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The boys in Tabitha's basement have taken revenge on the evil-turned-good witch, and have taken her daughter Endora, and the love of Kay's life, Miguel.
Welcome to the first week of our Two Scoops auditions, Soap Central fans. In our second column, Sophia has offered up a column for your enjoyment. Please take some time to read over it and then drop us a line to let us know what you think, whether you'd like to read more from Sophia every week -- or if you'd like to wait to read from someone else. And if you would like your own chance at being a Two Scoops columnist, please click here for more details.

It happened in the bedroom, in the mansion, with a gun..
So the mystery and investigation continues in the murder of Fox Crane. Harmony's Chief of Police, Sam Bennett is hoping to finally solve a case in this quaint but not so quiet New England town. While Ivy and Julian are trying to come to terms with the fact that their beloved son is dead, Esme Vanderheusen, the wildly and funny best friend of Fox's sister Fancy, also new found love of Fox, is being questioned by Sam. Esme is shocked by Sam's accusation that she killed him and declares her love and devotion to her dead lover. In the meantime Julian is enraged that Sam didn't even consider questioning his own daughter Kay Bennett, who now happens to be Fox's very wealthy widow. He continues to say that, Kay's lover, Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, should also be questioned. And now since he's currently M.I.A, visiting another dimension, it's not going to look good for him. Ivy agrees with Julian, saying that "as a Crane widow, Kay will get a very, very pretty settlement", but not if Julian has a say in it!

Happily Ever After…or Not?
Back at the Harmony Hospital, Ethan finally wakes from his coma to find his new wife Theresa waiting to greet him. No, it's not a dream he survived being poisoned, again, and the two finally made it down the aisle. However, because it's Ethan and Theresa, there's a little twist to the story. Ethan has no idea how he got into the hospital in the first place, all he can remember is one blissful wedding night with his beautiful bride, and some chocolate covered strawberries, which just so happen to be poisoned by none other than EVIL itself, Alistair Crane! Yup, he's BAACCK.. and that means that Theresa is still Mrs. Alistair Crane!!! So, after all that, Ethan and Theresa are still legally not married. But of course, always left in the dark Ethan, doesn't know this. Ethan gets another surprise when he finds out that he has a son, except it's not Theresa's, it's Gwen's!!! In the last few months, Gwen has been busy trying to keep her secret from everyone, including her prying, very vocal, and dramatic mother Rebecca. Theresa finally gets up the courage to tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. The anticipation, that this is FINALLY going to happen, is at its highest point, with Pilar rounding the corner of the hospital, Little Ethan in toe, heading towards Ethan's room, and having so many ET fans, including myself, watching with excitement…and all of the sudden Gwen walks in and surprises everyone with a bouncing baby boy, "this is your son, this our son, yours and mine, this is our son!" Ya…so at this point the look on everyone's face is priceless, because Gwen is infertile, right? Well, according to her, WRONG! This miraculous baby boy appears out of no where, and Theresa is forced to stand back and watch as her dream of being married to Ethan with no more secrets explodes right in front of her. Now, in all fairness, I'm not going to bash Gwen or anything, as a matter of fact, I'm happy that she was blessed with the chance to have a child when she thought that would never be possible. But having watched Passions since the very beginning, I've learned that nothing is true until actually given solid proof! So until then, Gwen has a lot of explaining to do. And besides, hasn't Theresa been through enough, and I know that she played a part in a lot of the troubles in her past, but then again so has Gwen.

So moving on…

A house But Not A Home…
Poor Dr. Eve. Her blackmailing, maniacal, homicidal, schizophrenic, long lost son Vincent has fallen off a cliff to his death. Her broken hearted daughter Whitney has left town, and her estranged husband T.C. and younger daughter Simone are visiting with family, while she is left at home with the comfort of a lonely living room, a bottle of booze, along with a side order of pills, "the classic Hollywood cocktail". Hoping a warm bath will ease her mind, Eve leaves the room and heads upstairs. In the meantime, Vincent, is actually alive and full of revenge! He is hiding behind a curtain in the living room, and waits until mommy dearest is out of sight. Vincent takes the booze out of the liquor cabinet and places it on the television, with a bottle of pills. Eve returns downstairs and finds the present left by Vincent. Thinking she's lost her mind because she could have sworn the bottle was not there when she left, and she thought that she had flushed the pills down the toilet, she falls prey to the temptation and drowns her sorrows into the booze and takes the pills. Vincent continues to torture his mother by placing a call to her phone, telling her that he's alive, to come and get him, and hurry because he's cold. A confused Eve asks Vincent where he is, and he tells her that she doesn't love him, and that she let him fall and then hangs up the phone. Eve calls the operator to trace the call, but Vincent is still always one step ahead, and the call cannot be traced. Thinking she's gone mad, and has really no one to rely on, she continues to drink as her life spirals out of control while Vincent watches and laughs.

Calling Endora & Miguel!!!
The "boys" in Tabitha's basement have taken revenge on the once evil turned good witch, and have also taken her daughter Endora, and the love of Kay's life, Miguel. Miguel was caught in the crossfire of magical powers of love from the 'good' side (Tabitha and Kay) and the powers of evil from the 'bad' side (the demons) who'd come to collect Endora as pay back to Tabitha for becoming a good witch. After searching every corner of the once hell invested basement (literally), Tabitha and Kay realize that the two people that they love the most in the world are gone. Tabitha has tried just about everything to try to locate her missing daughter, even searching the internet search engine BOOGLE!! No Results. Not even a mother's desperate voice calling to her lost child could locate Endora. Kay worries that Miguel won't survive a day much less a second in another dimension considering the most important fact that he is a MORTAL! Tabitha understands this, and reassures Kay that together they will stop at nothing to try to bring back the people they love.


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