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For the Week of December 5, 2005
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The scenes with Ethan and his family last week were touching. Julian's scenes were especially great, as he struggled with the prospect of losing the son he never really had. Of course, Rebecca just had to show up and ruin it with her snobby attitude.

I really just don't know where to begin this week. I don't understand how Theresa keeps managing to snooker men into doing her bidding. She comes across as well meaning and innocent, and maybe that is what they fall for. She had Ethan wrapped around her finger until he realized she lied and schemed so much he wanted to be with Gwen. Then she managed to get Fox on her side until he realized she'd never get over Ethan. Now she has Noah wrapped up in her warped schemes. How does she do it?

The scenes with Ethan and his family were touching this week. Sam and Ivy found it difficult to let go. Gwen trying to be strong while her world down fell around her. Sheridan losing yet another person she loves. But most especially I loved Julian's scenes. I was almost moved to tears at the man who is losing the son he never really had. Of course Rebecca just had to show up and ruin it with her snobby attitude.

I love Fox. Every one of you who reads this column on a regular basis knows that. But he is a total butt to Kay while kissing up to Valerie and I don't like it. I know Ivy and Valerie are out to split the lovely duo up, but that is no reason for Fox to be so mean to Kay. I loved Fancy hauling his butt into the office and reading him the riot act.

Passions took the high road with the vile and slur spewing Aunt Irma, this week then turned right around and gave that trophy to Tabitha. Really, we know Simone is a lesbian, and I love how the show is realistically portraying everyone not accepting Simone's lifestyle. But is it necessary to have characters using slang terms that some may find offensive? I also loved the parallel of Irma's struggle with civil rights and Simone's struggle of being homosexual, with both of them looking for acceptance.

So Jessica is going back to Spike. What else is new here? She comes home and daddy dotes on her until he gets a call saying his SON is going be taken off life support. Jessica then throws a hissy fit because no one pays attention to her. Oh please writers, let Jessica find a way off this show SOON!!!

The Lady With The Red Nails:

FROM NBC PAGE: The mystery woman arrives at the Harmony Herald office, where a reporter works late. She asks him to run an ad to "announce a murder," a black tie affair happening at the Crane mansion on New Year's Eve. Though wary of the strange woman, the reporter agrees to put it in the newspaper. He asks if it's a parlor game, but the woman ominously hints that there will be real bloodshed. (Thanks Rob for sending this to me)

"Okay, I've got to say, this whole Passions Red, News Year Eve murder thing is a total copy off of Agatha Christie's A Murder Is Announced. The above description is basically a synopsis of Christie's play. I haven't had qualms about Passions stealing stupid pop culture icons (The Apprentice, Paris Hilton, Pirates of the Caribbean, Titanic, even Chicago!) but so subtly ripping off this mystery classic ticks me off." Thanks Rob!!!!!!!!!!

"The woman with the red nails is going to end up being Rachel (Sheridan's supposed dead aunt)." Thanks Elizabeth!!!!!!!!!!

I hear Elizabeth's argument, and know that is the obvious choice. However, I would like to see something truly unique and unexpected happen here, like her being Alistair's mother, or Ivy's mother for that matter. Remember, she's spoken to Kay and Theresa, the two women Ivy really wants out of her son's lives. Feel free to send me your guesses.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I agree with some about the fact that the triangle between Theresa/Ethan/Gwen should end but I think that after all the work Theresa has put in to try to Ethan her man she should be the victorious one in this saga. As for the Noah/Fancy relationship I do feel that it's way too much like the Sheridan/Luis episode and should be squashed before they go overboard. I also think the Kay/Fox relationship should get a fair chance.....they haven't even had time to form a true relationship but I also would like to see them put Miguel in the mix somehow." Thanks Elizabeth!!!

"What I don't understand is the choice of relationships the writes have developed. The major issue being Sam, Ivy, Fox, Kay, Noah and Fancy. Although I am a sucker for the couples themselves I have to wonder if it's natural to have so many people from one family dating the other. Ivy, who has Fox and Fancy as two of her children, engaged to Sam who in return has Kay and Noah and both of them are dating a child of Ivy. Is this legal, especially if Ivy and Sam get married? And while I'm on a rant, can you throw out this question to your readers; does anyone else think martin looks and acts like Tony Danza???" Thanks Emily!!!!

"I do not think this is Theresa's fault. If you look at it my way Theresa and Ethan where suppose to get married, but Gwen sent the tabloids Ethan's true identity. Ethan said, 'all I want is the truth.' Theresa is always telling the truth to Ethan, even though she drugged him, stole Gwen's eggs, and poisoned the dip. Gwen is the one who has been lying to him from the start. Gwen has done everything she can possibly think of to destroy Ethan and Theresa. But in the end Theresa is the one who has been truthful to Ethan." Thanks Melinda!!!!!!!

"I know the majority of blame for the Ethan thing falls onto Theresa but I'm tired of Gwen saying this is ALL Theresa's fault when we all know Gwen and Rebecca knew what she was up to and didn't do anything, so if they had done something in the first place Ethan wouldn't be in this situation (no one would be)." Thanks Ryan!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "I've been mega-irritated with Theresa. More than my usual hatred. It's not like Gwen has chosen this FOR Ethan. Ethan CHOSE FOR HIMSELF. Ethan, when thinking and sober, decided FOR HIMSELF that he did NOT want to live in a vegetative state. It's NOT Gwen's decision. It's not Ivy or Sam's. It was Ethan's. THAT is the entire POINT of having a living will - the person in question has taken the difficult decisions OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE ONE HE/SHE LOVES THE MOST. Gwen doesn't want to pull the plug - she just wants to respect what Ethan decided FOR HIMSELF, when he could speak and think for himself. Theresa should just get over herself. She has NO STANDING in this. A Baby Mama has no legal standing against A WIFE and a LIVING WILL."

Happy Holidays,

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