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For the Week of June 20, 2005
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Last week, Gwen and Rebecca managed to elude Ethan, while Tabitha set Theresa hot on the trail of the person who really revealed Ethan's paternity. It's great to see that Tabitha is back to her trouble-making self.

So now that Luis knows the truth, he spends the week doing exactly what he's been doing for a while now, running around in circles. Beth has managed to elude Inspector Gadget and get away with Sheridan's son yet again. I think that things won't end nicely for Sheridan and Marty. I don't see a loving reunion between mother and son. I think its great too because it gives Sheridan and Luis a reason to break up and meet new people.

Could it be that in the midst of trying to get Luis, Beth managed to find another man to steal her heart, Marty. She sat there and told him she is his mother in every way, and went to extraordinary lengths to get him away from Luis and Sheridan. And just to prove how stupid Luis is, he assumes Beth is leaving town via public transportation. She stole a child, why wouldn't she steal a car?

Ned, or Noah (didn't see that one coming), and Fancy make it home. And could Ivy's reception of her daughter have been anymore cold. Of course Ivy is right on cue as she suspects her daughter has brought trouble with her. And it was refreshing to hear Ivy refer to her other daughter too.

Noah receives a warm welcome once Sam lays into him about dropping out of school. Once Noah manages to divert the attention onto Sam and Grace's marriage, Sam welcomes his son home. All is well until Noah admits that Texas Hold Em has been supporting him quite well. Meanwhile, Sam is unaware his baby girl isn't upstairs asleep, but back at Spike's club licking those happy stamps. And why Kay lied to her brother and dad is beyond me. She needs to rat Jessica's behind out and get that girl into rehab quick. And Noah deciding to "handle" Spike and his club is funny. I guess now Noah will be the fourth addition to Ethan, Chad, and Fox's vigilante justice gang. And who was really surprised Alistair is behind Spike's evil activities?

It was great to see Paloma again. I just wish her bratty behavior toward her mother would change. But I love how she slapped Spike. Her spunk is refreshing, but she needs a real storyline. And how stupid can Jessica be. Spike is gross and disgusting. What she sees in him is beyond me. I also loved Paloma dragging Jessica's butt out of the club. That's what a REAL friend would do.

Gwen and Rebecca manage to elude Ethan (another big surprise), while Tabitha sets Theresa hot on the trail of who really revealed Ethan's paternity. I love that Tabby is meddling in other people's business again. She is back to her trouble making self, and while Timmy is sorely missed, Endora makes the most adorable and practical sidekick.

Boy that Alistair is evil. Not only has he kept Katherine trapped in that mausoleum with her rotting sister for TWO weeks, but now he is forcing her and Martin's hand in a relationship. Yep, Big Al has asked Kathy to move back into the mansion to continue his torturing of her, in exchange for keeping quiet about young Sheridan killing Rachel. But his torture doesn't stop there. He is insisting Martin go back to Pilar and renew his wedding vows to her. Can't you just imagine the Lo-Fitz family Christmas now?

High Point of the Week:: Fancy. I don't know why, but I like her.

Low Point of the Week:: Ethan. He's a moron.

Until next week friends,

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