BENNETT Family Tree
Sam Bennett (born in 1956)
Hank's brother; see below.

a. Ivy Winthrop (see Winthrop)
    c. Ethan Winthrop
        a. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
            c. Ethan Crane (see Crane)
            Legally adopted by Alistair in 2005.
        m. Gwen Hotchkiss (2002; see Hotchkiss)
            c. Sarah Winthrop (2002; stillborn)
            c. Jane Winthrop (2004)
            Ethan's biological child with Theresa
            c. Unnamed Child (2004; medical abortion)
        r. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (see Lopez / Fitzgerald)
            c. Jane Winthrop (2004)

m. Grace Standish (see Standish)
    c. Noah Bennett
    c. Kay Bennett
        r. Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (see Lopez / Fitzgerald)
            c. Maria Lopez-Fizgerald (2003)
        m. Fox Crane (2007; dissolved by his death)
    c. Jessica Bennett
        m. Spike Lester
            c. Unnamed Child (currently expecting)
    c. Unnamed Child (2001; miscarriage)
Hank Bennett
Sam's brother; see above.

Although never clarified on-screen, it's been implied that Hank may have been seriously involved in his years away from Harmony.

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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