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Theresa and Ethan will never learn. It's hard to blame Theresa, since she has never been able to resist Ethan; she even stalked him for a while. However, Ethan is the one who is kidnapping her and hiring stand-ins so that he can canoodle with her in the closet.

What an unbelievably boring week. We saw pretty much the same things we've been seeing the past few months. Ethan and Theresa can't keep their hands off each other; Chad is hiding his affair from Whitney who is clueless; Kay is wishing Miguel were hers while Fox is pretending to be dying. Even Endora's antics at the zoo were dull. There were a few surprises here and there, but most of the week seemed like one big, drawn out filler episode.

So Whitney is pregnant and Chad is the father. Things about this storyline I like: Vincent is becoming very jealous and controlling of Chad, however, their sex scenes turn me off tremendously. I either flip the channel or fast forward. What's also good about this story is that Noah knows Chad's secret now, and with Vincent sending Whitney text messages, it won't be long until Chad's dirty little secret will be out.

Is Vincent the blackmailer? It seems that he disappeared from the party when the blackmailer was looking for Ethan and Theresa. The blackmailer also planted a kiss on the Ethan stand in, and we all know Vincent goes for the men, so it is possible. I keep reminding myself that I was hyped for the reveal of the monk, and it turned out to be Alistair. I would love it if Passions pulled a fast one and made the blackmailer someone interesting and not Vincent. However, more and more evidence is pointing to the fact that it is Vincent.

Endora's antics at the zoo seemed like at sitcom that wasn't funny. It started off with a person needing to be taught a lesson, and poor Amy who is neglected by her mother so we feel sorry for her. Then her mother gets turned into an ape, and Tabitha keeps making references to Precious. Then Amy's mother learns her lesson and becomes a good mother to Amy. Throughout it all, none of it interested me nor did I find it funny. I would much rather see Endora blowing kisses to Fox than turning bad mother's into apes.

Theresa and Ethan will never learn. I can almost forgive Theresa, as she has never been able to resist Ethan. She even stalked him for a while, what with her tabloid pictures of him all over her wall. However, Ethan is the one kidnapping her and hiring stand ins so he can canoodle with her in the closet. He should have more restraint and try working to free her brothers rather than working her.

Ethan also aggravates me because he has always wanted to have his cake and eat it too. While he was married to Gwen he constantly played with Theresa's mind. One minute he loved her and couldn't live without her, the next minute he was never leaving Gwen. I have to admit it has been nicer since Gwen left, but once she returns, I am curious to see if Ethan will still be the drunken fool for Theresa. And it's only a matter of time before Theresa gets pregnant with Ethan's baby. She's getting far more practice with him than with Jared.

It amazes me how easy it is to sneak into a prison. Evidently anyone can grab a wig or nun's habit and waltz in to make out with death row inmates without any background checks what so ever. I do love Sheridan's interactions with Spike and this show did pick up a bit Friday, but her James Bond inspired dream was absurd. And I am getting tired of hearing "I will make you love me Luis." I wish Luis would get released already so that he can be with Fancy and leave Contessa Crane with a tear in her eye.

So Julian offered Kay her hearts desire. He will free Miguel and all she has to do is be faithful to Fox. I'm sure he could help Theresa and Ethan keep their hands off each other too. Julian is not stupid, and he's got to know that Kay is going to jump Miguel's bones the second he gets out of prison. Is Julian going to kill Miguel if he sleeps with Kay? Or is Miguel going back to prison? No other threats were made, just "don't sleep with him again." And poor Kay, she thinks Fox is dying. Little does she know he's got a miracle waiting to happen and Kay will be stuck with him forever.

Some Random Thoughts::

Why was there Big Band music playing at Chad's party? Personally I love Big Band music, and I am in my late 20's, but most people my age don't like it. So why was it playing?

Why did Noah take Paloma to the seedy motel? Why not the B&B at least?

Quotes of the Week::

Endora's thought bubble: "Mommy's going to need a MarTimmy after this."

Sheridan to Spike: "Some people have even called me crazy." I definitely would after that James Bond-esqe dream she had.

Esme: "You shove a little Vicks up your nose, you never know the difference."

Esme: "Did you bitch slap Luis for getting it on with his roomie?"

Julian after telling Fox to check on Pilar: "You two can say a rosary together or something."

Until next week friends,

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