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Monday, October 30, 2000

The Crane Mansion:
Ethane tells Theresa and Gwen there is something inside of him that refuses to make him like his father Julian. Theresa then asks Ethan what if were not a Crane? Gwen assures Ethan that he is a Crane through and through and she still loves him. Rebecca is elated with the things Gwen is telling Ethan; especially that the Crane's are such a great family! Gwen verbally attacks Theresa and Ethan is not pleased with this. Gwen tells Ethan she is sure she loves him and she has to become his wife or she will die. Gwen's conniving eyes are working over times as she embraces Ethan. Gwen continues to try to persuade Ethan that she will make him a good wife as they have a lot in common. Theresa asks Ethan how can he marry Gwen when he loves her? Gwen replies she can make Ethan happier than Theresa ever could. Ethan tells Gwen he knows she will make a wonderful wife but so would Theresa. Ethan does not want to hurt either of the girls. He tells them he does not deserve either of them and once he marries it will be for life. He wants a long life with his wife. Rebecca who is still eavesdropping thinks Ethan is such a fool. Gwen tells Ethan if he wants she will give him up as his happiness is all she is worried about. Rebecca thinks that is a wonderful move. Ethan tells Gwen he is not going to ask her to give him up as he has all ready forced her to give up the wedding. Ethan then decides he is not going to marry either Theresa or Gwen and he is going to remain single as he loves them both too much to do any thing else. Gwen tells Theresa and Ethan she has the obvious answer to the problem ... will we find out what it is?

The Harmony Ruins:
Chad tells Whitney to stop using the Tiffany garbage to deny what is really in her heart. He feels she is making too much out of it. Hank asks Sheridan if she is sure she saw the spirits. Sheridan tells him what happened and asks him if he is the one who is trying to kill her. Sam and Ivy are talking. Ivy tells Sam if Julian is dead they can pick up where they left off all those years ago. Hecuba is showing Julian Sam and Ivy making love in her mirror. Sam again tells Ivy what they had is over and in the past. Ivy tells Sam that when Julian is out of the way they can share their lives again. Eve and Pilar watch as Ivy talks to Sam. They are worried what would happen if Grace would see them together; the consequences would be disastrous. Julian asks Hecuba how she knows his name? She tells Julian to keep watching in the mirror as the people who are making love are people he knows and will soon become clear to him. Seeing is believing and Julian comes to realize it is Sam and Ivy who are making love. Hecuba tells Julian seeing is believing. Julian is taking a fit. He calls Ivy a bitch and wonders how Ivy can do this to him after everything he has given her. Hecuba then asks Julian to think of what he has done to Ivy, and tells him it is no wonder that Ivy hates him so! He made her give up the one true love of her life. Hecuba is thinking about Ethan as she tells Julian this and she knows Ethan is not Julian's son. Sheridan asks Hank to say something. Hank tells Sheridan he made a play for her and Luis won the prize. Hank says good-bye to Sheridan and she apologizes for hurting him. she tells Hank his friendship means the world to her. Luis is looking for Sheridan. Pierre tells Hank to get the gun and shoot Sheridan while he has an opportunity. Grace comes upon Sam and Ivy. Ivy tells Grace she is upset as she is thinking about her life without Julian. She informs Grace that Sam was just comforting her. Grace tells Sam she knows Ivy is in a bad marriage but she is very upset at the thought of loosing Julian. Julian tells Hecuba he is dam glad he has run into her. Hecuba invites him to come back and she will tell him yet another secret; one much bigger than Sam and Ivy having an affair! Hecuba disappears. Julian is looking around the cave. He knows what is Hecuba's is legally his as it is on Crane property. He finds a rare Rembrant and he knows this painting is worth millions. He rolls it and puts it in his suit pocket. He is happy ... he is getting richer being down in the mine!

