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It is Ethan's decision not to live in a vegetative state, and Gwen, as his wife, has to respect that. Alistair, shockingly enough, sided with Gwen last week, so Theresa is out for his blood, especially after he reminded her that the situation is her fault.

I have to agree with Gwen and Alistair this week. It is Ethan's decision not to live in a vegetative state. Gwen, as his wife, has to respect that. Alistair, shockingly enough, sided with Gwen and now Theresa is really out for his blood. Also, I'm glad Alistair, amongst everyone else involved, reminded Theresa this is all her fault.

Instead of Theresa getting past her obsession for Ethan and trying to honor his wishes, she does exactly what she does best, cause trouble. Her first line of defense comes at refusing to leave until security drags her behind out. Her second line of defense comes at bringing in Sam and Ivy, who take Gwen's side reluctantly. Her third line was Alistair who again took Gwen's side. Did it ever once occur to Theresa that with all these people siding with Gwen, maybe she was wrong? Of course not. Theresa is never able to see past what she wants and what is good for her.

I loved seeing Beth back this week. And I am so glad she tormented Sheridan with the fact Luis has only been dead a few weeks. Of course, on the flip side, Sheridan wasn't dead long before Luis jumped between the sheets with Beth. That's how this whole mess got started in the first place.

Esme is possibly the most dreadful character to ever grace this show. And with Noah trying to gigolo himself out to her was disgusting. I will be glad when Noah and Fancy get their act together and a decent storyline.

I did love the cartoon with Fox, Kay, and Ivy. I was a bit disappointed with Fox proclaiming princess Kay was the only woman he's ever loved. Didn't he say the same thing about Whitney? And Valerie's attempts to get to the top are lame. Couldn't they showcase her a strong woman determined to make a name for herself honestly? Heaven knows this show needs stronger women.

Some Random Thoughts:

Instead of submitting your random thoughts this week, I'd like to spend this time reflecting on what I am thankful for. Considering the events that have plagued my beloved state of Louisiana this year, not to mention that I lost an adored great uncle a few weeks back, I am most grateful for the health and welfare of my friends and family.

I am grateful to have THE best family in the world. I am grateful for my loving boyfriend who has been there for me throughout a particularly rough and trying year. After a bad marriage that ended in a most hostile divorce, I am truly blessed to have found love with him and will be forever grateful that he has come into my life.

I'm grateful for my best friend, Rebecca. I've seen her go through more hurt and disappointment than just about anyone I know, and this year I was blessed to see her find happiness with the love of her life and become his wife. I wish them both a lifetime of riches in love and happiness.

And to my dear readers, I am so very grateful that week after week you log on and read my ramblings. Without you, this column would not be possible and I am very grateful to and for each and every one of you.

I hope you all have a very happy, safe, and blessed Thanksgiving.

Until next week friends,

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