I really think if Luis is looking for someone to control, he needs to go be with Beth. She will be the "yes man" and Sheridan can find someone who actually loves her and respects her mind. Not to mention understand when she claims Marty is her baby. I really think Luis only wants Sheridan's checkbook.

Theresa has finally rubbed off on Nit Whit. She wants to let FATE decide her baby's life. Nit Whit claims she doesn't want her baby to die, but yet she was trying to starve him. I wish she'd make up her mind. And who is Theresa to try to preach the clear conscience sermon to Whitney? She raped a man for goodness sake.

I knew nit Whit's dream where Chad figured out the truth was malarkey. Chad isn't that smart. And why is everyone so sure Whitney is honest and good, and would never tell a lie. She's Theresa's best friend for crying out loud. She learned from the master.

High Point of the Week:: I loved Fox's scenes where he was trying to break into the compound. Very "Mission Impossible." And he really looked dead lying there in that delicious white suit. I've got to hand him props for going up against big Al and trying to do the right thing.

Low Point of the Week:: Sheridan. First rule of motherhood NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD ALONE!!!!!

Some Random Thoughts:

I get a lot of emails stating what you dear readers would like to see happen on the show. Starting next week, I'd like to start posting fantasy storylines. Anything you dear readers would love to see happen, please write in. I will try to post one per week, but if the response is good enough, I may post two or three.

"Why am I not surprised that Beth could possibly be a Crane? I mean, when you look at her botched attempts to kill Sheridan it kinda makes sense. Julian couldn't seem to kill her, Alistair can't seem to do it either. Maybe it is a Crane trait." Thanks Kamesa!!!

James wrote in to ask, "Sheridan not only thinks she is Marty's mother she is Marty's mother!!!!! Hello did you not watch Passions last year when she gave birth to Marty in Beth's basement!! Beth was not pregnant at all!!!" I know Marty is Sheridan's son. No one besides Beth, Alistair, Edna, Precious, and us viewers know the truth though.

Good luck to Pokey Chatman and the LSU Lady Tigers in the FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!!!! Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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