The Mineshaft:
As the mine cart come down the track, Charity is standing waiting for Kay and Miguel declaring she is going to destroy them. Tabitha is crying over Timmy as it appears he is dead. Charity stops the cart and makes it move in the opposite direction. Kay and Miguel want to know what is happening. Tabitha begs Timmy to return to her. Timmy wakes up and asks Tabitha if they can get rid of Fluffy. Charity decides she wants to kill the whole damned town of Harmony in one fell swoop. Kay sees Charity playing with a ball of fire and Miguel knows they have to stop Charity before it is too late. Charity is going to throw up the ball of fire and let it come back to earth killing everyone in Harmony. Up goes the fireball ... Pilar tells Ivy to stop staring at Sam. Suddenly, Ivy's cell phone rings and it is Julian who is calling her. He tells her he knows about her affair with Sam. Ivy is mortified that Sam found out and wonders how he found out the information. Sam sees the fireball as does everyone else at the ruins. They wonder what it is. Chad says it is coming right for them ... will it hit and destroy them...?

Tuesday, October 31

The Crane Mansion:
Rebecca continues to eavesdrop on Gwen, Ethan and Theresa. She is speculating what Gwen is up to as she tells Ethan and Theresa that the solution she has is perfect. Gwen tells Ethan she is so glad he never stopped loving her and if he decided he loved Theresa she would be able to get on with her life. Rebecca is confident that Gwen is a master at getting what ever she wants so her plan must be out of this world! Ethan tells the girls he wants to stay single. Gwen says her plan is for Ethan to date both girls and then he can decide which one he wants to marry. Rebecca is pleased, as she figures Theresa would never measure up to Ethan Crane"™s standards. Ethan feels that dating the girls would be strange. He has dated Gwen since he was a teenager and knows her very well. He has not dated Theresa but he feels like he knows her as well as he knows Gwen. Gwen wants him to date so he will have time to sort out his feelings. Ethan likes the idea, as it will allow him to be a "new breed of Crane." He does not want to be like his father and have a wife and a mistress. Ethan questions why Theresa has been so quiet. He wants to know what Theresa thinks of the plan. Theresa tells Ethan she loves him and does not need any time to sort out her feelings for him. What will happen now...?

