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Monday, May 7, 2001

Luis & Sheridan
Luis finally completes his declaration of love to Sheridan by proposing with his grandmother's ring, but Sheridan was asleep! As she sleeps, Sheridan has a romantic fantasy of Luis proposing to her. Hank gives Luis a boost in confidence and assures Luis that he's happy for them.

Whitney & Chad
The two decide to turn it down a little. They discuss their feelings, the boundaries of their relationship and their ideas about sex. Whitney worries that by making love to Ethan, Theresa is trying to get out of one mistake by making another. Whitney and Chad seem to be connecting when Whitney hurts Chad by saying the first person she makes love to won't be him. She bases this on his past relationships. However, by the end of the conversation, they become close again.

Theresa & Ethan
Ethan wonders why Theresa changed her mind about waiting to have sex until their wedding. Ethan asks her to be honest about what's bothering her. He tells her that no matter what... he won't get mad. Theresa sidesteps the truth once again and convinces Ethan to take her to bed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Theresa and Ethan are in bed together, and they begin to make love. Theresa remembers Pilar forbidding her from using sex to trap Ethan, but she doesn't seem to care.

The Bennetts hear something coming from Tabitha's basement, and Sam and Reese want to see what it is. Tabby tries to stop them, but Reese is sure that Tabby is hiding something. Sam tries to open the door, but it's locked. The key is next to Timmy, and he quickly places it in his shirt so that no one can find it. Tabby tells the Bennett's that the noise is just a result of old pipes, but Charity thinks that the noise sounds familiar, and it gives her a strange feeling. Meanwhile, Reese discovers Tabby's stash of shoes from people that she has "taken care of" over the years (remember the tax collector?), and his suspicions are aroused once again. Tabby says she just likes to collect old shoes, but Reese really doesn't care, because he's found what he was looking for- a crowbar to open the locked basement door. Tabby yells at him to stop, and he asks her what she's hiding in the basement. Everyone thinks that Reese is being rude, and Grace tells him to stop the accusations. Tabby tells Reese that she would let him down in the basement if she had the key, but she's not going to allow him to ruin her home with a crowbar. Tabby hopes that the noises from the basement will send the Bennett's packing, but they tell her she's the only person with enough room to house all of the Bennett's, so they're staying- unless Tabby doesn't want them to, for some reason. Timmy and Tabby worry that the Bennett's may find a way to open the door to the basement, but ultimately Tabby must agree to let the Bennett's stay. Charity has a premonition about saying good-bye to Miguel as he faded away before her, and begins to worry about their future, but decides not to tell him about it. Charity tells Kay that she is counting on her to look after Miguel (Kay is staying at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house that night), and Kay promises that she will. Simone is shocked to realize that Kay hasn't changed- she's still planning to steal Miguel away from Charity. Simone tries to yell at Kay, but Kay changes the subject and tells Simone that she should be worrying about what Chad and Whitney are doing, not what Kay is doing. Tabby overhears and is quite pleased with Kay- she sees a lot of potential in the little schemer. Timmy hopes that Kay will succeed in breaking up Miguel and Charity, so that Timmy can have Charity, and he plans to put the moves on Charity while she's living at Tabby's place. Timmy realizes that Tabby is planning something, and he soon finds out what it is; Tabby tells Sam and Grace that she only has room for three guests, so one of them is going to have to stay elsewhere. Grace assures Tabby that that is fine, since only three of them were going to stay at Tabby's place anyway, and Sam is confused. Grace informs him that she wants him to stay somewhere else, so that she can have some time away from him. Only Grace, Charity, and Jessica will move in with Tabitha.

Luis is preparing to ask Sheridan to marry her, but he wants to do it right. He takes her into her room for more privacy, and presents her with his grandmother's ring. Sheridan recalls the dream she had earlier, and tells Luis that it was about the man she loves proposing to her. Luis wonders if the man in her dreams looked like him, and Sheridan assures him that the man in her dreams did resemble Luis, and that in the dream, he proposed to her in a garden filled with flowers. Before Luis asks, though, he runs off to take care of something. Sheridan thinks that she has blown it by describing her dream.

