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Vincent is getting beyond twisted in his fatal attraction to Chad. Not only is he threatening to tell Whitney at every turn, he's also taking pictures with her and emailing them to Chad.
Who did Luis think he was fooling with that "disguise"? Has he watched Superman one too many times, because he had the whole Clark Kent vibe going. And why when he took off running, did he run straight to the pier, where citizens normally congregate? Why didn't he try to take a more secluded route? And how secluded can this apartment be if both Fancy and Sheridan found him? And now Chris is hot on his trail. It won't be long until Sam finds him.

I know the Oscar's were given out several weeks ago, but Sheridan sure deserved one. From the fake burning of herself, to the "It's Marty. I miss him so much" hysterics, she handed down a top notch performance to snag Luis. I don't doubt she misses her son, but I am really getting tired of her using Marty and his death to draw Luis to her. And this comes half an hour after she swears to her husband he is the only man for her and she wants to be with no one but him. Fancy is right, Chris is a fool.

Another fool is Ethan. Last week, he was practically jumping for joy that Gwen sent him divorce papers. This week, he is trying to contact her to get her to call the divorce off. Last week, he jumped into bed with Theresa and wanted to spend his life with her. This week, he wants to try to honor the vows he made with Gwen. I loved him telling Chad, "Gwen called it quits. I didn't call it quits." This is basically what it all boils down to with Ethan; he isn't the one who walked away, although he is the one who was wrong throughout the whole thing.

And now Theresa is going to marry Jared right away to please the blackmailer. When Ethan hears about it through Judge Reilly, he rushes over to the hospital and tries to give Jared a heart attack. Meanwhile, Theresa is unable to decide if she really wants to marry Jared or not. Frankly, Miguel is better off in jail (and off the show) and Luis has Sheridan and Fancy that will help him get out of trouble. Theresa should follow her heart and be with Ethan. It's about time Ethan and Theresa's fans got what they wanted.

Miguel needs to go. I am so sick of his psycho stalker ways, it isn't funny. Kay is constantly telling him to get lost, and all he can do is mope around the hospital repeating endlessly how Fox is faking his illness. If Kay hadn't listened to him by now, what makes him think she ever will? And what proof does he have that Fox is faking? None, which is exactly why Kay shouldn't listen to him. And with Fox suffering from all the side effects of the drugs, Kay certainly has no reason to believe that he isn't sick. But I do have to wonder if such potent drugs are given to try to kill tumors, why aren't they killing the patient when there are no tumors?

Kay needs to stay married to Fox, since she'll need the Crane money because it's obvious Miguel doesn't care about working to support either her or Maria. He only cares about stalking Kay. And I love that Miguel keeps telling Kay that it doesn't matter if Fox is sick or not, that he and she will be together in a few months. What about his hit and run charges? Does Miguel think they will disappear once Fox dies?

So Vincent thinks he is going to blackmail Chad into staying with him. I pretty much don't care who Chad goes with anymore. He and Whitney were never really an "it" couple for me, and now it seems all Whitney can do is be a shoulder for Theresa to cry on and roam the halls of Crane searching for her husband. Honestly, aren't there rules against that? I know I can't just go to my husband's work and distract him.

And Vincent is getting beyond twisted in his fatal attraction to Chad. Not only is he threatening to tell Whitney at every turn, he is now taking pictures with her and emailing Chad. And Chad admitting he was addicted to sex was fresh. If that were true, he'd be sleeping with everyone, not just Vincent. Chad is homosexual and is in serious denial. I guess when Chad and Vincent end up together, Whitney can hook up with Fox since Kay and Miguel will probably hook up in the end.

Last week I mentioned the possibility that Vincent could be Julian and Eve's child. Both Denise and Kristy (see Viewer's Voice below) pointed out that if it is true, then Chad is committing incest with his nephew. Obviously Chad doesn't care about incest, as he wanted to desperately make a life with Whitney when he thought she was his half-sister. But I think we all agree with Kristy that we had enough of the incest story the first time around.

Some Random Thoughts:

No Tabby or Endora this week. Guess she's too busy taking care of Maria since her parents can't.

Didn't Sheridan stop to think her arm won't scar if it isn't really burned?

Fox's imitation of the Godfather made me chuckle this week.

It was nice to see Ivy and Fancy together this week, and even nicer to see Ivy admit she was wrong about Luis.

Viewer's Voice:

"Ok, I've hung on and watched this show for quite awhile, even though many of the actors are horrid and the lines repetitive and predictable. But, as of this week I have totally quit. The love scenes with the two guys have totally stepped beyond what should be on daytime television. And, even that is bad acting! I'll read the remainder of this soap's life from your columns, Brandi. But I'm done overlooking the faults and wasting my time an hour each day!" Thanks Maggie!!!

"Just a thought, as I haven't really been watching too closely lately. I think I remember that Chad is Alistair's son with Liz, am I correct? Well, if Vincent is Julian and Eve's son, doesn't that make them related in more than one way? Aren't they uncle/nephew and/or cousins through their mothers? Should they be sleeping together at all, even if they were a male and female??" Thanks Denise!!!

"I think I read that you think that Vincent is Eve and Julian's son. If that is the case then Chad is having sex with his nephew because Chad is Alistair's son so this would make Julian and Chad brothers and Julian's son his nephew. I hope the writer is not going down the incest road again. I had enough of it the first time around." Thanks Kristy!!!

"I think the Peeper may be Vincent and Val team. As for Whitney not having a clue about Chad, that is how it is when brothers are undercover homosexuals. They hide it and you never know until you have HIV. There are millions of women who don't know until they end up HIV positive. If he just comes out and tells her, even when all the clues are there, we still blind ourselves because we would never think the ones we love so much could hurt us. As for Kay and Miguel, I wish Miguel would leave. He is starting to make me think he is the Peeper. I hope Kay and Fox end up together. I wish Kay would tell Miguel that he never really loved her cause she had to drug him and see how much love he would have for her then. Kay and Fox really belong together. No matter how much Fox has lied he is still redeemable in my book because Kay is not without fault. As for Sheridan and Luis, what if the Peeper is Val who happens to be pretty with a face change. Al did give her a job and she was in good with him. Val and Vincent are twins who are out to get the Lo-Fitz's because they are Cranes from one of Al's affairs long ago. And Theresa is in the way of this also. Jared could be Eve and Julian's son. Beth could turn out to be Sheridan who made a pack to be reunited with her son in exchange for leaving Harmony for good. Gwen could be the Peeper to because she is crazy and she has finally been driven to the end. I just wish Passions would get to the point. This is why the show is being cancelled, because they can't just get to the point and resolve these storylines and pick up new ones." Thanks Chiara!!!

Until next week friends,

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