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Wednesday, August 6, 2008
by LaDaisia

Gwen tried to convince Ethan not to watch the tape and instead go on their honeymoon. Theresa was interested in what was on the tape and believed there was proof on the tape that Gwen and Rebecca schemed and lied behind Ethan's back. Rebecca told Gwen to go home with her and wait for Gwen's husband to show up and apologize for doubting Gwen. Ethan told Gwen and Rebecca they weren't going anywhere, and he asked Little Ethan if Little Ethan was sure that there was incriminating evidence against Gwen and Rebecca on the tape. Little Ethan said he heard Gwen say Ethan could never know all the horrible things Gwen and Rebecca had done.

Gwen insisted there was nothing on the tape, but Little Ethan said there was and he heard Gwen's voice. Rebecca accused Little Ethan of lying just like his mother, and Ethan defended Little Ethan, saying that was Ethan's son Rebecca was talking about. Gwen told Ethan to trust her when she said there was no reason to watch the tape. Luis asked Gwen why she looked so scared, and Antonio chimed in, saying Gwen looked petrified and Rebecca didn't look any better. Theresa asked Gwen if there was nothing on the tape, why Gwen was trying so hard to keep Ethan from seeing it. Gwen asked Ethan if they could just go, but Ethan said he wanted to see the tape and Gwen shouldn't have a problem with it, since Gwen said there was nothing on the tape anyway.

Kay and Endora returned from heaven after learning what they needed to do to save Harmony. Tabitha couldn't understand how they could go to heaven. Tabitha wanted to know about Timmy, and then Endora appeared in the form of her child self. Endora said her trip to heaven gave her control over her powers. Eve saw Endora speaking in bubbles and decided to seek out some wine, but Julian stopped her. Eve was angry at Julian for lying to her about Endora and Tabitha being witches, and Julian said he only knew some of it, and that Eve and Julian could face anything together. Kay said Timmy told them how to stop the volcano and save Harmony. Eve and Julian looked out the church window and saw that the volcano was on the verge of spilling all over town and urged Kay and Endora to hurry.

Julian worried that the lava would hit them soon and asked Kay how quickly her plan to save them would work. Kay said with luck it would be fast. That wasn't good enough for Eve. She wanted them to contact everyone and start an evacuation, but Kay said there wasn't enough time for that and if anyone tried to run, the lava would track them down and bury them. Tabitha was tickled at the thought that Norma and Edna would be swallowed up by the lava, since they ran off like cowards. No one in Harmony knew about Mt. Harmony erupting, Tabitha said, because the dark side blocked off all methods of communication and if they tried to evacuate the town, people would think they were crazy. Some people already did, Eve thought. Miguel begged Kay to tell them what they needed to do to save the town. Kay explained that Tabitha had to do something to save Harmony. Tabitha wondered what she had to do that came with instructions from heaven.

Tabitha didn't have her powers anymore, so she wondered what she had to do with saving Harmony, and Kay told her she had greater powers than she thought. Endora warned Tabitha not to blow a gasket when Tabitha found out what she had to do. Esme walked into the chapel with a bottle and glass in her hand, drunk and stumbling. She realized she was too late for the wedding but was glad she remembered the right day. Esme said hi to Tabitha, calling her Esme's favorite ex-witch.

Esme wondered where Father Lonigan was, so she could confess her sins. Before she wandered off to find Father Lonigan, she asked why there was lava running down the street into the ocean, and Julian realized the lava was closer than they thought. Kay told Tabitha in order to save Harmony, Tabitha had to get baptized. Tabitha said there was no way she would get baptized and become part of the wrong side. Kay said God and heaven were the right side and it was the only way to save Harmony. Harmony was surely doomed, Tabitha said, because she would never get baptized. Kay showed Tabitha where the lava was and said Harmony would become hell on earth if Tabitha didn't cooperate.

Little Ethan tried to cue up the tape to where he heard Gwen and Rebecca talking while Gwen and Rebecca squirmed in the corner. Sam said Gwen and Rebecca looked like they were facing a firing squad, and Ivy was worried about Ethan. Little Ethan suggested hooking up the camera to the television so everyone could see and hear every word. Fancy whispered to Sheridan that if Gwen lied and schemed her way into Ethan's arms like Theresa said she did, Ethan would feel justified to leave Gwen for Theresa. Sheridan remarked that either way, someone was going to get hurt, and Fancy said someone who deserved it was going to get punished. As they waited for the tape to play, Theresa told Ethan she hoped it was the miracle she was hoping for that would lead to them being together.