The Harmony Ruins:
Julian is talking to Ivy on the cell phone and calls her a deceitful slut. He saw the videos of her and Sam making love and he will destroy her for deceiving him. Everyone sees the fireball coming at them and they decide that the mineshaft will probably be the safest place to be when the fireball hits. Sheridan sees the fireball as Hank is aiming the gun to shoot her from behind the bushes where he is hiding with Pierre. Miguel and Kay are in the mine cart and it seems an invisible wall surrounds them. Charity continues to play havoc by making the fireball bigger. Hank sees the fireball as it is getting closer. Sheridan tells him she has to be with Luis if she is going to die. Whitney is scared that the end of the world is fast approaching thus it also means it is the end of her plans. She says there is just one thing she regrets not having in her life. Ivy tells Julian he does not have a clue about what he talking. Julian tells her he will kill her next time he sees her. Miguel is trying to find a way to get beyond the invisible wall so he can get out of the cart and get to Charity so he can help her. Timmy tells Tabitha she should never have made that damned pendant. Tabitha tells him the only thing to stop the pendant's powers is the light from the box -- it has more power than the pendant. Miguel over hears this. Luis thanks Hanks for staying with Sheridan and tells them they have to get in the mineshaft. Pierre finally notices the fireball and agrees that we are all finit! Julian is laughing at Ivy asking her if she expects him to believe her about the fireball. Julian is upset that Ivy has deceived him for years and he vows to destroy both her and Sam. Ivy tells Pilar to save herself and to forget about her as her life is over anyway. Pilar tells Ivy she is going to come with her and to stop thinking about her sorry little problems at the moment. Reese tells Sam that if everyone does get into the mineshaft they will still be destroyed any way, as they will be burned alive. Tabitha feels they should be celebrating as she has waited for this moment for over three hundred years. Miguel tells Kay they have to find a way through the invisible wall and get to the box. The light is the only thing to stop Charity and the evil that is taking place. Miguel manages to get out of the box and he tells Kay to distract Tabitha and Timmy as he goes for the box. Kay wants to destroy Charity so she will be able to get Miguel. Sheridan tells Luis she hears something and she hopes it is the spirits. She told Luis the spirits told her their time together is almost over. Chad wants to know what is the one thing Whitney regrets the most. Whitney tells him she regrets never allowing herself to love a guy. Grace suddenly remembers the box and the premonition she had about it. She knows the box must be opened to stop the evil. Charity is busy playing havoc with the fireball and does not notice that Miguel has escaped from the cart and is trying to open the box. Kay is asking Tabitha all kinds of questions. Chad tells Whitney he cannot think of any regrets he has, as he is just where he wants to be. Whitney asks Chad to hold her and they start to kiss. TC orders Chad to help Reese with the ladder. Chad tells Whitney she could not disappoint her parents by being seen with him. Ivy tells Pilar that Julian is on to her and she cannot go down the mineshaft. Ivy would rather die than face Julian. In the shaft, Julian is trying to call Alistair to tell him all about Ivy. He remembers all the things that were in Hecuba's cave and is happy that they are all Crane property. Tabitha tells Kay the only way to stop Charity is to destroy the pendant and only the forces in the box are able to do that. Reese insists that the shaft does not look safe. Chat tells everyone he has too much to live for so he wants to go in the shaft. The fireball is fast approaching the ruins. Ivy tells Pilar it does not matter if she survives. She is sure Alistair will disinherit Ethan and thus destroy everything she has worked for all her life. Kay realizes it is the pendant that has made Charity evil. Timmy wishes that everything could be stopped but Tabitha tells him he had better just sit back and enjoy the show. Tabitha wonders where Kay is and sees her helping Miguel try to open the box. Suddenly a bright light appears inside the cave as the box is opened. Simone is preparing to descend into the mineshaft. Ivy has to tell Sam that Julian knows about there past. Charity is caught in the light from the box. She cannot work on the fireball. Miguel wants to save Charity but Kay tells him they have to let Charity die in order to save the rest of the people of Harmony. Miguel cries out no!

Wednesday, November 1, 2000

The Crane Mansion:
Gwen tells Ethan that his love for her is not the same as his love for Theresa. Ethan tells Theresa and Gwen that in this life, things happen for a reason and sometimes change is a necessary thing. He tells Theresa to accept Gwen's idea of dating not for him but for her. He explains that he may not measure up to her dreams and expectations. Theresa cannot accept the plan as she knows Luis will not allow her to date Ethan. Gwen tries to persuade Ethan if Luis has a problem with him, how would it be when he found out his sister is dating him. The ball is in Theresa's court. She accepts the deal and Gwen is fast to establish the first date with Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan and Gwen there has to be another way. Gwen grills Theresa about her confidence. Ethan is preparing to take Theresa home. Rebecca quickly puts her purse on the table in the foyer and goes out the front door. She reenters the mansion just as Theresa and Ethan are getting ready to leave. Gwen asks Ethan if he can drop off her and Rebecca after running Theresa home. While Rebecca and Gwen are waiting in the car, they are plotting their next move. Rebecca tells Gwen there will be no wedding to "the housekeeper's slutty little daughter." Theresa tells Ethan she trusts him with her heart and soul and they kiss good night. As Gwen is watching this, she remembers her past and Theresa's past with Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan she only cares about being with him. Gwen is furious and wants to get out of the car to kill Theresa but Rebecca reminds her to stay strong and keep hold of her assets -- ones that Theresa just does not have. Theresa asks Ethan to dream about her as she will be dreaming about him. Ethan tells Theresa he does not think Gwen is an insecure type of woman. As Ethan gets in the car, Gwen plays her doubled face role and says good night to Theresa and tells her not to worry.

