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Last week, Gwen realized for the forty-thousandth time that Ethan really wanted to be with Theresa, but she still didn't leave him for good.

I am sorry for the short column this week, but I am getting married. This column only runs through Wednesday's episode, but I'll be back next week with a brand new column.

I was so hoping that after Gwen had realized for the forty-thousandth time that Ethan really wanted to be with Theresa, she'd leave him for good. Instead, she runs out to stop him from kissing Theresa at Fox and Kay's wedding. And the sad thing is, Ethan doesn't care about Gwen at all, just that rock on Theresa's finger that Jared gave her. I'm glad Gwen threw her ring at Ethan and I hope she walks away from him for good.

Why is Kay marrying Fox? She is still dreaming of Miguel but determined to marry Fox because Fox loves her. And I was praying Simone would tell Miguel about faux Miguel's romp with faux Charity. Instead, she berates him the same as Kay does. And why Endora is pulling for Fox is beyond me. Isn't she supposed to couteract her mother and pull for good to win?

I loved Eve confronting Fox and later learning Julian knew the truth about Fox's terminal illness. Of course it wouldn't be a wedding in Harmony if someone didn't try to talk either the bride or the groom out of it. Fox quickly threatens to pull Eve's medical license if she blabs, so Eve goes away with Kay being none the wiser about her fiancé's terminal illness.

What is up with Grace? I find it very interesting that the priest is following her around and wanting her dead? What does she know? And why can't she tell Sam over the phone? The priest will probably turn out to work for Ivy.

Sheridan is a sneaky thing. I love how she thinks she is manipulating Fancy but Fancy is onto her. Finally a story we don't have to sit around and wait for someone to figure out that they are being snowballed. I can't wait until Luis finds out what a liar Sheridan is; I can't wait for someone to compare her to Beth. Some Random Thoughts:

I am loving Julian and Ivy together again

Theresa and Gwen should both dump Ethan for good.

I loved that Theresa did not rush into Jared's proposal, instead reflecting on how the marriages around her aren't working out. At last that girl is using her head.

Viewer's Voice:

"Lots of people keep wondering if Chad's lover is a man . And I can't believe nobody has mentioned the zoom-in's on the bedside table in the hotel where Chad and his lover go. On the table are two condoms. They have showed this several times, also through flashbacks. To me, this is proof that the lover is a man, along with all Chad's denial of not having an affair with another woman. I just wish they would move the story along. They are in danger of us losing interest, in yet another, unresolved plot." Thanks Sherry!!!

Brandi, I am wondering, why do you do the two scoops column, when it seems you do not like very much about Passions? Really your comment about Passions, and I quote here, "Now with St. Ethan cheating on his beloved wife, where does that leave this story to go? Down the toilet where it's been headed for years now." was really just not called for. The people who actually like passions, deserve better. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I cannot help but wonder what is the real purpose in berating a show that you supposedly enjoy, or at least watch? Think about it. Because I no longer enjoy your reading your column, I will not be reading it any longer." You are right Neo, I am entitled to my opinion, as you are to yours. I must point out though, that yours is the only email I've ever received that actually enjoys the ongoing Ethan/Gwen/Theresa triangle.

Thank you for saying how sick to DEATH we are of waiting for Gwen to be outted to Ethan. It would be nice to see Theresa have a few months with the man she loves, and finally let Ethan be the daddy to Jr. although, I do like Jared. it'd be nice to see Ethan be dumped for a change." Thanks Donna!!!

"I don't watch Passions anymore because I feel like the writers don't give me enough credit for having more than half a brain. You, however, give my brain full credit and so I read your two scoops commentary every week. It's nice to commiserate." Thanks Amy!!!

"Is Passions on a suicide mission, or are they keeping the same writer because of family favors? They carry storylines far too long, like the Ethan, Gwen, thing. I am so sick of being tricked into thinking Gwen will finally find out, and then no. And although it is nice that Ivy finally got found out, it took way, way too long, so long, that I don't have passion for the new storyline. Also the abuse, and disrespect of women, and flaunting gay lifestyle in our faces is getting sick." Thanks Sherry!!!!

Quote of the week: "I feel like it's been to long since we last played "Who Could Chad's Lover Be?": The following people are out of the question in my opinion: Theresa, Simone, Eve, TC, Julian, Liz, Alistair, Sheridan, Charity, Rebecca, Fancy, Tabitha, Grace. The following people have asked Chad if he is cheating on Whitney: Jared, Ethan. The following were busy running around Rome when Chad was on the phone with his lover: Jessica, Noah, Paloma, Luis, Gwen, Spike, Beth. The Fox/Kay/Miguel/Siren quad was too busy with themselves to be a consideration. So, if it's someone on the canvas, we're looking at: Pilar, Sam, Ivy, Rachel, Martin, Katherine, Chris. I can't remember if we had some Chris-at-home-with-Sheridan scenes while Chad was at the motel, but I'm leaning towards him at this point. Well, him or a returning Hank or Reese or that Stan guy from the motel. It's seriously not a payoff if it's not someone we've at least seen before…Antonio? Precious? What do you think?" I think it would be hilarious if Chad and Precious are making push-push. Thanks Monique!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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