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The truth behind the proof
For the Week of February 5, 2007
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You've got to love the Lo-Fitz family. Last week, they were all complaining about how much they hated the Crane power, and then Theresa whipped out her phone to get her brothers out of jail, and suddenly, that same Crane power was perfectly fine.

You gotta love the Lo-Fitz family. No sooner had they all stated how much they hated the Crane power than Theresa whips out her phone to get her brothers out of jail, and boom, it's okay. Even St. Pilar didn't bat an eyelash while the bribing of Judge Riley went on. At least Miguel has enough sense to walk around claiming to be set up; Luis just keeps admitting its possible he could be guilty. I'm sorry, but if a man doesn't have enough faith in his own character to deny his guilt, then he is guilty. It's sad that the victim has more confidence in his innocence than he does.

And what in the name of Peter Sandstone was Sheridan doing sitting in that jail cell? I know she hired Ethan to defend Luis, but she really had no business in that cell. I'm no expert, but I am pretty sure that isn't allowed in real jails. And why is Chris so cool with Sheridan's defending Luis? Is he that confident in his marriage? And why didn't Fancy object when Sheridan jumped up and offered to help Luis? Deep down, does she think he's guilty? Has Ivy's ranting and raving finally gotten to her?

I can't help but think the peeper/rapist is Sheridan? Luis had a foggy recollection of a cheerleader on top of him, and he thinks it's Fancy. I think Sheridan drugged him, raped him, took the used condom, inserted it into Fancy (I know -- ugh!), insisted that Fancy get tested -- knowing it'd be Luis' semen, and then jumped to his defense to make Fancy look like the one who had set Luis up. She almost admitted this on Friday's episode when she accused Fancy of "having her way" with Luis.

But it has also occurred to me that perhaps Chris is the rapist. He's got to know Sheridan still loves Luis and that she's seething over Luis and Fancy's relationship. Perhaps he raped Fancy and framed Luis (again - ugh) thinking that once Luis goes to jail, he'll have Sheridan all to himself. Or he could be working for Alistair to destroy the Lo-Fitz family, as the peeper seems intent on doing that.

I also feel like Jared is working for Alistair. He flat-out caught Theresa in bed with Ethan, but now it's okay because Theresa said she loved Jared. Like Ethan hasn't been a problem in that relationship from day one. And this fool thinks that he is going to win Theresa's heart? Not now when Theresa has everything she's ever wanted. But Jared is too intent on getting Theresa, so there has to be an ulterior motive. What kind of idiot keeps running after a person that doesn't want them?

Obviously Alistair knows that EM is not Julian's son. So instead of having his heir be a nobody, Alistair is paying Jared to marry Theresa and get EM out of his will. And we all just know that Gwen is going to learn that EM is Ethan's son and announce it at the most inopportune time. Either way, it's not going to be smooth sailing for Jared, Theresa, and Ethan.

It's also not going to be smooth sailing for Kay, Miguel, and Fox. Moments after Kay admits to Julian, of all people, that she loves Miguel, he's arrested. And it was no surprise that Julian hired someone to set Miguel up, but Spike being that person was kind of a shocker. I guess since Alistair apparently trusted Spike, Julian is following court. I can't see that ending happily.

While Spike is the most obvious suspect where the peeper is concerned, why he involved Theresa and Ethan is beyond me. And the fact that he got Luis' semen in Fancy grosses me out to an extent I can't even fathom. It is kind of funny to see Jessica dreaming of a happy marriage, while Spike is on the other end of the phone, telling her what a dummy she is. Get a clue already!!

Paloma is the best friend on the show. Not only is she going full force after Noah (what a kiss that was!), but she continually pushes Jessica to leave Spike and get on with her life. If only Jessica would listen. I'm rooting for Noah and Paloma, and it'll happen if Paloma has anything to say about it.

Whitney may be the worst friend. She's encouraging Theresa to be with Jared one minute and Ethan the next. Make up your mind already. And she goes on about what a trusting relationship she and Chad have. Hello, if you trust him so much, why are you threatening Valerie every five minutes and running off to that sleazy motel to catch Chad in the act. Those are not the actions of a woman that trusts her husband. And if Friday's episode didn't prove Chad is going with another man, then we didn't watch the same episode. I can't help but believe it's Vincent, and Chad is the one giving him the scoop.

Some Random Thoughts:

Was it just me, or was Sam unapologetic for having to arrest both Luis and Miguel?

Ivy is such a witch. I was so glad Pilar slapped her and reminded her that she and Sam crossed "class lines."

Why did Fancy yell at Sheridan to shut up, but not her mother?

Has Ivy forgotten about Fox? Can she really only focus on one child at a time?

Where are Katherine and Martin while their families are going through these trials and tribulations? I'd love to know what Kathy thinks about the new Sheridan.

