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Viewers have been subjected to the same old storylines since day one. It is time for something new and fresh to occur. Triangles need to be shaken up, more secrets need to come out, and new interactions need to start happening.

Now that May sweeps is over with, I thought I'd take this opportunity to reflect on what Passions needs to improve upon in a top ten list format.

10. Get rid of useless characters. T.C., Liz, Simone, and Tabitha come to mind. All T.C. and Liz do is show up and spew venom at Eve, Simone just chastise Kay, and Tabitha is around to recap events (although she has been more useful this past week). Getting rid of these characters that serve little or no purpose could open the door for new characters to come in.

9. Bring on some new faces. Viewers have been subjected to the same old storylines since day 1. It is time for something new and fresh to occur. I love Ned and Fancy, but they are just another Luis and Sheridan. We need triangles to be shaken up, more secrets to come out, and new interactions. I feel like I've been watching the same stories for the past five years.

8. Whatever the writers do, please don't take this summer's blockbuster and turn it into a past life for Luis and Sheridan. I do not want to see Sheridan as Princess Leia, Luis as Han Solo, and Alistair as Darth Vader.

7. Bring back the write offs. Hank, Grace, Paloma (since she isn't around), Miguel and yes, even Charity. Where are they? Grace may not have been mother of the year, but she and Hank both should've been around when Jessica was raped. Charity could've at least called home. And what happened to Paloma? Did she move back to Mexico and I miss that episode?

6. Theresa/Gwen/Ethan. Let the truth about the tabloid come out. Level the playing field and once and for all, let Ethan choose Theresa. No matter how many times he chooses Gwen, Theresa is going to insist that Ethan loves her. I think once he chooses Theresa, Gwen will just go on with her life.

5. Luis and Sheridan. I am glad Sheridan is finally standing up for herself, but I am over Sheridan and Luis. What was once chemistry and magic, is now boring and stale. Splitting them up all together is something I am in favor of. Let Sheridan find happiness with someone that actually loves and respects her.

4. Get rid of Chad. Divins can not act. Brook Kerr is amazing and it shows in her scenes with Justin Hartley. Chad should be nothing more than a memory and mentioned at Christmas when he calls his parents.

3. Julian and Eve. I don't know why I thought they were so hot way back when. They are cold as ice now. I liked Julian more when he was devilish. The fact that he is Endora's daddy should've made her the most evil baby since Rosemary's. Now Julian stands around all wooden and bland, and Eve is nothing more than a back up character. Either split them up or shake them up. And why hasn't she outed Ivy yet?

2. Put Kay and Fox together YESTERDAY. Fox has been with Theresa and Whitney, two spoiled selfish women. What he needs is a real woman with a backbone that will put his needs first instead of using him. Fox is too good a character and person to be abused because he's got a big heart. Give that big heart to someone who will appreciate it. Besides, it's high time Kay got over Miguel.

1. Alistair. Bring an opponent to the canvas that is worthy of dueling with him. Having just one bad guy on the show is pointless. Alistair looks like nothing more than a school ground bully, and the denizens of Harmony all shake when he laughs. I would like to see someone make Alistair shake when THEY laugh.

On this Memorial Day weekend, I'd like to thank all of the men and women in our Armed Forces who have served our Country and gave their lives for the ultimate cause. God Bless You All.

Until next week friends,

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