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For the Week of March 19, 2007
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Sheridan has finally admitted that she's in love with Luis. Not only that, but she's also admitted to coming between Fancy and Luis. Of course, Luis is too stupid to realize what she's talking about.
So Sheridan has admitted that she's in love with Luis. Not only that, but she's admitted to coming between Fancy and Luis, only Luis is too stupid to realize what she's talking about. But maybe now he will see that Fancy is telling the truth, and Sheridan is trying to keep them apart. But this is Luis we are talking about, and he'll probably just believe whatever excuse St. Sheridan throws at him. And stupid Chris will believe whatever she throws at him as well, even though he knows Sheridan loves Luis and was with him in the apartment.

Luis got a bit cocky with Sam when he was arrested. Something tells me that Sam is on Luis' side, as Sam is way too smart to believe Luis committed these murders. Sam even made the comment, "A lot of really great investigative police work going down here tonight with people with a lot less training than I have." I think I even sensed a note of sarcasm in his voice as he said it. And why doesn't the shopkeeper from last week admit that Luis isn't the person who bought the acid. Unless the person was wearing the Luis mask, which would lead me to believe the Peeper is on the Crane payroll.

Why was Fancy, who was looking for escaped fugitive Luis, walking around in public, talking loudly to Esme about all the possible places Luis could be hiding? What if someone had overheard her, or followed her? I sensed Sam smirking as he commented what great detective work Fancy and Chris had done to find Luis. She's not very bright, and Sam realizes that she only joined the force to get Luis, so why doesn't he cut her loose?

So Theresa almost married Jared, until he passed out on her. And why is Eve so adamant that Theresa not marry Jared. As if anyone can stop her once she's got a scheme rolling in her head. Eve knew something was out of whack with Theresa and Jared's sudden marriage, as did Ethan, but nothing was stopping Theresa from becoming Mrs. Jared Casey. I truly believe Jared is the one that is blackmailing Theresa into marrying him. I also think someone got the leftover props from the "Scream" movies as the blackmailer sounds just like the killers from those movies.

And the ever noble Ethan watches the ceremony begin, and wishes Jared dead so he could marry Theresa. This is from the same man who admitted last week he'd still work things out with his wife if she'd return his phone calls. I'm sorry, but this whole character has been ruined. And the whole while Gwen and Theresa were made to look like evil witches, he was really the one that was behind the scenes, pulling strings to get what he wanted. And he still wants to have his cake and eat it too. And we are supposed to feel sympathy for this character?

So Vincent is trying to blackmail Chad into staying his lover. That's going to work real well isn't it? And nit Whit almost catches Chad and Vincent talking about their clandestine affair, but I guess she will assume Chad loves Valerie as he seemed to keep pushing Vincent toward her. Meanwhile, Valerie has found Eve and Julian's son, and he was severely abused. Any bets that Spike is the long lost Crane heir?

You gotta love Kay. One minute she's mad at Miguel for thinking they'll be together when Fox "dies", and the next she's naked and on top of him. And the amazing thing is, after Tabby put that spell on him, all he could focus on was Charity. I know that Miguel will drop Kay the second Charity walks back into town, so why she just doesn't stay with Fox is beyond me.

What is Jessica's problem? I'm so sick of seeing her friends and family reach out to her and then she falls right back in with Spike. It's as though she feels as if her family and friends aren't supposed to be concerned about anything but her. She's upset with Simone who is mourning Rae, and freaks out over seeing Noah and Paloma making out moments after she says they are falling in love. Everyone in her life needs to let her stew in the mess she's made of her life and leave her be. She is a spoiled brat who doesn't deserve the five million second chances she's gotten.

Until next week friends,

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