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For the Week of July 18, 2005
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Luis didn't trust Sheridan, and now Marty is gone. However, instead of bemoaning the fact that he's lost his son forever, Luis was more worried about losing Sheridan. He's worse than Martin ever was; at least Martin had his family's best interests at heart.

Bethie got away. There was never a doubt in my mind that she would, and I am sad to see Kelli go. She made a terrific villainess. Wouldn't it be awesome if Kelli showed up on "Days of our Lives", reforms back into a "good" girl and finds love with a Salemite, only to have Luis and Sheridan show up, bust her, and take Marty back. And the adorable kid that plays Marty won't be off the canvas. And "Days" might become watchable again.

Mackenzie was right on the money this week. I would even go so far as to call her scenes Emmy worthy. And I am glad she had put Luis out to the curb. Part of it has to do with Alistair, but the bottom line is he didn't trust Sheridan and now Marty is gone. Luis made me sick this week. Instead of bemoaning the fact that he's lost his son forever, he's more worried about losing Sheridan (who coincidentally controls the checkbook). How dare he ever judge Martin again? He is worse than Martin ever was. At least Martin had his family's best interests at heart when he left.

Eva had the funniest lines of her career this week. "I'll pull her red hair our by it's blonde roots" and "she's a sex starved slut" were classic. It not only shocked Martin, but it shocked me as well. It is about time Pilar stopped taking other people's crap and threw some of her own back. Martin and Kathy agreed to stop seeing each other, but Alistair may as well go on and release that secret because they can't stay away from each other.

And speaking of not being able to stay away from each other, Ethan runs into Theresa on the dock, where she tearfully claims, "Alistair touched me." I guess even Theresa realizes she couldn't prove rape charges against Alistair, so she corrects Ethan. Still in all, Ethan's reaction to the news proves to Theresa that she still has a chance with Ethan and makes that call to Alistair to be "his friend" which is gross, but Theresa doesn't care. All she cares about is herself, and she'll do whatever she can to beat Gwen and Rebecca.

Ethan tries to give Alistair a heart attack, but not before the ridiculous Noah Bennett, acting like he's seen one too many John Wayne movies, struts in and threatens Big Al. I have never laughed at someone so much. I mean the things he was saying, "I'm going to take you down" and "I'm going to teach you a lesson" was hilarious. Does he not know who Alistair is and what he controls? He obviously doesn't have a clue.

Jessica obviously doesn't have a clue either. I'm sure most girls start out in prostitution with noble intentions and an idea that it's all very "Pretty Woman." But Spike knows Jessica is naïve and uses that to get exactly what he wants from her. I'd like to see Jessica end up with an STD from this. Show the young girls that watch this show that sleeping with a man doesn't necessarily mean he loves you. Show them the consequences of what even protected sex can do to you. It's up to writers here to write a responsible storyline, let's see if they drop the ball.

I saw the promo for the big summer disaster that is about to strike. For those of you that haven't seen it and wish to remain spoiler free, I'll respect you. But I must say I am VERY excited by what I see, especially by the couple that MIGHT be forming from this disaster. It's high time both of these people find true love.

High Point of the Week:: Pilar's quote. Sheridan says goodbye to Luis.

Low Point of the Week:: Noah. No Fox.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I just have to say that I don't agree with your assessment of Theresa. I've said this before but I believe that Theresa truly loves Ethan and that yes at times she doesn't think rationally when it comes to him but them being together will be the best thing. I don't know who Ethan thinks he's fooling with his whole 'I need uphold my wedding vows' crap. When you take vows, part of the vows is to forsake al others. That includes mind and body. He might as well divorce Gwen off that alone. And speaking of Gwen, if she has to constantly plot and scheme to be steps ahead of Theresa from getting Ethan, she's a dummy and she deserves everything she gets." Yoldyve

Laura writes, "This is in response to Jamison: Your question was 'What has Pilar ever done to Gwen that Gwen doesn't care to ever see her?' Pilar assisted Terror in raping Ethan by giving her the keys to the mansion and the security code. Pilar's hands are just as dirty as Terror's."

"I, too, would not put it past Theresa if she changed baby Jane's results. Come on she made everyone, including Julian, believe that they were married. It'll take what...two years for the truth to come out. And becoming 'friends' with Alistair, he's just another Crane she's going to jump in the sack with. What kind of children did Pilar raise? Two sons that ran out on their children and a daughter that is a whore." Thanks Violet!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week (besides Pilar's beauty of course): "About the dialogue on Passions...who writes this crap? I can't stand to listen to the drivel Sheridan has to's too painful. My mute button is getting worn out!" Thanks Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until next week friends,

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