Rodney Van Johnson
Beware of the killer guacamole
For the Week of November 7, 2005
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November 14, 2005
T.C. has officially taken over Ethan's position as the biggest idiot on the show. T.C. is expected to be hardheaded and stubborn, but you'd think that having a daughter who is a lesbian would be preferable to one who was sleeping with her brother.

T.C. has officially taken over Ethan's position as the biggest idiot on the show. How on earth is he going to be so blindsided to Simone's lifestyle. I think everyone needs to be loved and how you choose to receive that love is your business. It isn't my place to say what's right or wrong for anyone other than myself. T.C. is expected to be hardheaded and stubborn. But he almost accepted Whitney sleeping with Chad. I'd much rather my daughter be a lesbian than having sex with her brother.

And then he just goes and outs her to everyone. Thankfully Simone is confident in herself and knows who she is. I loved her standing up for herself and claiming she isn't a criminal. She's right; she's a beautiful young woman who knows exactly where she stands. I wish more of the women on this show were like her. I laughed at T.C. thinking Father Lonigan can throw holy water on Simone and change her. And why is he talking to her like she is 3; "you like girls more than you like boys." Jessica's reaction was more palatable, but Simone should rat her murdering behind out just for spite. Jess is all upset that Simone hasn't told her, but when has she been sober long enough for anyone to talk to her?

Why is Jessica so upset? If I remember correctly, wasn't it Kay and Simone that were best friends? Where is the Kay/Simone scene? I loved Paloma's reaction. I am glad that someone is supportive of Simone. Paloma is a true friend, and I am glad Simone has her instead of the Bennett brats that have seemed to desert her.

Ethan ate the poisoned guacamole. This is too funny. Gwen thought for sure she finally had Theresa until she saw Ethan lying there. Theresa is going to fry for sure now, and Alistair is not going to save her this time. And then Theresa goes and admits it over and over again, right in front of the witches that want to hang her. And if that isn't bad enough, Eve and Theresa then discuss this within earshot of said witches. Doesn't matter I guess, this is Harmony, where doctors still practice medicine while they are on trial for attempted murder.

I was glad Ivy finally showed up to support her son. Too bad Sam followed much, much later. And with Sheridan right down the hall trying to hang onto creepy Chris, couldn't someone run down there and let her know a little earlier. And for those that thought Ivy would love Theresa and ditch Gwen when the truth about the tabloid comes out can forget it. I'd hardly think she can forgive attempted murder. No matter how you cut it, Theresa is responsible for Ethan's brain predicament.

I've stated before in this column that it aggravates me that people only know God in the times of crisis. Ethan's death proved it to be true again. But I couldn't have possibly been the only one laughing when everyone kept talking about Ethan being brain dead.

Sheridan wants to go into the Witness Protection Program with Chris and James. Has she totally given up on getting Marty back? Is she going to replace the child she lost with someone else's child? Is it any wonder people think she is crazy? And why is it every man that meets Sheridan falls in love with her?

I'm glad creepy Chris has a little bit of sense to realize Sheridan is a tabloid favorite and her face would be hard to hide. Of course she could go on Nip/Tuck (my fave show) and get the treatment Anne Heche (who was once on "Another World" - don't you love the NBC tie in) got last week.

I'm very much over Kay/Fox and Noah/Fancy. Get them some fresh dialogue and new storylines and interest me again.

Some Random Thoughts:

I'm a little peeved our resident witch was nowhere to be found on Halloween.

I missed a few shows, so did Theresa poison Ethan with the drugs that were supposed to suppress Alistair's amorous desires? If so, being he's overdosed on them now, will he be impotent? Wouldn't that make an interesting story?

"I'm frustrated that Fancy backtracked on Alistair and now loves him again. That was just pathetic of her. I am still a Noah/Fancy supporter, but Fancy needs to do some serious waking up and stop making excuses for Alistair if she wants to make herself look like a better character on this show." Thanks Jamison!!!!!!!!!

"How come you keep saying Jessica murdered 2 people? We all know she did not murder her first john during Passions disaster, Spike was behind that. We also do not know if she killed her second john, I have a feeling Spike is behind that too!! Spike is killing them off so he can have more weight to blackmail Jessica." Thanks Antoine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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