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It's no big shocker that Beth is Alistair's daughter; it's been alluded to for months now. The real shocker was Sheridan and Beth's catfight.

Boy Theresa just will not stop will she? She is going to keep pushing until she has pushed Rebecca too far. Ethan was right to tell chastise her and tell her she was wrong for pressing charges again. Rebecca was going after her until Ethan and Gwen shut her down. Now Theresa is just a whimpering, whiny brat because she lost her golden prize. And the nerve of her demanding Gwen divorce Ethan. So what if she does, Ethan has made it perfectly clear he DOES NOT want to be with Theresa.

I'm glad Sheridan found her backbone. Not only is she standing up to Luis and putting her foot down, she's laying the smackdown on Beth. I loved Sheridan confiding in Gwen. Gwen had her suspicions about Beth long before she flew off the deep end. It's refreshing to see that brought up again. Ethan even went so far as to mention it. How amazing is that? The writers remembered what actually happened for a change.

Its no big shocker Beth is Alistair's daughter. It's been alluded to for months now. What is the real shocker was Sheridan and Beth's catfight. It was reminiscent of Alexis and Krystal. This has the makings of a wonderful sisterly rivalry unlike any we've seen on Passions before. Except Kay and Jessica. Or Whitney and Simone. The really big shocker is Sheridan figuring out Beth is her sister. Sheridan figured this out a lot quicker than she figured out Marty is really her son, even when ALL the signs pointed in that direction. I think Sheridan gets smarter when Luis isn't around.

Personally I'd have rather someone else be Beth's proud papa. I think the show needs to introduce some new characters. The repetitiveness and staleness of the show stems from the same words coming out of the same people's mouth day after day. Some fresh faces and new blood would do this show good.

Sam is heartbroken. Ivy is beside herself. Fox is grief stricken. Whitney is trying to drown her sorrows. The frog is egging T.C. on. Eve is playing proud grandmama. Julian is standing around with a bored look on his face (really, give him something worthwhile to do). Tabitha is babysitting Marty while Edna searches for Beth. Endora is as adorable as she always is. That is it. That is all that happened in Harmony this week. Just a bunch of bored people sitting around whining about their lives.

High Point of the Week:: None really.

Low Point of the Week:: Theresa's idiocy. Really, does she think Ethan won't take Jane away? I mean he took EM away didn't he?

Fantasy Storyline of the Week:

This week it goes to La De Da

"Fox is upset at the whole adoption ordeal, and with his mother kicked to the curb at the Bennett's, he decides to pack his stuff and move back to the mansion. At the Bennett's house, he comes upon Kay taking care of Maria. They start a conversation about their failed love lives. It begins a bond between them, although Ethan tells Fox to stay away from his half-sister. Kay and Fox finally become involved. Suddenly, Miguel returns. Fox is worried that Kay will run back to him. Then, Charity returns. Tabitha tries to get Kay to use her newly found Standish powers against Charity. Kay surprise both Tabitha and Fox by wishing Miguel and Charity all the happiness in the world. Charity reveals that she has met someone else and is getting married. Kay marries Fox, and they lead a wonderful life together." I was voting for a Kay/Fox pairing when Deanna Wright was Kay. I still like the idea of this pairing.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I have to take exception with you comment about Pilar supporting Teresa because it's the same thing she is doing to Martin. Teresa is doing to Gwen & Ethan what KATHERINE has done to Pilar & Martin." Thanks Jenny!!! Apparently Katherine is a slut and Theresa is a princess when they are both in the same boat.

"On another topic, apparently, Harmony has different laws from the rest of the US since anyone can decide who gets prosecuted instead of the DA.... except for Dr. Eve. Poor Teresa, she gets stabbed and almost dies and they drop the charges. Please tell me where Harmony is. I do not think I would want to live there if the 'rich and famous' can get away with crimes against the small people." Thanks Sharon!!!!!!

"Still, Theresa seems to have lost her flare, she's turning into this vindictive annoyance and I don't want that to happen to her character. Please if anyone's listening, give Theresa back her backbone, now!!!!" Thanks Trey!!!!!!

"The writers were REALLY WRONG for having Theresa drug & rape Ethan and get away with it. I used to like Theresa's character, but now I think she is just a Heartless Monster, Like Ethan called her." Thanks Lois!!!! But let's not forget Kay did the same thing to Miguel and got away with it.

"In an adoption, the social workers come to your house often, and check it out. They even check your fridge! Now, Chad lives in an office!!! He doesn't even have a bed. I know, it's TV, but can't we have a little reality?" Thanks Mary Jane!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "I'm so tired of everyone calling Ethan 'noble' when he so isn' is it noble to be married and make love to someone that you don't truly love, and how is it noble to turn your back on that love? Ethan needs to hook up with 'the frog', and then he'd appreciate Theresa! She's a kitten compared to Liz!" Thanks Chantal!!!!

Quote of the week part deax: "I find the suggestion to put Chad and Whitney back together is absolutely ridiculous." Who, besides folks who want Brook Kerr punished for her showing excellence, want her stuck with the likes of Charles Divins, who shouldn't even be employed." Thanks SIP!!!!!!!!

So here's my idea. It is May sweeps. Time for some action and excitement. And I would love to know what you all want to see happen. Instead of emailing them in and me posting them, I am going to start a thread on the message boards and have you all post there. If you post there already, you'll be in luck. If not, here's your chance to get online with some other Passions fans and share YOUR views on every subject.

To share your thoughts, please click here to visit a very special discussion thread on our message board where you can share your thoughts and ideas with me and other Passions fans.

Also if you watch other shows, be sure to check out those message boards as well.

Until next week friends,

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