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McKenzie Westmore
Oh, what a tangled web we weave
For the Week of October 2, 2006
Last week, Luis once again begged Sheridan to be with him, but she had adoption papers to sign. Why don't they just get together already and be happy for ten minutes before Sheridan dies again? She's well overdue for another false death.
Did Eve really look at Valerie and say the words, "For Shame?" Who says that? While it was plausible that Valerie would jump into bed (or on a desk) with Julian, is it really plausible Julian would be with her? This whole break up with Julian and Eve has come out of left field, and frankly, I want them apart now. Let's face it, they had way more sizzle when their love was forbidden.

And where does Julian get off saying T.C. had a stroke to split him and Eve up? Like people go around having strokes to tick other people off. And him calling Eve a whore was just harsh. But Eve didn't waste any time letting Simone know it was over, and Julian was right back to pushing Fox into forcing Kay to marry him.

Fancy has become so fun to watch. She realized that Paloma and Pilar are pushing Luis to be with her, and that is not what she wants. She wants Luis on her own terms and all this meddling by others is not boding well for her. Meanwhile Luis has asked the question that everyone is wondering, "Why does he have to love Fancy just because she's in love with him?"

Why did Fancy blame herself for Luis and Sheridan's break up? This is exactly what she wanted, and as she pointed out several hundred times, Sheridan is married. Instead, Sheridan has once again broken up with Luis, confirming that she is staying married to Chris. Luis once again begged Sheridan to come and be with him, but she had adoption papers to sign. Why don't they get together already and be happy for ten minutes for Sheridan "dies" again? She's well overdue for another false death.

So Whitney suspects Chad is having an affair. If it is with Valerie, and I suspect it is, then Chad is just a huge jerk. He walks around saying things like, "Just not guilty enough to stop," and "God knows I love her [Whitney]. It's just not enough." This is something else that came out of left field, and it makes no sense why Chad would risk his life to save Whitney, even when he thought she was his sister, just to cheat on her.

Theresa has decided to write Ethan a letter telling him of Little Ethan's true paternity. And then she gives it to an overworked Valerie to put it in the vault. Instead we all know it's going to end up on Ethan's desk, who is still smarting over "saving" Theresa from the sauna. It's interesting the truth comes out this way because there are several ways the writers could play it, and hopefully Ethan will abide by Theresa's wishes and keep the secret. At least for a while anyway.

Some Random Thoughts:

Theresa actually looked sick when she passed out.

Thank goodness Tabitha's back.

Fox/Kay/Miguel…blah, blah, blah.

Is Jessica just the most pathetic thing ever or what? Leave him already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewer's Voice:

"Hi Brandi! Once again, just want to rant...I want Ethan to suffer. How dare he ask Theresa to be the "other women" now. He is so full of it. I wish Gwen would leave him (like fall in love with Jared or something and leave him). I want to see Theresa happy, I know she has done quite a bit to bring misery her way but so did Gwen (not that she is truly happy, more like pathetic). What happened to Alistair (I forgot how he "died" this time). Is Julian gonna be the bad guy in town now that big Al is gone? Sheridan has been making me angry lately. How she is jerking Luis (and Fancy) around. I hope she finds out Chris is a bad boy soon. I kinda want Luis and Sheridan and Noah and Fancy together again. One last thing, I still hate the Miguel/Kay/Fox triangle!!! I think Miguel and Fox are the WORST actors ever. When they talk it reminds me of Joey on Friends when he "acted." I miss the old Fox. They make me want to flip the channel when their storylines come on. That's it for now! Thanks for letting me rant again!" Thanks Maria!!!

"I love reading your columns by the way. I have a few things to say about the show. Lets talk about who the real super couple of the show is....its Theresa and Gwen. Their feud is reminiscent of AMC's Brooke/Erica, BB'S Stephanie/Brooke, and OLTL'S Viki/Dorian. The show knows this is the thing we viewers turn in for but the triangle has far lost its momentum long ago. Huber and Hartley's interaction is what makes the show fascinating. But in order for a triangle to be successful the prize (Ethan) has to be worth it and lets be honest, he is sooo not worth it. He victimizes both women and say what you want about them, but they balance with finesse between playing the victim and playing the vixen. This time its Gwen's turn to be the victim. I loved it how she stood up to him and I think if and when she finds out, she will leave him. She should go with Jared, if he isn't secretly in love with Chad because he is Theresa's default man." Thanks Gregory!!!

"Ethan has got to be the biggest wuss on daytime television. Like some people have mentioned, I too would like to reach through the television and smack him upside the head if he says "FATE" one more time!!!!! Please tell me the writers of Passions do not get paid to write this stuff because all they are doing is a bunch of cut and paste from past episodes while occasionally switching up who says them. That does NOT make for compelling television JER!!!!! If you want your fan base to stay with you, maybe even grow, then lets light the fire under the butts of these storylines and move the show in a new direction!" Thanks Amanda!!!

Until next week friends,

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