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Sad endings, new beginnings
For the Week of June 18, 2007
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Ethan and Theresa still can't keep their hands off of each other. In the name of good friendship and support, they are helping Whitney and Chad, but they still manage to find some time to canoodle in public, where anyone can see them.
Last week Sheridan and her bone head decisions left Luis' life still in limbo. This week, while jealous that Fancy may gain an advantage by actually using her head and trying to catch the blackmailer, Sheridan helps the blackmailer try to kill Fancy. Technically, Sheridan can say she didn't know, but all in all, she knew where Fancy was and that the blackmailer was probably after her. Sheridan just chose to keep quiet about those facts.

But I loved that Sam found Fancy anyway and they both called Sheridan out on the scene about leaving Fancy to die. Sheridan was left speechless after Sam flat out asked her why she lied to him, and now more and more people are starting to realize Contessa Crane is a little off her rocker. And I just loved the way she screeched "really" into the phone when Luis said he was glad she was with Fancy. To watch Sheridan's face drop after she realized Luis just wants her to protect Fancy.

Kudos to Fancy for not giving up and trying to utilize every available resource to find the blackmailer. Her only mistake was telling Sheridan what she was doing, but Sheridan did threaten to turn her over to security. And was that the slowest computer ever, or what? I bet the oldest computer ever moves faster than that. I do have to say that the distorted image of what the blackmailer could possibly look like, did look an awful lot like Vincent. And was Pretty mentioned enough this week? Tell us already what happened between her and Fancy.

So Ethan and Theresa still can't keep their hands off each other. In the name of good friendship and support, they are "helping" Whitney and Chad, but still manage to find some time to canoodle in public where anyone can see them. It isn't enough Luis is going to die, but Theresa can't seem to get it through her head that she needs to leave Ethan alone to try to save her brother. Ethan obviously can't help her, so she needs to be a bit stronger and help herself.

So once Jared shows up and finds Ethan and Theresa together, he rubs it in just a bit that he and Theresa are trying to make a baby. Ethan then proceeds to jump Jared's case about knowing Chad's secret but not telling Whitney. Hello, didn't Ethan know as well? Didn't he also keep it a secret as he felt it wasn't his place to meddle in Chad and Whitney's relationship? What makes Jared keeping his mouth shut worse than Ethan keeping his mouth shut?

So Chad is not gay. Or so he's said 50,000 times. I did love Ethan explaining it to Chad; "men who have sex with men are gay." Of course this is true to everyone except Chad, who is not gay. And he goes so far to prove his straightness that he kisses another woman, which Whitney sees. In the end, Chad is on his own as his actions tell a completely different story than his words.

I loved Julian and Ivy's scenes this week. One minute they are talking about starting over in France, the next she slapping the crap out of him for lying to her. Ethan, unhappy about the fact that his mother and Julian are trying again, spills the beans that Theresa put Julian in charge at Crane. Not only does Julian get an earful from this, but so does Theresa. And for the billionth time, Ivy warns Ethan that Theresa will only bring him heartache.

Kay is heartbroken that she can't have Miguel, so she's going to use her newfound powers to get him back. She thinks she can heal Fox and then divorce him to become Mrs. Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. But there is one slight hitch. She'll have to come up with one hell of a memory erasing potion to keep Julian from remembering the deal she made with him. In the meantime, Kay would do best to heed Tabby's advice and work at getting better at using her powers instead of trying for the big stuff first.

Noah proposes to Paloma who needs to think about it. Why does she need to think about it? Their relationship progressed to engagement in record time, I would think a wedding would only be imminent. And what was with Sam joking Noah is no good? Did anyone else find this funny?

Some Random Thoughts::

It's amazing the amount of phone calls Luis gets in prison - on death row no less.

I find it amusing that everyone knows that Theresa has a secret, but no one is all that concerned about what it is. I hope Gwen finds out and tells.

Why doesn't Jessica tell her father the truth? At least he can help protect her from Spike.

Week's Best Quotes::

Theresa to Julian about Ivy: "Just remember, make sure she's home before dawn because you know how sensitive vampires are to sunlight."

Tabitha warning Kay about using her powers: "It reminds me of that ditzy Helen of Troy. She fancied herself a witch. She concocted what she called a simple love potion, and what happened next? The Trojan War!"

Ethan to Ivy about where Theresa is: "She went home with Jared."
Ivy: Oh, her husband. Well, that must be a nice change for her.

Side Note::

I have been an avid Sopranos fan from day one. I have loved every moment of every show (even the not so good ones), and I have always centered plans around those special Sunday nights. So when it looked as though everybody's favorite mob boss was about to go down in a mob war, I spent a whole week contemplating what life will be like without Tony Soprano.

I eagerly awaited Sunday's episode with apprehension about the end of Tony's life. Would he get whacked? Would a member of his real family get whacked? Would Silvio Dante (easily the best character to ever grace a television screen) die? All is all, those last few moments, watching Carmela, AJ, and Tony munch on onion rings while Meadow desperately tried to park her car, were the most tension filled moments of my life. I have never wanted someone to park a car so badly. Those last few moments are also a statement to the brilliance of this show.

The scene dripped with anxiety. Who are these other people in this restaurant? Are they here to hurt Tony? Is Tony going to meet his maker? While some speculate we will never know, or that the ending set up a movie, I for one think Tony Soprano is dead. I think the scene in which Tony reflected on, where Bobby states you never see death coming (especially in a hobby train shop), is exactly what happened. Tony looked up and saw his baby girl walking in the restaurant and that is the last thing he saw. I think the man that went into the bathroom came out and shot Tony.

Either way you look at it, The Soprano's was still the greatest television show ever. And it will take a hell of a show to top it.

Until next week friends,

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