The Harmony Ruins:
Julian cries for help as the bright light reaches him. Grave and Eve are saying their good-byes to each other and saying how much they love each other. Whitney falls in the pit and Chad screams her name. Everyone is telling her to hold on. Chad is trying desperately to rescue Whitney. In the mineshaft, Tabitha tells Timmy her money would be bet on the side of goodness now that the box is open. There is a cave in going on and everyone is pulling on the rope to try to get Whitney out of the pit. When Whitney is rescued, Chad grabs her and says he is never going to let her go! The spot where Julian fell into the mine suddenly has a cave in. Luis and Sheridan hug and say good-bye as the fireball approaches the earth rapidly. Miguel does not want to hurt Charity so he tries to redirect the light from the box only on the pendant that Charity is wearing. He does not want Charity to die. Suddenly, the pendant explodes into millions of pieces. Julian comes face to face with Timmy again and notices the doll is alive. Miguel is holding Charity screaming at her to wake up. She does. The bright light is now coming out of the mineshaft and aims straight at the fireball. This intrigues Reese and he compares it to a cosmic battle of good and evil. The fireball is destroyed and everyone praises God's name. The light suddenly returns in the cave and the pit fills with rocks and we hear a big explosion. Everyone thinks the children and Tabitha have now been killed. The kids are suddenly out of the cave and sent to the top. Tabitha tells them she led them all out as the shaft was exploding. Everyone asks the children if they saw the light. Kay tells them not only about the light and Saint Michael but also about evil Charity and the pendant that made her so bad. Sam asks Tabitha what she knows about all of this and she tells everyone it is all her fault ... after all she was the one who was telling ghost stories around the camp fire. Kay continues telling everyone about the adventures in the mine and about the evil pendant Charity was wearing. Nobody believes Kay and she tries to convince them she is not making things up. Sam knows there has to be a reasonable explanation for everything. Luis tells everyone he smelled gas before the mineshaft was filled with rocks. Miguel tells them Kay is not making up any stories. He was there and he swears everything happened. He wants to go get the box to prove it. Sam will not let any one go back down in the mines. Suddenly, Julian is brought to the surface and he is in rough shape. Miguel realizes his Charity was almost killed. Kay tells Simone she knows what she saw and she is going to find a way to prove it. Seeing Whitney with Chad and Miguel with Charity, Kay and Simone know they have their work cut out for them -- once again. Tabitha and Timmy are packing up getting ready to return home. Tabitha tells Timmy they still have a problem and they need to come up with a new plan now that the pendant is gone and Miguel is still alive. Hank sees Pierre and asks him why he is still there. Pierre tells him Sheridan is not dead and she is going to have to die. As Julian is lying unconscious on the ground, he calls out for Sam. Grace wonders why Julian is calling her husband's name. Simone asks Chad to carry her, as she is so tired. Charity thanks Tabitha for getting them all out of the mineshaft. Timmy is elated that his sweet Charity has once again returned. Miguel tells Kay no one is going to believe their story so he has to go back into the mine so he can retrieve the box. Luis asks Sheridan to go tend to her ailing brother. Julian calls Ivy a tramp and Grace wonders why. Eve questions Ivy as to how Julian found out about her past with Sam. Eve is worried that the information will kill Grace if she finds out about any of this and is scared that all hell is going to break loose. Sam approaches Julian and suddenly, he opens his eyes ... What will his reaction be...!?!?