They played the tape, and everyone saw Gwen and Rebecca in the rectory. Gwen was heard saying Ethan could never ever found out what she and Rebecca did. Theresa was gloating that she and Ethan would finally be together because they had proof of Gwen's misdeeds. Sam realized that he had left the camera in the rectory because he was going to delete some footage to make room on the tape for Gwen and Ethan's wedding. The tape must have been running the whole time, Sam said. Theresa realized that Gwen and Rebecca were scared because they destroyed all the evidence of their crimes, but they confessed it all on tape. Little Ethan played the tape, but the audio wasn't working. Gwen realized that she would get away with everything, and she asked Ethan to leave for their honeymoon. Theresa wasn't giving up, and she asked Gwen to explain why she mentioned Ethan never finding out what they did. Gwen said it was nothing, but Ethan wanted to know what she was referring to.

Gwen said she hid the details of their honeymoon, especially how much she splurged on it. Gwen said she knew Ethan would never go along with it, so she booked the trip with some of Rebecca's money. Rebecca played along, but Theresa told Ethan not to believe Gwen. Gwen asked Ethan again to just go on their honeymoon. Theresa begged Ethan to wait to see what was on the tape. Meanwhile, in stumbled Esme, who was looking for Father Lonigan. She walked past the TV, accidentally knocking down the video camera in the process, and breaking it. Theresa was distraught that she was so close to proving Gwen's misdeeds, and Fancy made Esme apologize. Rebecca said fate didn't want Theresa to see the tape after all. Theresa was determined to get the camera fixed, but Gwen told Theresa to give up because Ethan was not going to be with Theresa. Ethan told Theresa there didn't seem to be anything on the tape anyway, and Gwen credited Esme with ending Theresa's fantasy. One swig of wine, and Esme felt better for ruining the camera. Little Ethan tried to fix the tape, while Ethan consoled Theresa. Theresa said God would not do that to them.

Kay begged Tabitha to get baptized and save Harmony, explaining the urgency of the situation, but Tabitha said she had always been a dark side witch. If she got baptized, Tabitha said, she would be a traitor to the dark side. Julian said it was time for Tabitha to give back, and Endora told Tabitha that Julian was wrong. Julian explained that when you got baptized, you didn't give anything away. Kay said you got something when you were baptized-the greatest gift possible. Tabitha wondered what gift could make her give up on everything she believed in, and Miguel said it was eternal life. Kay explained that eternal life wasn't like living for centuries while causing evil to humankind like Tabitha had done. Kay described eternal life as a joyful existence in heaven, but Tabitha still wasn't interested. Kay said Timmy was in heaven, and he missed Tabitha and was scared that if Tabitha weren't baptized, she would miss out on all that. While it sounded tempting to get baptized just to see Timmy, Tabitha said that in order to go to heaven, Tabitha would have to die, and that meant leaving Endora, and Tabitha could not choose between her daughter and Timmy.

Miguel explained that Tabitha would leave her mortal body behind, but she would never die. She would go to heaven and continue to watch over Endora, preferably in Harmony, as long as the volcano didn't destroy it, he said. Tabitha was wise to Miguel, Kay, and Julian's pleas. They just wanted to save themselves, Tabitha complained. Julian said of course they wanted to save themselves, but Tabitha would be saved, as well. Tabitha told Julian she didn't take advice from him or any of the Cranes. Eve told Tabitha that Julian had changed. Tabitha wasn't convinced, but Julian said he realized the horrible history Tabitha had with the Cranes, and he wanted to use his wealth and power to do good. Eve backed Julian up. If Julian could change, Tabitha could, Eve said.

Tabitha said she was created in evil, and she planned to stay that way. Kay pointed out that when Timmy came into her life, Tabitha discovered love and then Tabitha had Endora. Tabitha felt it was wrong for her to wallow in love and all those warm and cozy feelings, but Kay said it wasn't wrong. Tabitha offered Kay a real friendship, Kay said. Kay didn't know any evil witch who had friends or who would sacrifice her powers for her neighbors and friends. Tabitha reminded Kay that she was forced into helping her neighbors and friends. Kay said it was the last chance for Tabitha to accept goodness into Tabitha's heart, but Tabitha said witches didn't have hearts. Endora said Tabitha was wrong about that, and Endora used her magic to conjure up a megaphone. Kay put the megaphone up to Tabitha's chest, and they heard a heartbeat.

