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Overall, the tsunami storyline has been pretty good. Some surprising revelations are coming to light, and new stories are unfolding as a result.

Overall, the tsunami story is pretty good. The effects are a little hokey, but then again this isn't a huge Hollywood blockbuster. Some surprising revelations are coming to light, and new stories are unfolding from it. Hopefully some of the storylines that need to be wrapped up will be and some new and exciting ones will unfold.

I'll start off with Theresa and Ethan. It's a given Gwen is going to find them together and Ethan will give some idiotic excuse and Gwen will believe him. And we will be left suffering through more longing glances and wild Theresa schemes until the next disaster that throws them together. No wonder I fast-forwarded through much of them

I also fast-forwarded through Chad and Whitney. Gross doesn't begin to cover them. And even if Chad is Julian and Liz's child, that still makes them first cousins, which is still gross. This icky storyline needs to end NOW! But seeing as how Chad now knows he is Miles' biological father, I don't see it happening soon.

I wonder if, when Fox finds out he isn't Miles' father, will he latch onto Kay in an effort to get close to Maria? They certainly are hot together, and it's too bad their sex scenes were so short. Hopefully we'll see more of them in the future. Noah and Fancy can also be awesome, they just need some fine tuning.

Another storyline that needs to end is Jessica's. I had more than enough of seeing her bright blue granny panties this week. Spike up and left her to die, and she stood there and defended that scum to Simone. By the way, it's great that Simone is back in town, and some hints about her new storyline were dropped on Friday's episode. I'm a little excited, but can't help but feel the writers will drop the ball on this the same way they do on all the other storylines.

I admit that I was kinda hoping for a T.C./Eve reunion, but after T.C. defended the frog, that flew right out the window. She is a vile despicable, woman and she should've drowned but we all know, frogs can swim. I am willing to bet that she is the one who shot Julian years ago. It sure didn't take much for her to stab him.

And why on earth did T.C. and Eve take refuge in a car? A car?!?!?! The water is rising and they see this and jump in something that will ensure they drown. And Eve is a doctor. Aren't they supposed to be level-headed during emergencies? I'd hate it if my life were in her hands.

If Sheridan keeps it up, she'll be back to enjoying rounds of electro-shock therapy. Once Maureen asked her to take care of Mark, she practically grabbed the boy and left her to die. And once she got to Pilars', she insisted that the boy is hers and she is keeping him. Pilar and Katherine both see this turning ugly soon, and like any run away train, they can't stop it.

I am going to miss Kathleen Noone so much. I loved that she was finally coming into her own story and now she is gone. I loved how she left. It was hysterical to see her riding around on that sign/surfboard. But it wasn't near as hysterical as seeing Katherine ride around on that coffin. She held onto that puppy for dear life and screamed throughout town. I'll never look at the log ride at Disney World quite the same now.

High Point of the Week:: Kathleen Noone.

Low Point of the Week:: The frog and T.C.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I'd just like to see a balance between the male and female rolls on this show. Its getting so tired watching these woman just sit back and let the men take control." Thanks Ryan!

"Up until this week I had no serious issues with Liz. Yea I felt she was taking this victim thing to far, but after ruining Eve's marriage and causing her children to hate her, you'd think she's be done. This week she really went crazy and now I believe she has a room in the psych ward next to Norma and Beth. Who demands someone to make love to them during a natural disaster? Any normal person would be trying to save their life and she wants to have sex. Oh wait, you can't really call any of the people on Passions 'normal' but this was beyond anything I've ever watched on this show. Liz please have more respect for yourself begging a man to make love to you during a life and death situation is just plain stupid." Thanks Jennifer!

"First, I am wondering why the US Government needed Alistair's permission to warn the East Coast of the Tsunami? I always assumed that the monitoring equipment was managed by the government and the US Weather Service? Wow, is Ali connected or what?" Good question Lara!

"You said last week that you didn't know which man you should root for Eve to be with? Well, I definitely know what my choice is. I found myself wanting to root for T.C., but I couldn't. Yeah, Eve did spend so much of her life with him and had two daughters with him, but in my opinion, it all comes down to one thing: loyalty. When Eve's past was found out, who showed her the loyalty? Not T.C., but Julian. Julian stood by her in her time of need. T.C. "folded like a tent" (to quote Whitney from a few months back) and dumped her. Worse yet, when Eve was accused of three attempted murders, Julian stuck by her again, convinced that she was innocent. T.C. just spewed his venom at her, convinced that she was guilty. And his actions prompted their daughters to do the same, which is another strike against him. He continuously believed Liz's lies over everything Eve said and continued letting Liz manipulate him. And the final blow, I think, really came through in the 8/4 episode, when he believed Liz's claims of Julian attempting her over Julian's. (Partially understandable, but still a little appalling.) So as much as I've wanted T.C. and Eve to reunite, I'm picking Julian to be with Eve. T.C. has the love for Eve, but Julian has the love AND the loyalty for her." Thanks Jamison!!!

"I do agree that the Noah/Fancy thing is a yawn. I can almost recite the lines. I truly hope Fox/Kay doesn't go the same route." Thanks Mary Jane!

Quote of the week: "I think TPTB are really desperate at this point to do something with everyone on their canvas." Thanks Jamison!!!

Until next week friends,

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