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Thursday, November 2, 2000
by Soap Central

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis and Sheridan wake up in bed. Sheridan remembers the wonderful night she and Luis spent together and she wakes up hearing noises in the cottage. She wonders if everything that happened last night with her and Luis was real. She gets out of bed and follows the noise to the kitchen when she finds Luis making breakfast. He is talking to himself saying he is cooking breakfast to try and impress Sheridan! Running back to her room, Sheridan jumps in bed and pretends to be asleep when Luis enters with a beautiful breakfast tray. He serves her breakfast in bed! Sheridan is so impressed. Luis has made eggs Benedict. He asks Sheridan what she thinks and after taking one bite she tells him the breakfast in unbelievable. She asks Luis if she could have a glass of orange juice and while he is gone to the kitchen to get it, she spits out her breakfast in her napkin and hides her sandwich in bed! When Luis is cleaning up, he wonders where the napkin is, and Sheridan tells him it must have fallen on the floor. He finds the napkin and asks Sheridan to tell him why she did not like it. Sheridan thinks Luis is mad at her but she tells him she is not. He asks how bad were the eggs ... She wants to know what he put in them! Luis asks Sheridan if she would like more juice ... some toast ... perhaps coffee. Sheridan tells him to shut up and they kiss.

The Bennett House:
Grace wakes up screaming Sam's name. Grace has had the same dream where a woman with a little boy is with Sam and is trying to take him away from her. She tells Sam of her dream. Sam tells her she has been affected by the gas at the mine site and also states that none of what Kay said could have happened either. Grace disagrees with Sam telling him of her premonition of the box in the mine. She thinks what Kay saw is real. Jessica and Simone are in the kitchen with Kay. They are making fun of her and certainly do not believe what she is telling them. Kay tells them that Miguel is going back down into the mine to get the box to prove it! When Miguel, Reese and Charity enter the kitchen, Kay continues telling them what she saw. She tells Charity she was possessed. Miguel says he is reconsidering going down to get the box and Kay accuses him of backing out. Miguel tells Kay she is scaring Charity with what she is saying. Sam and Grace enter the kitchen and he tells them he does not want them going back to the mine looking for that box. Miguel asks the chief how come he and Kay can remember the same things that happened in the mine? Reese takes over and tells them they were so in tune they were having the same fantasizes. Sam mentions that Julian is supposed to have the mines sealed today so he is heading over to the Crane mansion to make sure he goes through with his word. Grace wants to go with Sam to see Ivy. Kay asks Miguel if he is coming with her to the mines. Charity is upset and tells Miguel there is only one reason why he is going to try and retrieve the box. It is because he does not believe her and he must think she really did try to kill him. Miguel tells Charity he knows she would not do anything to hurt him. Kay again tells them they have to get that box. Simone thinks the gas leak is in the kitchen and Jessica and Simone laugh at Kay again. Kay needs proof of what happened at the mines. The proof is on her desk in her bedroom ... it is the gem that Hecuba gave her. Hecuba is laughing inside the gem telling Kay she is waiting ... Kay asks Miguel if he remembers what happened in the mine. Miguel's memories are the same as Kay's and she reminds him that everything that happened is real.

Tabitha's House:
Tabitha does not understand why Timmy is celebrating. Tim Tim tells her he is elated that his precious Charity is alive. Tabitha reminds him that if the light from the box could destroy the pendant that Charity was wearing it could destroy them too. They were lucky to get out of the cave and away from the box. Tabitha tells Timmy they have to get over to the Bennett's to find out what the kids are doing. If they are going to look for the box, drastic measures will have to be taken. From outside the window, she hears Sam tell the kids to stay away from the mines and when Grace says she wants to go to the Crane mansion with the chief, she does not think that would be a very good idea... Timmy tells Tabitha he wants a good life and intends to write his book just as he saw in Hecuba's mirror.

