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For the Week of June 13, 2005
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Last week, Ethan finally admitted his true feelings to Theresa, and fans got a huge payoff...or did they? As Whitney pointed out, Ethan gave Theresa everything that she has ever wanted, and then he snatched it back away from her.

Okay, so Ethan finally admitted what was in his heart to Theresa. And Ethan and Theresa fans got a huge payoff this week. Or did they? Whitney was right to chastise Ethan when she told him he gave Theresa everything she ever wanted, and then snatched it back away from her. Now Theresa has to live with the fact that the man she loves, loves her as well, but doesn't want to be with her.

See this is where I think Passions lacks. The writers have tried so hard to turn Ethan/Gwen/Theresa into a "Gone With The Wind" type storyline. Only problem is, instead of Theresa and Ethan being Rhett and Scarlett, Theresa/Ethan/Gwen have become Scarlett/Ashley/Melanie. No woman who has ever seen "GWTW" thinks to herself, "Gosh, I sure would love to have a man like Ashley Wilkes." No, the women want a Rhett Butler. And Ethan will never be a Rhett Butler. And frankly my dear, after this week, Theresa shouldn't give a damn about Ethan Winthrop. She deserves a lot better.

I like the characters of Ned and Fancy. But memo to the writers now, STOP MAKING FANCY OUT TO BE PARIS HILTON!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know anyone who likes Paris Hilton, and I really think the character or Fancy has so much more potential than an imitation of her. The scenes in Vegas were okay, brought down only by the fact that the supporting characters were very hokey. I felt like I was watching a bad comedy sketch. But alas, Ned and Fancy are headed to Harmony, undoubtedly to shake up a few lives there.

So now Luis finally believes Sheridan. Sheridan is twice the woman I am, because I definitely would've thrown in a couple of "I told you so's", not to mention a couple of smacks across the face. Tabitha and Endora played a nice role in keeping a vital secret safe, but there really should be more for Tabby to do. She was nominated for an Emmy for crying out loud.

The big secret of the gazebo is Rachel was buried under it. And apparently that is who Sheridan killed. Also, isn't it mysterious that Sheridan stabbed a man who was thought to be Martin, but now that story has been swept under the rug? Eve even had it on tape where Sheridan confessed under hypnosis that she killed Martin. Guess she threw it away.

Is this really a big secret? I figured this one out months ago, before I read the spoilers. And why is Martin so torn up about it? It's not like he killed Rachel. He just helped cover it up. What I am curious about is the fact that Antonio and Julian seemed to know the secret of the gazebo. So if that's true, is there a bigger secret lurking? I sure hope so, because this one ranks right up there with the car T.C. kept in the garage.

Also, if Julian really has changed, and Luis and Martin are dedicated to bringing Alistair down, why doesn't Julian help them? Is he scared of being implicated in the crimes as well? Besides, it would give the fabulous Ben Masters something new to do. Has anyone else noticed how bored he looks in all his scenes lately?

Highest point of the week: Sheridan finally knows the truth.

Lowest point of the week: Ethan. What a dummy.

Some Random Thoughts:

"First of all Gwen never truly had Ethan because if she did then no matter how hard Theresa tried she wouldn't have succeeded in getting Ethan. It's Gwen's fault because why would you send another woman (friend or no friend) away with your man anyway?! That's like inviting her to steal him away!" Thanks Re!!!!!!!!!

And Jennifer concurs, "About the honeymoon, what women in her right mind would send a friend to check out her honeymoon spot? Gwen gift wrapped Ethan put a bow on his head and placed him under the Christmas tree for Theresa."

"What really strikes me is why Ethan should feel like he has to stay with Gwen. Hasn't he heard of divorce? I mean he is a lawyer. If he really feels like that he should ask himself if it's really fair to stay with Gwen when he doesn't want to. I am sure Gwen doesn't want to stay with a man who doesn't want her either. Right? Sadly Amanda, I think Gwen would rather have Ethan physically than emotionally. Thanks for writing in!!!!!!!!

"As much as I don't like Pilar I felt a smidgen of sympathy for her as Terror attacked her like a rabid dog. How dare this girl turn on her mother after everything she has done for her? It goes to show that Terror will go after anyone that doesn't see the world through her eyes and that includes her family. Terror commented to Pilar 'AT LEAST I CAN TURN THE OTHER CHEEK MAMMA!' This from the girl whose middle name is revenge!!" Thanks Katie!!!!!!

Macarena wonders, "What happened to the adoption grace period? Perhaps it's not for every state, but I thought you had six months to change your mind and get your baby back. Whom do you call 'the frog,' and why?" I call Liz "the frog" because my grandmother used to say "she gloats like a bullfrog," and Liz just reminded me of that whenever she used to gloat about ruining Eve.

"I actually used to care if Sheridan and Luis ended up together, but they are both such idiots that they never actually get married when they had the chance. I don't understand why they haven't just snuck off to Vegas and got married and showed up in Harmony with wedding bands on. That would take care of the whole thing." Very good point Kara!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "The cast must have it easy memorizing their lines because they say the same things repeatedly." Isn't that the truth!!! Thanks Carol!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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