McKenzie Westmore
It's a hard knock life
For the Week of October 22, 2007

My how the tides have turned. Just two weeks ago, Chad was calling nit Whit selfish and awful, and a whole list of other names. Now he is telling Fox to shut up when he is doing the same thing. And I'm no expert, but I'm almost sure that an interview process and months of making sure the parent is fit is required before a baby is just turned over to someone.

The sad thing is T.C. straight up told the adoption people that Chad only wanted the baby to get closer to his sister. Poor Fox is so heartbroken right now. He thinks he is the baby's father, and the child and the love of his life have been ripped away from him. I know I've been saying that Chad is the best choice, but Fox really would make a great father to the baby. At least he can walk away from nit Whit.

So Ivy's been busted. Sam laid the law down to her and kicked her to the curb. After years of watching Ivy blackmail Eve to get Sam, Jessica turned the tables on Ivy and now she's getting a dose of her own medicine. Like Galit wrote, "Watching Sam go off on Ivy was like having a spoonful of ice cream. Tastes oh so good but that little bit isn't enough. When Sam finally learns EVERYTHING that Ivy has done to his family...well, let's just say that I can't wait to have my cake and eat it too."

Okay really now, what is it going to take for Sheridan to wake up and smell the coffee? Luis has doubted her endlessly, and when she has a break through, who does she run to? Mr. I-Will-Defend-Beth-Til-I-Die. I mean Beth dated Luis in high school, so she obviously isn't a bad person right? And I am pulling for Beth to win because Sheridan is so spineless and wimpy. No Sheridan does not deserve to have her child taken away from her, but really, when is enough enough? And why does Luis doubt Sheridan when he knows good and well Beth was acting all weird about him being near the basement.

And his bratty sister who thinks she ALWAYS has the upper hand needs to learn life isn't always fair. Sometimes you get the prince, sometimes you don't. Ethan has made it obvious who he wants to be with and Theresa still can't get over herself and let him go. I know love is a hard thing to lose, but Theresa is ridiculous. And for the first time in months, I was cheering Whitney on when she told Theresa that she should've been the bigger person and let the feud go. And Pilar is ridiculous condoning Theresa's actions because she is doing the same thing with Martin. Just because everyone is doing it, doesn't make it right.

Was there any doubt at all Gwen would change the baby's name to Ashley once she got her hands on her. I really thing Jane is Gwen's child and the DNA test was mixed up. Who knows, maybe Pilar got really lonely one night and met up with Jonathon Hotchkiss and Theresa was the result. It's not improbable. It's happening right now with Sheridan and Beth. Speaking of which, these incest storylines are senseless. First nit Whit and Chad, now Beth and Big Al. There is a writer over there that needs some SERIOUS counseling.

High Point of the Week:: Endora. It was wonderful to see that beautiful baby all week, smiling and giggling.

Low Point of the Week:: Theresa. Get over yourself. Ethan chose Gwen, NOT YOU.

Fantasy Storyline::

This week it goes to Toronto Girl.

I have a fantasy for Passions. I would like Liz to get a call from somebody who claims to have more dirt on Eve. Only I think it should be a trick and the person kills her. Nobody knows the truth but nutty Sheridan and who would believe her. She tells the truth all the time and nobody notices anyway.

Some Random Thoughts:

I've been getting some emails from people who either think I am one of the actors or writers, or they think I have some connection to the show. I live in a small town in Louisiana (a real town unlike Harmony) and I tape the show everyday just as many of you do. I do not reside in Harmony, I do not personally know any of the actors or writers (or anyone affiliated with the show), and I certainly do not have any input as to what you all see on your screen. Believe me, I wish I did.

"I'm just amazed that people not only are advocating for a couple tainted by incest but they want Brook to remain in a pairing where she has to carry the entire story. Imagine for a second if the Fox/Whitney scenes were given to Whitney/Chad. I wonder if you would comment the following week that Divins performance blew you away. I highly doubt it. No one talks about Divins mediocrity but many talk about reuniting Chadney." Thanks Carol!!!!!!!

"Fox seems like the nicest guy in town. Why doesn't anyone want him? Whitney's problem is that she can't put herself in anyone else's place. She really thinks Fox should be okay with the adoption because it's not his baby, never mind that he doesn't know that. And I think if she had been honest with him (way to put the Ha! in Harmony), he might have liked the baby, if not Whitney, anyway." Thanks Macarena!!!!!!!

"Theresa had every right to press charges against Gwen, despite what everyone seems to think. Ethan had no right to get the charges dropped without Theresa's permission. If my memory serves me right Theresa is the one that was laying in the hospital, who lost the use of her legs and although she regained her ability to walk that doesn't mean that it was her imagination." Thanks Sherrell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"All I will say is GO ETHAN! He finally took up for Gwen and saw Theresa for who she really is." Thanks Erica

"I'm a usual reader of your column, which I very much enjoy, but I was surprised you didn't bring up the part when Beth and her mother were in the hospital and [Edna] said something along the lines of, [Beth] had another 'lover' or something from the past, and Beth got extremely mad and emotional and said to 'Never mention that EVER again.'" I must have missed that scene, but it sounds very interesting. Thanks Mimi!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "Theresa was my girl until this week. She defines the term baby mama drama! Even though Mr. Wishy-Washy finally made a decision and chose Gwen, Theresa could have been satisfied knowing that by having Ethan's baby, a part of Ethan would be with her for the rest of her life. But NOOOOO, she had to be the baby mama and show out and get Gwen put back in jail!!" Thanks Kamesa!!!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week part deux: "You've been licking those happy face stickers haven't you?" Whitney to Theresa.

Until next week friends,

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