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For the Week of June 4, 2007
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Now that Julian knows the truth, and Theresa knows that Julian knows, why is he playing this cat and mouse game with her? Why hasn't he just blurted the truth out to Ethan, Theresa be damned?
So now that Julian knows the truth, and Theresa knows Julian knows, why is he playing this cat and mouse game with her? Why hasn't he just blurted the truth out to Ethan, Theresa be damned? For a moment there, I thought he had and that Ethan was really done with Theresa. But that was just a daydream, and we are forced to sit through the whole will he/won't he tell her secret crap.

And for what? What is to be gained by Julian keeping Theresa's secret? On Friday's show Theresa even managed to get cocky with Julian. What on earth possessed her to start shooting off at the mouth? She is in no position to challenge anyone, let alone the person who holds her life-altering secret. And if anyone out there thinks that Ethan is going to dump Theresa over this you are wrong. While Ethan goes on and on about what a horrible thing his mother did, of course Theresa doing the same thing will be a different case and Ethan will forgive her.

The blackmailer has officially gotten on my nerves. First, we find out that he and Judge Reilly participate in strip poker games. Next, he's got Spike digging up Jessica's dead johns so the police can find them. Now he's out to kill Father Lonigan. It's like this story is pulled all over to involve as many people as possible, just like the Rome and Rachel storylines. The only interesting thing about the blackmailer this week is that he/she admitted they are not Alistair. So that leaves Vincent.

Speaking of Vincent, its amazing Theresa hasn't put together that Vinny and the blackmailer are one in the same. With that maniacal laugh, which supposedly chilled Theresa to the bone, Vincent pretty much gave himself away. While I don't think Whitney should've found out the way she did, this opened a door for everyone to see how evil Vincent is. And I have no sympathy for Chad. He brought all this on himself, and he doesn't deserve his wife's forgiveness.

The blackmailer also admitted to killing Grace this week, just as her diary ended up on Sam's desk. So now Sam, along with some help from Rebecca (of all people), is starting to connect the dots that whatever Grace had to tell him is connected to the weird going ons in Harmony. Now Sam's got all the dead johns dug up, and so many people know Jessica's secret, it's only a matter of time before Jessica goes down. But how does she figure in this puzzle?

Luis's execution date has been moved up thanks to the blackmailer threatening Judge Reilly. Pilar finally manages to convince Sheridan and Fancy to work together to free Luis, but I don't see that truce lasting very long. And what was with Pilar's lines? She sounded just like Sheridan with her, "I've lost enough in my life all ready, and I am not going to lose Luis." She was funny though when she threatened to knock Sheridan and Fancy's heads together if they didn't stop squabbling.

Tabitha's witch's convention was comical, but I was glued to my seat when she finally told Miguel the truth about how Maria was conceived. Too bad she tortured him and then wiped his memory clean. I never for a second thought Miguel stood the chance to tell anyone about Tabitha being a witch. That is one secret that is better off left uncovered before the show's finale. And please make Tabitha a bad witch. That is the highpoint on her and Endora's relationship, as well as her and Timmy's relationship. One is the moral center who helps the good overcome the evil Tabby pours on Harmony.

Where is Gwen and why is refusing to come back to Harmony? I don't for a second believe she's got a new man. Someone is definitely holding her against her will. I am glad that she's through with Ethan, hopefully that is her head talking and not the blackmailer. It would be nice though if she discovered the truth about Little Ethan's paternity and blabbed to Ethan. Not to get him back, but just to piss Theresa off.

Some Random Thoughts::

I just love how even now, Eve still thinks Theresa being on the pill was solid enough proof Ethan wasn't the father of little Ethan.

Didn't Julian seem more upset about Ethan not being his son than Little Ethan?

Why doesn't Sheridan hire someone to dig up some dirt on Judge Reilly? She might get Luis freed, and if not, get the Judge disbarred and a new judge on Luis' trial.

Why does Sam need Rebecca's help? And what will Ivy think of her offering it to him?

Week's Best Quotes::

Julian to Theresa: "Oh, yes, you and Ethan always conversing, always in private. Are you sure that's all you do dear?"

Miguel to Tabitha: "I was raised in the church. I have to tell everyone there's a witch living in our midst." But apparently adultery isn't a church violation.

Julian: "Oh, come now. Don't start with the waterworks. Your tears don't work with me. They'd be more effective, perhaps, if you weren't so generous with them."

Rebecca: "He [JT] was more than just my boyfriend. Sam, it was love. True love. I mean, we shared everything together. Our hearts, our minds, our souls."
Sam: "Your eyeliner, your clothes."

Until next week friends,

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