Gwen's House:
In her bedroom, Gwen is ranting and raving like a complete lunatic. She is stabbing her wedding dress while damming Theresa. She repeats over and over and over again that it is not fair. Rebecca comes in her room and tries to calm her down. Gwen has totally lost it. Rebecca tells her to get a hold of herself and not to surrender to a floozy. She tells Gwen that she is sure Ethan is going to end up marrying her daughter. When Gwen regains her composure, she decides to call Ethan just to talk. Ethan answers the phone and Gwen rants about how excited she is about their date. She is putting on an Oscar winning performance. Gwen tells Ethan she is going to plan their date. Ethan looks at a picture of him, Theresa and Gwen. He wonders if dating the girls is going to be a mistake. Gwen tells Rebecca she is glad she told her to stay focused and calm. Gwen is sure Ethan will marry her and forget the tramp. Gwen looks stunning and she decides she is going to use her time with Ethan to remind him of their past -- something she is sure will lead her to the altar.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Whitney is visiting Theresa. She tells Whitney all about Gwen and the episode with the bat and how Gwen tried to kill her. Theresa then tells Whitney about the new "dating" plan and she describes it as a "rational plan"! Whitney asks her if she really believe Gwen is "cool" with everything now? Theresa is going to date Ethan and Whitney warns her what she is going to do is very dangerous. Pilar enters the living room and agrees with Whitney. Pilar tells Theresa to let Gwen go ahead and marry Ethan. Theresa cannot be accepted into Ethan's world and everyone will loose respect for Ethan if he marries Theresa. Theresa does not agree with her mother. Pilar is getting ready to go to work and Theresa wants to go to work for Ivy as well. Pilar tells Theresa not to bother showing up for work as she is sure Ivy is going to fire her. Whitney agrees with every word Pilar said to Theresa. Theresa says she has to be around Ethan all the time, especially when Gwen arrives to pick Ethan up for their date. She wants Gwen to see them together.

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy is in Julian's bedroom and he continues to rave about what a tramp she is. Eve enters the room and hears Julian talking about Ivy and Sam and calling Ivy a little slut. Ivy begs Eve for her help; if not for her own sake then for Grace's sake. Eve cannot figure out how Julian found out about Ivy and Sam. She said it was as if someone in the mine told him about it. Again, Julian is ranting and calling Ivy a slut ... Ivy tells Eve a number of the Bennett women are whacked, among them Grace and Charity. Eve says she now believes more in the sixth since. Ivy does not believe in any of it and only believes in reality. She tells Eve that Ethan cannot hear what Julian is saying. At that moment, Ethan walks into the room asking Ivy what it is he cannot hear. Ivy tells Ethan his father is rambling on about him and Gwen. Ethan hears Julian calling out and he approaches the bed. He tells Ivy he is calling her name and that Julian wants to say something. Ethan tells Julian he cannot make out what it is Julian is trying to say. Ivy pleads with Eve to help her out and Eve tells Ethan Julian needs his rest. Ethan agrees and asks his mother if he can talk to her. He tells her it is about Theresa. Ivy refuses to talk about her but Ethan asks his mother not to dismiss her. Ivy informs Ethan that is exactly the first thing she is going to do when she sees Theresa. Ethan asks Ivy to reconsider. He tells her no matter what happens he wants her assurance Theresa can keep her job. Ivy tells Ethan if he does not marry Gwen he is making a big mistake. Pilar comes around the corner and tells Ethan she agrees with his mother. Ethan cannot believe either woman not supporting their children and he leaves in anger. Pilar tells Ivy if Ethan marries Theresa it will mean bad luck. Downstairs, Ethan fins Theresa and he tells her that her job is safe. Theresa hugs Ethan as the doorbell rings. It is Gwen who has come to pick Ethan up for their date. Gwen tells Ethan she could not wait to see him and starts hugging and kissing him. Theresa has a hard time watching this show of affection. Gwen notices Theresa. While Ethan goes upstairs to get his jacket, Gwen tells Theresa to eat her heart out. Gwen is going to take Ethan to the club where Ethan and Gwen know how to act and mix with people of their own kind! Theresa tells Gwen dating Ethan is not about which fork to use. Whitney sees the spectacle. Upstairs, Julian keeps calling Ivy a slut. Ivy stands with a cushion, pondering if she could kill Julian. Eve and Pilar tell her not to do that. Julian wakes up and tells Ivy he saw her making love to Sam. Ivy denies the accusation but looks very worried. What if Sam and Grace should over hear Julian's wild accusations...?