Viewer's Voice:

"I don't know about anyone else, but why isn't Ivy in jail? Why is anyone listening to her demands that Luis be arrested? She should at the very least be arrested for blackmail. There are probably at least ten crimes she committed [such as] falsifying legal records (the fake marriage license of Grace and David). There should be more romance than detective stories going on in this show. There are so many characters without partners in this show to be a soap opera. There are no real solid relationships in Harmony; just more cops and robbers going on. I would like to see more involvement in the relationship department than all the crimes being committed. More family involvement also. It seems like everyone forgets who is related to each other when it comes to important things in the lives of these characters. No one is there as a family should be when things happen to each other." Thanks Regina!

"I think that it is time that you either put Ethan and Theresa together. Gwen should have given up many years ago on Ethan. When Ethan chose Theresa over her the first time she should have left him alone. It seems that Gwen is like the song; I'm going to make you love me but we all know that will not happen. I feel very sorry for Jessica in a way. I know that she blames her mother for this but that is not true. I feel Jessica is with Spike because she wants to be. I also feel that something should be done about Sheridan. She had too many chances to be with Luis. It seems like every time she and Luis is apart Sheridan runs off and marries someone else, even his own brother. Why is it that the writers keep letting her get away with it? Sheridan is married to Chris and still not happy with her life. Why won't she let Luis get on with his life?" Thanks Myra!

"I've watched Passions for the last eight years and I have loved every minute of it. Other Soap Operas have been on for so long it's crazy. Passions is different and worth saving. At least it should be sent to another network so that the devoted Passions watchers can still have it. I know a lot of people that feel that way." Thanks Marilyn!

"I personally could care less that Gwen is hurt. How can you be hurt when your marriage is based on a lie and EVERYONE, including yourself has known for years that Theresa and Ethan belong together? I mean, she was even raising his child w/ another woman. That in itself was never right. Gwen should never have been given custody of Jane. She should feel pathetic. Sher doesn't deserve Luis. She has had many an opportunity to be with him and she didn't do it; too bad, so sad. I never liked Charity and I don't know why she's back. Kay deserves to finally be happy and not have to do this thing with Miguel and that girl again. She's grown up, admitted her wrongs, and is a good mom who is trying to be better. Charity was never interesting and was pretty much a whiner. Whit should shut her mouth about Theresa's life. Because hers is sooo perfect. Earth to Whitney: you are married to a Down Low Dude! Stop telling Theresa what she needs to do and get tested for cooties. Ivy needs to stop trying to keep her sons from loving the women in their lives. Wasn't her life miserable because her father kept her and Sam apart? She needs to focus on her daughter, Fancy; you know the one that was raped and is being repeatedly attacked and all? The cooties comment was too funny. Thanks Rocquelle!

"So it's not a "woman." Could it be a witch, a mermaid, a girl, a boy? This soap is getting wilder and wilder. I personally think the whole Fancy rape thing is very sick. I loved the original young love - Luis, Sher, Theresa and Ethan etc. And their sweet storylines - but now everything seems to be sensationalism. Beth was the twisted one, but now they are all getting kind of icky. I read the recaps with a rather morbid fascination!" Thanks Deanne!

"Honestly I love Passions and it hurts me to know that it's coming to an end and hopefully it'll continue on another network or something like that but I am glad to know the finally my favorite two stars Ethan and Teresa are finally getting together I've been waiting for this for so long and Gwen finally left him she finally realized that Ethan really loves Teresa more than her it's about time." Thanks Shanielle!

"I love it that Ethan is now getting a taste of his own medicine as he is the one boiling with jealousy instead of Theresa. And that nut job Gwen finally realizes that Ethan was the one encouraging Theresa. I hope Theresa stays with Jared just to drive Ethan crazy. They should show more of Endora; she's such a cute little witch and she gives Tabitha more attention. I think Chad is definitely bi-sexual and his lover is actually a man. Whitney was better off being a nun than having a two timing husband. Kay should make up her mind and choose one of the men already. Her story is becoming quite stale. How come only now Charity realizes that she wants to be with Miguel? Didn't she barter her relationship with Miguel for his daughter's life? I sure do hope they don't cancel Passions as I really look forward to reading this column when the day is up." Thanks Rohini!

"I have been complaining about Crane Security for years. Anyone can get the code, and wander the mansion. Not to mention, Crane Industries. Luis was there as a fake janitor, remember? He BLEW UP a giant safe, and NO ONE came running, no alarms, nada. Bad guys are always popping in the mansion with guns, and the security is where? I'd feel safer with the Boys in the Basement." Thanks MJ!

"I love your Two Scoops -- your 'whys' were right on. I usually fast forward through Fancy's 'I've been attacked' scream fest. She is sooooooo annoying!! My thoughts on the peeper -- it could be Vincent hired by Alastair --- who in my opinion is still out there making sure the folks of Harmony never have a moments peace. He's also the one who had Grace's shuttle bus blown up because Grace has some inside information that she was going to share with Sam. One last thought -- how can you NOT know who you're in bed with?!? It truly amazes me that Theresa can sleep with Jared and then what, a few minutes later she's all about Ethan. Actually, it's kind of skin-crawling icky to be sleeping with two guys without freshening up before each interlude. But, I guess that's what the folks in Harmony do. I'll miss your column when Passions is put out to pasture." Thanks Corrine!

Until next week, friends,

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