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Last week, Fox really handed it to Whitney. Never has such a spoiled, selfish brat deserved a verbal lashing so much. Fox held nothing back, and all of his hurt and anger came across beautifully. Now, Fox is free and clear to pursue Kay.

How much did I love Fox handing it to Whitney? Never has such a spoiled and selfish brat deserved a verbal lashing so much. Calling her every name in the book, Fox held nothing back and all the hurt and anger came across beautifully from Justin. I also love that Fox is now free and clear to pursue Kay. Whitney is utterly ridiculous. Now she is going to join a convent. I laughed out loud when Theresa assumed she was going to kill herself. I wish that were true. At least then we wouldn't have to endure Chad insisting he and nit Whit are going to be a family with Miles.

What is Fancy's deal? One minute she loves Noah, the next she hates him for love letters he keeps in his wallet (which I'm still scratching my head over), the next she loves him again. I'm bored and losing interest in them quickly. And he must have a serious gambling problem because he apparently owes everyone in the country money.

Theresa apparently has lost her mind. She has joined forces with Alistair, because she naïvely believes Alistair will help her for nothing. This is what I hate about Theresa, and the reason she will never beat Rebecca and Gwen; she never thinks anything through. She just jumps and does what feels good at the time regardless of the consequences. And Ethan promises Gwen that they will leave the mansion with Jane, but I'm thinking he's got it made. Now instead of running across town to whisper sweet nothings in Theresa's ear, he can do it in the breakfast nook.

Julian has now put Eve's life into Ethan's hands. I guess that's a smart thing; he hasn't lost a case. I was always under the impression that a lawyer specialized in one type of law. Ethan apparently is the Eve Russell of the law profession.

I loved the frog getting her comeuppance. I loved how T.C. explained that he still cares about Eve, and he rushed into a relationship with the frog. With the venom the frog was spewing, I should change her nickname to "the snake." Needless to say, she was not a happy camper to hear that she was being pushed over for her "evil" sister. And then when Eve came over to tell T.C. about Miles being Chad's son, the frog kept trying to bring up Eve's past. I loved how Eve finally has the upper hand with the frog, and threw her lies and past right back in her face.

Sheridan got a job at the B & B and met a lovely stranger named Chris, whom she promptly started questioning. How is it that a stranger made it into town right after a tsunami hit? Wouldn't you think the airports would be closed and that the streets would be littered with debris so busses and taxis can't pass? He seems intriguing enough, but so did Noah and Fancy at first.

The week started off with Jessica still defending Spike and how much he "loves" her. She defends prostituting herself because they need money. Well here's an idea, go back to selling "Mark." Supposedly she made a ton of money doing that. But it is good to see her back home and covered up. However, it is only a matter of time before Spike blackmails her with the dead guy.

High Point of the Week:: Justin Hartley. Amelia Marshall.

Low Point of the Week:: Whitney and Theresa. Both need to get a clue.

Some Random Thoughts:

"Don't you find it odd that a good portion of [Harmony] seems like it wasn't effected by the tsunami? Eve's lawyer was dressed in his suit and over at the hospital like it was just another day at the office. And the characters don't seem to have any problems driving around (to the Book Cafe or the convent)." Thanks, Katie!

"We all agree that he's [T.C.] an ass, he did two things this week that we should give him a lot of credit for. He finally gave Liz the boot (from their engagement) and he forgave Eve for keeping the truth of Mile's paternity from him (after sympathizing with her for having gone through that whole order, no less!). The look on the frog's face was SO wonderful to see! I'm just growing increasingly optimistic that maybe there's a shred of hope for T.C.'s redemption. On a side note, Tracey, Rodney, and Amelia all did a stellar job in those scenes. Especially Amelia." Thanks, Jamison!!

"Will someone please tell me how Fancy knows this tiny little store is the gift basket place, but is totally unaware that right next door is a humongous department store, complete with 'bike and auto department?' Which, by the way, is totally untouched, has electricity, running water and television?" Great point, Mary Jane!

"I'd love to see Alistair and Theresa actually form a friendship. I think that could make for an interesting storyline; instead of them both using each other, actually start to have feelings for each other (not romantically but friendship wise) and have Theresa stick up for the old guy now and then when he's getting attacked OR it could all just be an act on her part to get the goods on Alistair and then she'll be the one to actually put the nails in his coffin (but its not likely that Alistair would let his guard down around Theresa anyway, still I think it would be an interesting storyline)!" Thanks, Ryan!

This is a two-part email: "Where did little Ethan come from? He did not arrive with Terror. Terror is going to abuse the power of being 'friends' with Alistair. What's that saying? 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely.' She needs that kind of power like she needs a hole in the head (THE CHARACTER! Not Lindsay). I hope when it blows up and she begs Ethan to forgive her he doesn't!"

Part two: "Um that last comment I was speaking figuratively not literally.." Thanks, Dragon. I haven't laughed this hard since little Ethan pulled the blanket off the coffin.

Quote of the week: "Oh, you're Alistair's daughter. My condolences!" Noah Bennett.

Quote of the week, part deux: "I hope that Terror is on some kind of birth control because Our Patron Saint of Perpetual Pregnancies is probably going to get herself knocked up again." Thanks, Katie!

Quote of the week, part trois: "I am a huge fan of Gwen and Ethan staying TOGETHER. But Ethan has the attention span of a fruit fly. I, for one, am PRAYING that Theresa's latest scheme blows up in her face. We all know Alistair will not EVER give Theresa what she wants. Will somebody PLEASE give her that book...'He's just not that into you'" Thanks, Dragon!!

Until next week friends,

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