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For the Week of November 14, 2005
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November 21, 2005
Last week, Theresa found a way to get to Ethan. Is that really a shocker? Theresa and Gwen are in a hospital together, and there are bedpans, so Theresa might want to be careful.

So Ivy wants to compare Kay to Theresa. Lets see here, both of them raped men and consequently became pregnant. Both cooked up crazy schemes to be with the men they love, only to wind up alone in the end. The difference is Kay is over Miguel while Theresa will NEVER get over Ethan.

So Theresa has found a way to get to Ethan. Is that a shocker? My only concern is that Theresa and Gwen are in a hospital and there are bedpans, so Theresa might want to be careful. We all remember what happened last time. And since when does Harmony hospital have a special update line? The shocking thing is, it actually makes sense.

I am so over Sheridan being the distressed heroine. Once again her life is in danger. Doesn't this make it like the 3,417,653rd attempt to kill her? Of course this is not including the times she actually "died." I was kinda hoping they would kill her. How long has Luis been dead? Three days, maybe four? And Sheridan is already uttering declarations of love to Chris. I'm glad he has enough sense to realize its James she loves and not him. It'll be another Luis/Antonio/Sheridan storyline with the children involved.

I made the comment last week I was over Fox/Kay and Noah/Fancy and got emails concerning it. I like the two couples, and I adore Justin Hartley. However, both of their stories have been done on this show and Kay vs. Ivy is stupid. Kay holds ALL the cards with Ivy. All Kay has to do is rat her lying, scheming behind out, and bam, she is done. And let's be honest, the real reason Ivy hates Kay is that she knows her dirty secrets. I suppose Fancy's uppity friend will fall for Noah, making Fancy realize how much she wants him.

And Valerie is so naïve to think Ivy is actually going to help her. She is going to stab her in the back the first chance she gets. Ivy will do whatever she needs to do to get what she wants. I am very upset that my VCR malfunctioned Friday and I missed the cartoon fairy tale with Ivy as a dragon. I couldn't think of a more appropriate monster for her to portray.

I had a very interesting thought. What if Julian and Theresa's Bahamas marriage really was legal instead of a joke? Theresa would legally be married to Julian and not Alistair, and Julian would legally be married to Theresa and not Rebecca. Neither Julian nor Theresa want to be married to each other, so they'd grant each other a divorce and Julian would be free of Rebecca's stronghold. Perfect for when brain dead Ethan comes out of the coma and realizes he wants to be with Theresa.

Some Random Thoughts:

"Look at what love has done for these two [Gwen and Theresa] dimwits. Terror inadervatenly drugged the love of her life while Gwen's silence has hurt her husband. What would be more interesting in this story is if the girls finally came to the realization that this madness needed to end. But instead I'm sure it will just be more same old same old Gwen whining about Terror and Terror demanding to be part of Ethan's life. I hope Edumb stays in this state forever." Of course they know this madness needs to end, but both are too concerned with Ethan choosing them than actually being with him. Thank Katie for writing in!!!!!

"If they want people to watch they better show some things the audience wants to see. Wouldn't it be nice if Little Ethan called Ethan daddy and he woke up? I still think that they are son and father. Hello... the beach! If I were Gwen, I think that fate told me more than once they do not belong together!" Thanks Tracey

"Sheridan is the brain dead one. Why is she not looking for Beth/Marty instead of falling in love after 3 weeks?" Very good point Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!

"I'm sorry, but the Kay/Fox thing is very sweet. I mean them, not the Ivy/Val nastiness. He is adorable with Maria and Endora, and even got Tabby flustered when he kissed her. Fox says such romantic things. Their relationship is the best thing on the show. On the other hand, TC is a jerk, and should be smacked. He was so cruel to Simone. Shame on him. I would love to see Jessica and Noah off the show. Fancy is okay when it's just her. I'm so sick of Jess whining, and Noah, who wants to help his family so much, takes off work whenever he wants. Yeah, that's helping out the family." Thanks Mary Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Ya, I just think it's funny how Kay and Simone no longer even talk to each other, just because! And when Eve mentioned it the other week to Simon saying, 'I thought you were best friends with Kay Bennet.' You know, I liked that friendship MUCH more then Simone and Jessica; at least with the Simone and Kay friendship we didn't have to listen to Jessica, slur and whimper about killing johns or how high she is, or how much she loves Spike and he loves her or how mad she is at Simone and thinks she wants her just for sex (uh, Jessica, get over yourself!) I do have to say I'm glad Simone is getting some airtime, she's quickly running up the ladder of favorite characters!" Thanks Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "Those were knock-out pills, FYI, not anti-Viagra, so Ethan's "package" will go unharmed. Speaking of Ethan, I'm still baffled with Eve saying he might have brain damage. Hello? He already does." I totally agree with you Phillip. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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