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Theresa was always the aggressor in the Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle. She plotted to separate Gwen and Ethan, and refused to accept defeat, but now she's suddenly a passive character? That doesn't make any sense.
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I know it's a matter of opinion, but it really bothers me how the writers are writing Gwen and Theresa since the move to Direct TV (DTV). Gwen and Theresa have been uniquely two distinct characters. Gwen was written as the dutiful wife trying to hold on to her marriage, and she loved the children with which she was entrusted. They weren't hers, but she loved them nonetheless. Grant you, her husband was a cad, but she put up with his wavering ways. He was always torn between Gwen and Theresa, and he chose to marry Gwen. Some might say that he married her because she was pregnant, and some might say that he truly loved her. I think it was both. He loved Gwen, and he also wanted to be a father to his child but as a husband and not just a "baby's daddy." Back to Gwen; the way she is written is way out of character. She would never have neglected her child or refuse treatment that could have saved his/her life. I refuse to believe that Gwen does not care about her own child.

Here is where it does not make any sense: She claims to want Ethan back, but she is also willing to let Jonathan die rather than tell the truth that Jonathan has another sibling. Ok, how is having a dead baby bring Ethan back to her? Does that make any sense to anyone? The other reason why I think it doesn't add up is that she was all set to raise her own child. She wasn't even going to tell Ethan about Jonathan. She insinuated that there was someone special in her life pre DTV, but she never came out and said that it was a child. If she really wanted Ethan back, she would have told him about Jonathan, and he would have remained married to her, but Gwen wanted to be rid of Ethan. She was tired of his flip-flopping behavior, and she was tired of Theresa being the center of attention in their marriage.

Theresa was always the aggressor in the triangle. She plotted and plotted to separate Gwen and Ethan. She would stop at nothing to get Ethan, and now she is a passive character? No way am I buying that tripe. When she faltered and poisoned Gwen, I said to myself, "that's the feisty Theresa that has been portrayed all along." Even then, she wasn't the normal Theresa. There was no spunk. Tabitha had to practically force her to use the potion on Gwen. Where is the feisty Theresa? Are you feeling me, guys? Since when Gwen is the aggressive character and Theresa the passive one? I am sick of how both characters are written. As a matter of fact, I'm sick of the triangle, and I wish the writers would end it and write Gwen independently of the triangle. She could still interact with them but not the way she is written currently.

What is up with Luis sleeping with all the Crane women? The thing I hate about the latest saga is that Luis is being forced to be with Pretty. Why can't anything happen naturally on this show? Man meets woman; they fall in love, court, and then get married or break up; or even leave a relationship because of stress or because of falling out of love to go right into someone else's arms because such a person treats him with love and respect. I get the feeling that that will never happen.

When Pretty came to Harmony, she was a walking talking robot. She repeated over and over how Fancy destroyed her, and she kept flashing her scar. I got so tired of her lines that I was able to repeat them every single episode. Currently, she is working as Alistair's pawn in his quest to destroy Luis, Sheridan, and Fancy, in one fell swoop. Pretty has zero self esteem. She is a beautiful woman, and yet she detests herself and expects validation from her father. Alistair is not helping the situation any because he is using her. When will this character stand up for herself and fight for her independence? Why is she so dependent on Alistair? He has given her no indication that he loves her, but yet she yearns for his love and approval.

Sheridan, oh, Sheridan…where do I begin? These days, she has a one tract mind. Oops, doesn't she always? Her entire existence is like a torture chamber. In some ways I don't blame her for acting as such. Alistair has made her life a living hell, and I can't believe that she still is not reunited with Marty. I'm sort of disappointed that it took her this long to stand up to Alistair. Speaking of torture, I loved that scene with Spike and Sheridan. Spike was hilarious. He and Sheridan would make a great couple.

I've always loved the supernatural aspect of Passions, but I don't like the way that it's currently written. I loved the idea that the storylines (SL's) focused on the supernatural, but all the characters that made up the supernatural SL's are no longer on the show. I don't know if Kay is a good replacement for Charity and Grace. She certainly has not impressed me. Am I to believe that she is all of a sudden a good person? This is the same woman who stopped at nothing to destroy Charity. She even went as far as killing her, or so she thought. We are now being fed that she is a good person who does not want Tabitha to spread evil. Ok, please wake me up when this dream is over. In the mean time, I'll move on to another character.

I loved Paloma when Silvana Arias was playing the character. There was an innocence about her that I loved. I watched Pilar's flashback, and I think that both actresses that played the younger Pilar and Juanita would have been more suitable to replace Silvana. It's not too late to do another recast. Soaps do it all the time when a character does not bode well with the audience. Again, we are asking too much because it's never James E. Reilly's, head writer, style to replace characters we don't like. We'll just have to grin and bear it. In any event, I hate that magic is being used to tear Noah and Paloma apart. I wanted to see how far their relationship would have gone.

Oh, for crying out loud! Please make Eve sober again, and please get her out of what looks like my great grandmother's robe. I am so sick of this incest SL with Vincent and Julian, and I hope it's over soon. I must admit though, Phillip Jean Marie (Vincent) is doing a great job playing the role.


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