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Why is Kay using trickery and magic to help Fox? Didn't she learn her lesson when she used it to get Miguel, whom she hasn't seen in a year? Couldn't they just fall in love and be happy like most normal couples? Some normalcy on this show is not a lot to ask.

So Sheridan has seen the body and confirms that it is indeed Luis. Keep in mind this is the same woman who thought a walking, talking man with a "Luis" mask on was also Luis, so forgive me if I don't jump on this bandwagon. Come to think of it, what did Julian do with that mask? I know some people are grossed out by the idea of a wake in a home, but my grandfather's wake was in his own living room, so the idea doesn't seem that far fetched to me.

I do love the fact that Sheridan realizes both Antonio and Luis are "dead" because of her. However, I think the mystery person in the car is Luis. I also think the mystery person put the tape of Luis' final words on the porch.

Why is Kay using trickery and magic to help Fox? Didn't she learn her lesson from using it to get Miguel, whom she hasn't seen in a year? I assume that this storyline is to prove love conquers all, but couldn't they just fall in love and be happy like most normal couples? A little bit of normalcy on this show is not a lot to ask.

Theresa goes to sister Whitney and asks her to help kill Alistair. See this is Theresa's problem, she doesn't think. You don't go to the bread store looking for milk, right? Well, don't go to a nun looking for help with a murder. You go to a murderer, like Jessica. She's killed two men now and gotten away with it. And then she goes to Dr. Eve, I guess thinking maybe she really did try to kill Alistair and Julian before, and asks for a drug to keep Alistair off of her. Couldn't she just turn the hose on him?

I loved Theresa thinking God will make her a saint for killing Alistair. Anything to rationalize what she wants. I guarantee God will forgive her for sleeping with a married man too. And while I loved Gwen and Theresa arguing yet again about whom Ethan fantasizes about during sex, I wonder if either of them realized they were at a wake. Of course that flew out the window when Alistair showed up and announced he was "hornier than hell." Exactly how horny is hell I wonder?

Fancy hocks her expensive jewelry to buy lottery tickets. I know when the Powerball jumped up to $340 million this past week; I was scrimping in my budget to buy tickets. I assumed I wouldn't win, and I didn't; if I had someone else would take over this column while I travel around the world. But alas Fancy has something I don't, a rich grandfather to charm and get money from. And for a split second, we get a small glimpse at the grandfather Fancy sees and not the monster everyone else knows as Alistair Crane.

So Spike is back. I never really thought for a moment that he'd be gone. I just hope that before Alistair bites the dust that the fact that he is behind Jessica's downfall comes out. I'd love it if Jessica ended up knocking off big Al. and let's face it, no one has more experience at murder than her.

High Point of the Week:: I can't think of any.

Low Point of the Week:: Luis' wake/funeral.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Wilma. I am so thankful hurricane season is almost over with.

Until next week friends,

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