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Valentine's Day massacre
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Theresa should just let Ethan go. Last week, he admitted that he was free to be with Theresa, because Gwen has left him, but in reality, he's been free to be with Theresa his whole life; it just took Gwen leaving him to make it happen.
Is anyone else starting to believe that there is more than one Peeper in town? We knew it'd be too easy for Paloma to catch him (although she did kick some butt). But is it possible the same person raped Fancy twice, framed Luis, lured Theresa and Ethan in bed together, and now is telling Theresa to let Ethan and Gwen be together, is blackmailing Theresa, killed Rae, and still running rampant in town? I highly doubt it.

My theory is originally Spike raped Fancy. Sheridan is the one that attacked Fancy the second time and framed Luis. I'm not quite sure who lured Ethan and Theresa together. I thought Jared was the one sending text messages and threatening Theresa. He undoubtedly overheard Whitney blab the truth about EM to Chad. But as he was talking to Theresa on Friday, Theresa's stalker was hiding in the wall. It could be Alistair, but Alistair is far above hiding in walls and threatening by text message.

After Friday's episode, I'm left scratching my head because I don't know who to believe is doing what. I'm 100% positive Sheridan is involved in Luis and Fancy's ordeal just because she's so interested. I know she still loves Luis, and I am glad Chris is not a fool believing her lies. And it was very interesting how she answered her husband when he asked her to go away with him. She mentioned her family, including Gwen and Ethan, but not Fancy. It's so obvious that Sheridan is not worried because she knows what's really going on. I couldn't help but laugh when Sheridan went on and on about needing and loving Chris so much, and then jumping out of bed to run to Luis' rescue.

Simone was terribly upset to see her beloved Rae had been murdered, yet Rae's involvement seems so out of place. And why hasn't someone asked the question, why would Rae call Luis to meet her if she thought he was going to murder her? All anyone has to do in look in Rae's "placed calls" and Luis' "received call" on their respective phones and that would prove she did call him. And why didn't she tell Simone what was going on? Simone sat there, grief-struck and never once wondered why Rae hadn't confided in her. All she could do was blame Luis. And I have to wonder why Simone looked so hard that Luis and Rae went missing around the same time? Was she that bored at the club? The "Scissor Sisters" weren't that bad, were they?

About the only person in town not being blackmailed or framed by the Peeper is Miguel and the poor guy is being accused of running Fox down. We all knew the second Fox woke up he was going to point the finger at Miguel. I mean after all, this was his plan. But my question is why doesn't Kay just admit she believes Miguel. The Ethan/Theresa theory applies in this situation. Theresa tried over and over to get Ethan to believe that Gwen outed him to the tabloid. Ethan let Theresa try over and over, because deep down he wanted to believe it was true.

Here, Kay is following Miguel to meet with her drunk sister to learn that there really is a fake Charity. If she didn't believe Jess before, why would she believe her now? What has changed in the story that makes it so true? Yet Kay left the club and went with Miguel to find Jess to learn that Jess isn't talking. And now that Fox is awake and pointing fingers, she really doesn't believe Miguel. It may all boil down to what Paloma overheard Julian and Fox saying.

Speaking of Paloma, what class did she take that Fancy missed? She kicked that guy's butt, and scared Noah in the process. But she proved she ain't no rookie, or no child. I think Noah is still in love with Fancy, which is why he is a little hesitant to start up a relationship with Paloma, but he is going to fool around and let a really good thing go.

And I wish Theresa would just let Ethan go. He admitted on Friday that now that Gwen wants nothing to do with him, he's free to be with Theresa. He's been free to be with Theresa his whole life; it just took Gwen leaving HIM to make it happen. I guess when it all boils down, Ethan didn't want to be the one blamed. Now he can always say Gwen left him. As if she'd want him after blatantly finding him in Theresa's bed.

Some Random Thoughts:

Is there anyone that doesn't think Chad and Vincent are lovers?

For this being Valentine's week, there sure was very little romance on this show.

This show is a long week without Tabby and Endora.

Viewer's Voice:

"Is it me or did the whole Rae knowing identity of the peeper/rapist thing come out of left field. I mean, she hasn't been seen on screen for weeks and all of a sudden she's back and knows who it is? And how stupid was she standing in the room alone with a known criminal and telling that she was going to blab his/her identity? She might has well have written "kill me" across her forehead. And has anyone else noticed that they never show Vincent and Valerie in the same scene together? I have a theory on this. I think that Julian and Eve actually had a set of TWINS so many years ago and those twins are Vincent and Valerie. Not only this, but they are the peeper/rapist team. And since when did Julian Crane become the one that everyone turns to for advice?" Thanks Monique!!!

"I think that they should not take passions off. After working all day it feels good to come home and watch it and unwind....." Thanks Alba!!!

"The reader that commented that Ethan should not have let Jane forget Theresa is silly. The kid is a baby. She 'forgot' Theresa because she hasn't seen her for how long? By the way, why is it that Endora is the only kid on the show who actually grows? Maria is the same age. Jane is how old now? And yet, only Endora. I did like the comment that Fox should pick Passions up. How about a letter campaign? Only PLEASE have new writers." Thanks MJ!!!

"As silly and totally bizarre as Passions is, I admit I have watched it from day 1 and am week after week so frustrated by these Harmony people. Ethan has to be the dumbest man alive. The show is ending; please let Theresa and Ethan be together, they have kids together, they think about each other all the time and this constant back and forth, is just crap. The same for Luis and Sheridan; let them be together. Luis is another Harmony guy who cannot think on his own. He and Snow White - (Fancy; who names their kid that anyway?) just don't have it. He and Sheridan should be together. She is so evil now and deserves to be unhappy, but Luis is so 'Mr. goody two-shoes' to her 'Crane evilness'; they deserve to be together. Kay/Miguel/Fox/fake Charity; my goodness, these people in Harmony cannot see past the end of their nose. All those Lopez-Fitzgerald offspring are so weird and frustrating; but we keep watching. Why? And will we miss them when their gone?? Heck Yes!!" Thanks Deb!!!

"I guess I must be one of the people on crack, because I DO think Kay deserves some happiness. I don't think she's perfect, but that's the beauty of it; she doesn't pretend to be! Personally, I think the real person on crack is the one who hates Pilar. Who in the world could hate Pilar and then defend Ivy. Gwen should just take a flying leap. I knew she wouldn't just walk away from Ethan and leave it alone for good. True enough, Ethan did deserve to be spoken to like that by her. Theresa should read him the riot act also because he's been playing ping pong with them for 7 years now. Finally, Whitney needs to shut her trap and I wish someone would tell her that and soon." Thanks Rocquelle!!!

Until next week friends,

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