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Sheridan just inches closer to a mental breakdown every single day. She had to realize that she would have to give Mark/James back at some point. It is amazing that she couldn't go on with her life without Marty, and now she just focuses on Mark/James.

As many of you dear readers know, I live in south Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina is churning out in the Gulf of Mexico as we speak, most likely headed for my beloved state. She is scheduled to hit sometime Monday afternoon; there may not be a column next week due to this reason. I apologize now, and will do my best to make it up to you as soon as I possibly can.

Did I hear correctly? Referring to their "relationship", did Chad tell Simone to "let it go"? Is that not the pot calling the kettle a kitchen accessory? Poor Simone, first she gets pushed over by her parents, then she gets shafted by Kay for Fox, and to top that off, Spike beat her up. (Amazing how she made it home just in time to ruin Eve's big reveal.) However, Simone's big reveal came, but only to Eve. I have no idea why the writers are dragging this out, everyone knows what the secret is.

Speaking of Eve's big reveal, the frog was absolutely hilarious this week. I've always known Amelia Marshall was brilliant, I'm glad the writers finally gave her an opportunity to let her talents shine through. I'm glad Eve picked T.C.; maybe Julian will be watchable again. Ben has been looking absolutely bored in his scenes as of late. However, he was on fire when he slapped the frog. Maybe Julian should head downtown and show Spike how it's really done.

Yet before all this drama went down at the Russell household, Whitney announced her decision to join a convent to little fanfare. Her mother and father both begged her not to go, she said no, they begged her again, she said no, then they hugged her and told her goodbye. My mother would've chained me up in my bedroom. Of course my mother never had to worry about me sleeping with my brother either.

Why is Ethan yelling at Theresa one minute and loving up on her the next? Does she not realize that she is in an abusive relationship? He won't give himself to her emotionally, yet he won't let her give herself to anyone emotionally either. And how stupid is she to just now realize Alistair wants sex from her? Everyone in town has told her what a creep Big Al is, she has no one but herself to blame.

My mother is my best friend. Anyone who would put up with me, especially throughout my teenage years, has a special place in heaven, and my undying love. And if my mom came to me and told me she tried to kill someone, I'd probably do the same thing Gwen did for Rebecca. Does that make it right? Of course not, but I believe (to an extent) that you take care of family. Besides, Gwen owes Becky after all the crap she's done to help Gwen hang onto Ethan.

Sheridan just inches closer to a mental breakdown everyday doesn't she? She had to realize at some point she would have to give Mark/James back. And Chris is so working for Alistair to torture Sheridan yet again. It is amazing how she couldn't go on with her life without Marty, now all of a sudden she doesn't even want to talk to Luis, she just focuses on Mark/James.

To the writers, please find a new Jessica. Danica Stewart's voice irritates me so badly. "But Schpiiiiikkkkkeeee," is a phrase I could go my whole life without hearing again. She sounds like she's got a mouth full of cotton and she her whining is something I am done with.

High Point of the Week:: Julian slapping the frog.

Low Point of the Week:: Sheridan; she needs some psychotherapy ASAP.

Some Random Thoughts:

"On Friday's episode Liz said, and I quote, 'I SAW Eve put the poison in my punch.' So why did you drink it???" That's a great point Phillip.

"I'm hoping Julian goes back to his days of being a little "minx." I miss the old Julian." My sentiments exactly Katie. "I'm not happy about Terror's rape but geeze it's hard to muster up sympathy for her when it was all so unnecessary. I know Al blackmailed her by saying she couldn't see Jane at the mansion. SO WHAT. Ethan could have met you at a number of other locations so she could see her daughter. But we all know that Terror wanting to go to the mansion was all about finding the evidence against Rebecca and Gwen and not really about Jane." And that is why Theresa deserves what she gets. Thanks Katie!!!!!!!!!!!

"I think the Julian/Eve/T.C./Liz storyline was the main focus of the week. I'm sure you were upset that Eve chose T.C., but honestly, I'm not. At least not as much so. I mean, at least T.C. has a second chance to right what he did wrong, and he finally saw Liz for what she really was and said she didn't belong there in the Russell household. She most certainly does not. And Julian slapping Liz back after she slapped him was an amazing sight to see. He said he doesn't slap women, and Liz is no woman. I'm so glad she was shown the door." Thanks Jamison!

"This is why Passions is the number one bottom rank soap opera because they don't move quick enough where the viewers get to see new things happen everyday." I totally agree Antoine. Thanks!

"Just wanted to let you know your column is interesting, and it makes me laugh every time I read it. Thank you." Thanks Casey!

"Is Canada head of us as far as the episodes go?" To my knowledge Dragon, they are a day ahead. I know this because when Charlie was revealed to really be Alistair, the Canadian version of the reveal aired the same day the American version aired so it would be a surprise.

"You said in your column that Theresa thinks Alistair is going to help her for free? Uhm time and time again everyone's told her that he'll want something in return and each time she says that she's very much aware of that fact, doesn't sound like she's expecting a free ride to me." This is true Ryan, which is why it's going to be hard to feel sorry for her when Alistair hurts her.

"And why doesn't ANYONE on this show tell Chad that he needs to get himself to a shrink, when he spouts off his 'Whitney, Miles and I are a family' crap? Why doesn't anyone tell him that it's offensive, and just plain WRONG?" Another great question. Thanks SIP!

"I would like to see Chad and Paloma get something started. When she first got back to Harmony, she and Chad bonded because they were both feeling like outcasts. I would like to see something happen there. (Anything to kick his incestual feelings down a coupe of notches)." Thanks Yoldyve!

"I love reading what you have to say about the show! It is usually always right on the money." Thanks Tara!

Please keep the people along the Gulf Coast in your prayers as Hurricane Katrina looks to be a VERY bad storm.

Quote of the week: "Have another drink sister, you look like you can use it." Julian to a very drunk Liz.

Until next week (when the LSU Tigers play!!!),

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