Gwen told Ethan it was time they left and started their new life together. Theresa was determined to fix the video camera, but Little Ethan volunteered to fix it. Theresa accepted that the tape was broken beyond repair, and Little Ethan said he was sorry he let Theresa down. Theresa told him he did not let her down, and Ethan told Little Ethan he did everything he could do. Luis suggested they take the tape to the Harmony police crime lab to retrieve the footage. Gwen said the camera proved nothing. Pilar called Gwen a scheming bitch. Theresa was the one that schemed to get Ethan in the first place, Gwen pointed out, and fate finally corrected things so that Gwen and Ethan could be together. While Ethan consoled Theresa, Sheridan said she felt sorry for Theresa. Gwen heard her and got upset, because she thought Sheridan was on her side. Sheridan said she hoped she and Gwen would always be friends, and she asked Gwen if she really wanted to spend the rest of her life with a man who was desperately in love with another woman. Gwen reminded Sheridan that they once vowed to do everything they could to get the men they loved, and Gwen told Sheridan not to get holier-than-thou just because Sheridan decided to settle for second best. Sheridan corrected Gwen, saying she was with the man she was fated to be with, and Gwen was making a fool of herself if she thought Ethan would ever look at Gwen that way.

Ivy asked if Ethan was all right, and he said he hoped he would be. Ivy told Sam it was wrong that Ethan was hurting. Theresa apologized for ruining her siblings' wedding day. Fancy told Theresa she wasn't ruining their day. Ethan asked to have a moment alone with Theresa. Rebecca told Gwen to go nip that in the bud, and Gwen said she wanted to let Ethan get it out of his system. Ethan told Theresa he didn't like to see her cry, and Theresa said he wouldn't have to anymore. Ethan said it wasn't fair, because he just got her back and he was losing her all over again. Theresa professed her love, but she was at a loss for words because her dreams had just died.

Tabitha was shocked to hear her own heartbeat. Goodness and love made Tabitha human, Kay said. Miguel told Tabitha not to reject the human condition but to embrace it with all its gifts. They tried to convince Tabitha again to get baptized, and Endora asked Tabitha as well. If Tabitha got baptized, she would be with Endora forever, Endora said. Kay told Tabitha that Tabitha getting baptized was Endora's dream, and Endora confirmed it. Tabitha agreed to get baptized for Endora.

Theresa asked Ethan if there was any hope for them, and Ethan didn't see how there was any hope for the two of them. If that was the last time Theresa and Ethan would be together, Theresa said she didn't want to spend it talking about Gwen. Theresa said when she was in Mexico and she thought she was going to die, she thought about one day being with Ethan, and it gave her the strength to go on. Theresa blamed herself for wasting time, saying she should have gone straight to Ethan the minute she knew he was Sam Bennett's son. Ethan said Theresa thought she did the right thing and everything Theresa did for Ethan was because she loved him and that was not a crime. Theresa pledged she would always love Ethan. No matter where Theresa was, their hearts would be one, Ethan said.

Rebecca pushed Gwen to end Ethan and Theresa's "lovefest," and Gwen reminded Ethan that they had a plane to catch. Then Ivy stepped up to Gwen, telling Gwen to leave Ethan alone, and Gwen got irritated that Ivy was siding with Theresa. Ivy said she wanted Ethan to be happy, and she challenged Gwen to prove she could make Ethan as happy as Theresa made him. Gwen was adamant that she could make Ethan happy, and she stepped in between Theresa and Ethan, telling them she'd had enough. She ordered Theresa to stay away from her husband, telling Ethan they had a honeymoon to go on. Gwen told Theresa she was embarrassing herself, because Ethan was Gwen's husband. Theresa said Ethan wanted to be with her. Gwen grabbed Ethan and headed for the door. Then she stopped and told everyone she loved Ethan, they were married and she deserved to be happy, too.

Pilar said Gwen may have said the words, but Gwen and Ethan's marriage was a joke. Gwen accused Pilar and her family of being bad Catholics because they wanted Ethan to turn his back on his marriage to please Theresa. Esme called Gwen a bitch, and Gwen denied being a bitch. Gwen said she finally won and Ethan was her husband. Ethan told Gwen she was embarrassing herself, and Theresa begged Ethan not to leave.

Kay and Miguel hugged and kissed Tabitha, grateful that Tabitha agreed to get baptized. Kay wanted to hurry before Tabitha changed her mind, and she decided to zap Father Lonigan up to the chapel. Instead, she accidentally zapped Esme upstairs. Esme was grateful to be rescued from the dreary happenings in the basement. The lava, meanwhile, was right outside the building.

Theresa ran into Ethan's arms, declaring that she couldn't live without him. Ethan explained that Gwen was his wife, and he had to stay with her. Then suddenly, Gwen was horrified to hear her voice, confessing that she and Rebecca revealed Ethan's true paternity to the tabloids. Sam was holding the video camera and announced that Little Ethan fixed the camera. Gwen grabbed Ethan's arm and tried to drag him out of the room, but Ethan stopped her, called Gwen a bitch and told her not to touch him. Everyone gawked.

. . .

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