Julian and Rebecca are playing their kinky bedroom games again, but they are interrupted by a very surprised Gwen. She heard about the Bennett tragedy on the news, and wants to know if Ethan was okay. Rebecca assures her that the explosion did not hurt him. Rebecca begins to fantasize about her life as a Crane again, but Gwen is growing impatient. She wants their plan to go into action ASAP, so that Ethan will know that Theresa lied to him. Rebecca tells her to be patient, and suggests that Gwen pay the two lovebirds a visit at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and stir up some trouble. Julian rejoins Rebecca in the bedroom, and they begin to plot out their plan to break up Sheridan and Luis. Julian hopes that Sheridan will once again leave the country when she learns of the "betrayal", so that there will be no risk of Sheridan and Luis comparing notes and learning the truth. The kinky couple heads outside to play "night watchman" and "cat burglar". They end up near the cottage, where Julian catches a glimpse of Luis and Sheridan inside. Julian and Rebecca overhear their conversation, and realize that Luis is about to pop the question. When Luis runs off, Julian gets an idea and decides that he can break them up right away.

As Theresa and Ethan begin to make love, Gwen arrives and spies on them from outside. As she watches, Ethan pulls away- he doesn't have protection with him. He doesn't have a job, and he tells Theresa that the last thing that they need right now is an unplanned pregnancy. He heads off to the store for some condoms. Theresa can't wait until he gets back, but Gwen walks in and confronts her, ruining Theresa's mood. Gwen antagonizes Theresa, mentioning the condom run that Ethan had just gone off on. Gwen tells Theresa not to get too cocky- she's not married to Ethan yet. Theresa says that she has nothing to be worried about- Ethan and Theresa WILL marry- but Gwen tells Theresa she knows that Theresa is worried that her secret will come out and she will lose Ethan.

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Pilar catches Ivy leaving a love letter for Sam. Pilar sternly warns her friend she will be left with a broken heart if she continues to pursue Sam. Ivy becomes upset as Pilar predicts she will end up bitter and alone. Theresa is stunned when Gwen accuses her of keeping a secret from Ethan. She is further rattled as Gwen theorizes Theresa is using sex to hold onto her fiancée. The icy debutante warns Theresa Ethan will hate her once he finds out she's been lying to him. Ethan returns and is surprised to find Gwen with Theresa. Theresa freezes as it looks like Gwen will blow her right out of the water. After Grace tells him he can't stay at Tabitha's, Sam insists he won't leave his family. He begs his wife not to force a separation, but Grace is adamant. Sam reluctantly agrees to stay at the police station. Grace holds back tears, but remains convinced Sam needs to resolve his past with Ivy before they can move on. Charity, Jessica, and Kay fear their family is falling apart, while Tabitha takes pleasure in the dissolution of the Bennetts' marriage.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

The people of Harmony are having some spectacular dreams. Whitney dreams about making love to Chad...but Simone walks in on them in the act and Whitney is forced to watch as Simone's heart is torn in half. Whitney is awakened by Theresa, who has called her after waking from a dream in which she makes love to Ethan. Theresa invites Whit over for breakfast. Over at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Whit is pleased to learn that Theresa did not sleep with Ethan the previous night. They relay to each other their respective dreams. Whit tells Theresa that she can't sleep with Chad until she's married- she wants to be sure that her first time is with the person she is going to spend her life with. Theresa tells Whit about Gwen's visit, and Whit wonders if Gwen really knows what Theresa's secret is. Just then, Theresa gets a phone call- Ivy wants to see Theresa over at the mansion ASAP. Theresa panics, thinking that Gwen spilled the beans to Ivy. Elsewhere, Chad and Ethan work out, and Ethan once again vows to nail the person who leaked his paternity information to the tabloid.