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Friday, November 3, 2000
by Soap Central

Hank is in bed and is awaken by the telephone. It is Pierre who tells him to get out of bed. He has a job to finish and it has to be done today. Hank asks Pierre to give him a couple of days to recover from what happened at the ruins. Pierre assures Hank that Sheridan is not thinking of him at this moment as she is with Luis. This seems to make Hank angry and he reaches for the gun in his bedside table drawer.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan and Luis are enjoying chocolate dipped strawberries in bed. Their hunger for each other is stronger than their delicious breakfast and they begin making love, knocking the breakfast tray to the floor. They are very upset when the doorbell rings. Luis does not want to answer it but since it might be important, he puts on a T-shirt and goes to the door. It is Hank. Luis asks Hank why he has stopped by and at that moment, Sheridan is coming out of the bedroom doing up her robe. Hank tells them he has something very important to tell them and when he is not forthcoming with in, Sheridan asks him not to keep them in suspense any longer. Hank takes the gun and places it inside the back of his pants. Luis tells Hank what ever it is he wants certainly can wait for later and he closes the door on him. Luis tells Sheridan that right or wrong, he was waited too long to be with her. Hank, very much the jolted lover, watches from the window as Luis and Sheridan begins making out.

Theresa is at the Crane mansion and is on the phone. She is canceling all the wedding preparations and seems to be really enjoying herself. She is preoccupied with the possibility of still loosing Ethan to Gwen and wants to go to the country club to spy on them. Whitney tries to talk her out of this idea but Theresa is sure Gwen is up to something and she feels her future is at stake. The phone rings and it is the country club. They have a billing statement for Ivy. Theresa takes this as another sign of fate and heads for the country club. Whitney decides to follow her. At the country club, Ethan asks Gwen what she has planned for their date. She tells him they are going to make new memories together. Ethan is called to the phone and friends of Gwen and Ethan's show up. They tell Gwen they will help Ethan forget about the gold digger that is after him. When Ethan returns, he tells them it is nice to see them and apologizes for it not being at the wedding. Robert and Shannon join Gwen and Ethan and they talk about how the road to love can sometimes have detours. They talk excessively of old memories reminding Ethan how struck he was by Gwen's beauty. They tell Ethan how much of a romantic he was. As Ethan and Gwen hold hands, Theresa and Whitney arrive at the club. Theresa is upset that Gwen and Ethan are having a good time. Whitney tells Theresa Gwen is proving she is the right woman for Ethan. She warns her not to make Gwen look better to Ethan by causing a scene. Shannon and Robert are preparing to leave and Ethan asks them to stay as he is enjoying remembering the old times. Ethan cuddles up to Gwen. Theresa wonders how on earth she can compete with the history Ethan and Gwen share. Theresa can see that Ethan truly does love Gwen. The love she sees in his eyes is pure. Ethan and Gwen continue talking of all the romantic times they shared and Ethan says how lucky they are to have friends to share the memories with. Theresa is devastated. She thinks she has lost Ethan forever.

