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For the Week of March 26, 2007
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Sheridan showed her true colors several times last week, and yet Luis still couldn't pick up on her wicked ways. It's funny that he refuses to cheat with Sheridan because he doesn't want to hurt their loved ones; that didn't seem to bother him before.
How deliciously evil has our fair Sheridan become? So evil that once she spied that hidden (and I use that term loosely, because that thing was far from hidden) camera, she just knew Fancy was watching and did everything in her power to give her an eyeful. Only little did she know, Fancy was on her way to punish Luis by arresting him. And the amazing thing is, Fancy called Sam for backup to show she meant business. I guess she paid attention to some things in cadet training.

Sheridan showed her true colors several times this week, and yet Luis still couldn't pick up on her wicked ways. I hate how she turns to "missing" Marty at convenient times to gain comfort from Luis. And I love how Luis is so noble and refuses to cheat with Sheridan, claiming it isn't right to cheat on their loved ones. Funny how that didn't bother him when Sheridan was married to Antonio.

Fancy shouldn't be surprised. Luis made it perfectly clear how he still loved Sheridan and wanted a slow relationship with her. Fancy is the one that pushed him into a hot and heavy relationship, and now that its all blowing up in her face, she wants to blame Sheridan. While Sheridan is behind some of the machinations, Luis was upfront and honest with Fancy all along.

Chris should've woken up by now. Sheridan flat out left him and James to tend to Luis and his needs, and then lied to his face about how she wants to be a family with him and James. Chris should be able to see through her mother of the year act she puts on with James. After all, he's a liar and a manipulator too. Doesn't the saying go, "Takes one to know one." Wake up Chris and listen to Fancy and your instincts.

I can't feel sorry for Theresa. She's lied so much and kept so many secrets, that she knew eventually it'd come back to bite her. And now Ethan knows she's being blackmailed, (and what the blackmailer wants is him), he is more determined than ever to help her. The only problem is that Jared is out of the hospital and determined to marry Theresa now.

I am beyond sick of watching Kay jump from Miguel to Fox's bed. It amazes me that she can do that, and not need a shower in between. That is just gross, and I don't feel sorry for anyone in that bunch. And the deal with Endora's happiness getting out was absurd on these two. Just last week when Tabitha put a spell on Miguel, he was calling out Charity's name. Let Kay's secret about how Maria was conceived come out and let's see if Miguel is willing to forgive and forget.

Some Random Thoughts:

"This boy is as thick as two short planks." Tabitha about Miguel.

Why does Fox feel the need to tell Julian about his sex life? No one should be that close with their parents.

How did Sheridan know Fancy was watching? Why didn't she figure it was Sam or Chris even?

Amazing how Fox has all the symptoms of the side effects of the treatment except one. Could these reactions be psychosomatic?

Viewer's Voice:

"Jessica is the worst character on this show. She has never really had a storyline. She was selling make up at one time and that was her only story. I know why her family keeps trying to keep her away from Spike, but if I have to watch the same scene on a different day one more time, I will scream. Leave Jessica alone Bennetts; she will come back on her own! If Spike is the long lost son of Julian and Eve, then Jessica and Kay will have married brothers." Thanks Kristy!!!

"I know everyone thinks that Sheridan is Sheridan, but the clues are pointing to Sheridan really being Beth. Everything she does is exactly what Beth did long ago to be with Luis. Yes, Sheridan did go to the Psych Ward at one time and she could be capable of doing the things she has been, but she always wanted the best for Luis before. When Luis was going to marry Beth and Sheridan was with Antonio, she only wanted the best for him and she said she was willing to give him up if he wanted to be with Beth. Now, she is stalking him and trying to destroy the relationship he has with Fancy. Don't you think that she would have shown these same characteristics when she was with Antonio and Luis was with Beth? We all know that Beth, Alistair and Marty aren't dead so why wouldn't Beth want to look like Sheridan and destroy Fancy and then when her actions are finally discovered by Luis, Beth as Sheridan will already have destroyed Luis' feelings towards Sheridan with one blow. When Luis no longer loves Fancy or Sheridan, it will be time for Beth to move in. Why would Alistair allow this? Well, Fancy may have been his favorite, which always seemed a little strange to me, but she disobeyed him and went after Noah, and then Luis. This is Fancy's punishment and I wouldn't be surprised if Pretty (and what kind of name is that for a rich girl?) isn't helping Beth and Alistair. Just a thought, but it would make more sense and be a better storyline especially for those of us who have rooted for Luis and Sheridan to be together all along!" Sheridan really being Beth also would make sense of Sheridan's "memories" of Luis. Thanks Renda!!!

Until next week friends,

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