Tabby has a nightmare about Reese and Charity catching her admitting that she is a witch. They promptly begin to burn her at the stake. When she wakes up, she tells Timmy she doesn't know how she'll be able to handle the Bennett's staying at her house. There's a knock at the door, and Tabby goes to answer it; it's Charity and Reese, who have brought muffins over from the B&B. Reese is suspicious when he sees that Timmy is now wearing pajamas, but Charity tells Reese to drop it. Miguel stops by, and brings the morning paper with him. The headline is about the Bennett house, of course, but it seems that no one believes that "evil" really attacked the Bennett house that night. Kay tells Simone about the dream she had last night- Miguel was making love to her. Simone is skeptical, but Kay vows to get Miguel into bed soon. Jessica phones Sam, and becomes upset, realizing that her parents have split. Charity assures her that they will work everything out, and Timmy is saddened by Jessica's pain. Reese notices a tear on Timmy's face, and demands that Tabby admit that Timmy is alive. Tabby covers, and Miguel tells Reese to lay off and be more sensitive to the plight of the Bennett's. Kay and Simone continue their conversation, and Simone tells Kay that she had a dream about Chad, as well...but every time she dreams about Chad, Whit is in the dream, as well. She wonders if there is something going on between them. Miguel and Charity speak "privately" (Tabby and Timmy are listening in), and Miguel says he has some things about marriage to discuss with Charity. Tabby is worried- if Miguel marries Charity, they'll make love, and then Tabby and Timmy will be destroyed. Miguel tells Charity he's been wondering if age matters in regards to marriage- Luis and Sheridan are older, and are getting married, but Theresa and Ethan are getting married, as well, and they're not much older than Miguel and Charity. Charity agrees- she sometimes thinks that Charity and Miguel are much more mature than Theresa and Ethan. Miguel asks her what she would think about Theresa's fantasy "double" wedding changing to a "triple" wedding. Tabby tells Timmy she can't allow this conversation to continue- they have to stop the lovebirds from making love, at any cost.

Sheridan is dreaming about Luis proposing to her in a garden full of flowers. She wakes to find that Luis has made her breakfast in bed. They make love, and Luis asks Sheridan to tell him what she was dreaming about earlier. She does, and Luis vows to make that dream come true- and even promises to throw in a little surprise with it. Sheridan says he doesn't have to try to make it perfect- it will be, no matter what he does. She says he could ask her now and it'd still be perfect, but Luis refuses- he wants it to be just as she dreamed it would be. Sheridan puts on Luis' shirt, and his grandmother's ring falls out of the pocket. Luis is upset that his surprise has been ruined, but Sheridan assures him that she loves the ring. Still, Luis isn't ready to propose yet- he wants the proposal to be perfect. Sheridan tries to persuade him to go ahead and propose, since it isn't a secret anymore that he wants to, but he refuses.

Friday, May 11, 2001

Ethan vows revenge on whoever leaked his paternity to the tabloid. Ethan is incensed when he spots the tabloid reporter at the gym. Chad holds Ethan back from approaching the reporter and tells Ethan he has a plan... Grace worries she'll lose Sam. Meanwhile, Ivy looks forward to spending time with her first love. Sheridan can't shake the feeling something will come between her and Luis. She asks Luis to propose to her right away. A confidant Luis declares their love can overcome any obstacle, but Sheridan remains anxious. Luis insists he wants everything to be perfect when he proposes. Hank drops by to help Luis with his plans. Julian and the Luis imposter work out the details of Julian's plan to break up Luis and Sheridan. Julian questions Rebecca's enthusiasm to play the "other woman" opposite the hunky imposter. Rebecca tries to cover her lust for the young man. A nervous Theresa arrives at the mansion after being summoned by Ivy. She fears Gwen really does know her secret and has told her future mother-in-law. Theresa is relieved when she learns Ivy called her over to meet with a dressmaker. Ivy explains the dressmaker will rework her old wedding dress into any style Theresa wants. Theresa is convinced Gwen was bluffing about knowing her secret. Pilar and Whitney warn Theresa to tell Ethan the truth right away. Gwen promises Rebecca she won't expose Theresa until the wedding, but a vengeful Gwen remains a loose canon.

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