The Bennett House:
Tabitha is outside the Bennett's kitchen window and she is telling Timmy they are not going anywhere until she is certain the kids will not return to the mine to look for the box. Charity tells Miguel she does not want him to look for the box as Miguel remembers how Charity tried to kill him in the mine shaft. Kay wants Miguel to go get the box, as she needs to prove everything that happened in the mine. The proof she needs is sitting on the desk in her room. It is the gem Hecuba gave her in the mine and Hecuba is inside it. Kay has a strange feeling the proof she needs is somewhere in the house. Miguel tells Reese he is indeed going to go and find that box but does not want to tell Charity. He will tell Kay later. Timmy complains to Tabitha that he never gets one moments peace. Miguel tells Kay Charity must have been possessed but he loves Charity so much. Tabitha has to stop Miguel from getting that box! Tabitha enters the Bennett house, coming to see how her sweet little lambs are. Simone tells Tabitha they do not know how to thank her for bringing them out of the mines. When they can't remember how she did it, Tabitha explains the fumes from the gas must have been bad. She cant imagine Charity being evil and her Timmy doll talking and being alive! Reese grabs Timmy and starts playing with him, using his head as a set of bongo drums! Kay hears a voice telling her to come to her bedroom. She tells Simone about the voice and Simone really thinks Kay is whacked out. Tabitha and Timmy wonder what voice it is the Kay is hearing. Tabitha stays in the kitchen and does not follow Kay, as she wants to make sure Miguel will not go get the box. Suddenly, everybody asks Tabitha if she is in fact talking to her doll. Timmy is scared and hopes Tabitha can come up with some explanation. She tells the kids they finally caught her, she is practicing her ventriloquism. Timmy sees that Miguel is still suspicious. She tells them she is in the habit of talking to Timmy when she is alone with him and now she has started doing it in public. Timmy is all she has in this world she tells them so she talks to him. Charity tells Tabitha she is not alone. They are all her friends. Kay goes to her room. The gem on her dust starts to glow and Kay wonders how it got there and why it is glowing. Kay thinks this is too weird. When she asks who is there, Hecuba shows up on her bed. Kay is shocked that Hecuba is real. Hecuba tells Kay if she does everything she tells her then her dream will come true and she will end up with Miguel. In the kitchen, Timmy is satisfying his sweet tooth. Tabitha stops him from eating saying they have to keep an eye on Miguel so he will not go and get that box. Tabitha does not know what Miguel's plans are but they have to distract him. Everyone wonders why Kay is gone so long. Miguel decides he will go check on her. The kids sit down with Tabitha to have a chat with her. They call it "girl talk" so Reese decides he is going to talk to Tabitha's doll. He roughs up Timmy. The girls are talking about Tabitha's fashion, hair, jewelry etc. As Reese is roughing up Timmy, Tim exclaims he is in immediate need of a martimmy! Hecuba tells Kay nobody can know she is here. Should Kay ever tell anyone then she will not get Miguel. She asks Kay to go to her closet and pull a thread from her favorite blouse. Hecuba says she is in the process of getting her and Miguel together and roars with her witchy laugh as she says she is going to get Kay's family. As Miguel approaches Kay's room, he hears the laugh and recognizes it as the laugh that was in the mine shaft!

The Crane Mansion:
Julian is still in bed unconscious calling Ivy a lying slut. Ivy is so very upset and she tells Eve and Pilar she is scared and wonders what would happen if Sam and Grace should drop by. Her fears are about to be realized as the chief and his wife are at the front door of the Crane mansion. Grace wants to check on Julian and she is bringing her famous tomato soup cake to Ivy. Julian continues to rant and rave. Eve thinks someone in the mine told him about Ivy and Sam but they cannot figure out whom that person could be. Ivy wonders what on earth it was that Julian saw while he was down in the mine. Ivy is talking about Grace and Charity and the premonitions these women have. Suddenly, Sam and Grace enter and Grace asks Ivy why she is talking about Charity. Ivy explains she was just wondering how she was. Grace inquires about Julian's condition. She sees he is still unconscious. Grace can hear Julian mumbling. Ivy tells Sam she will see that the mines are all sealed. Julian suddenly sits up in bed screaming like a lunatic when he hears Grace say she has brought a tomato soup cake. Eve insists Julian has no visitors and tells Sam and Ivy she is keeping a close eye on Julian so they have no reason to worry. Julian suddenly yells at Ivy calling her a lying slut and tells her he wants her out of the house NOW! Everyone is just staring, wondering what is happening. Julian tells Ivy he knows everything. He tells Grace about Ivy and her lover Sam! Everyone is standing with their mouths open ...

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Recaps for the week of November 6, 2000 (Following Week)
Kelly Kruger makes another Y&R return
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