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Monday, March 10, 2003

Theresa sees another side of Fox as they bond. Fox is concerned his father and Rebecca might pose a real threat to Theresa, but she refuses to worry. Meanwhile, Julian and Rebecca celebrate, having finally gotten the information to bring down Theresa.

Sheridan has a nightmare about what the truth will do to Antonio. Luis tries to reassure her. Sheridan is in grave danger as Beth runs around the hospital with a syringe, plotting to kill her.

TC and Eve are stunned when they find a crazed Simone destroying Whitney's bedroom. They are shocked further when Simone reveals she walked in on Chad and Whitney having sex. Chad and Whitney arrive and are forced to admit they are a couple. Simone lashes out at her sister, and TC explodes with anger.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Sam and Grace sit down to have a heart to heart. Ivy is outside the kitchen door listening and fuming as the couple seems to be drawing closer. Sam tells Grace once again that nothing matters to him more than their marriage. They decide to put down in separate lists the issues they need to work out. David is on the top of Sam's list and Ivy is on the top of Grace's. Grace levels with Sam that Ivy is under their roof to drive a wedge between them. Sam tells Grace this is not true but Grace sticks to her story. Ivy wheels away form the door determined to do something to break up the tender little heart to heart. Ivy goes to her room and pours milk all over her and cries out for help. Grace gets annoyed as Sam goes to Ivy's aide. He promises Grace that he will be right back.
Sam sees the mess Ivy made. She lies and says as she was pouring milk, she had a spasm. Sam takes her in his arms and Ivy fakes a pain so Sam will stay concerned. Sam gives Ivy one of Grace's nightgowns and tells her to change while he gets clean sheets for her bed. Ivy grimaces at Grace's less than designer gown and decides that when Sam walks in again, she'll only be wearing a smile.

David and John arrive to tell Grace the good news...John made the Dean's list. John wants to have a celebration. Grace puts him off tonight but promises she will make a dinner for him tomorrow. She John and David will share cake as John goes to the computer to bring up the university website. Sam walks in on the scene and gets angry. He asks Grace why it's o.k. for her to put off their important talk for John's celebration but not for him to help Ivy clean up an accident. Grace has no response because they are at the same impasse.

David sneaks up to Ivy's room to see what she is up to and finds her nude. He laughs at her and says she must be desperate. Ivy insists that she is not desperate and that she is right where she wants to be. Ivy reminds David that if they play their cards right, they both will have the loves they desire.

Beth, dressed in her nurse's uniform stalks Sheridan. Beth thinks she has Sheridan cornered in a linen closet. When she stabs at the sheets with the deadly poisonous syringe, she finds that it is only a pile of sheets, not Sheridan. Sheridan is hiding in another linen closet. Luis finds her and she collapses in his arms. She spills the whole story about a strange nurse following her and trying to kill her. Sheridan tells both Luis and Antonio that the nurse had squeaky shoes and Sheridan could hear her coming after her. Luis and Antonio hear the squeaking as Beth tries to make an escape and go looking for Sheridan's mysterious nurse. Beth is stopped by a real nurse and questioned as to why she is not wearing shoes. The nurse threatens to put Beth "on report." Beth puts her shoes back on and tries to make a clean get away. Luis hears the shoes and trails off after her. Sheridan spots a white haired nurse and tells Luis she is the one. Luis goes in hot pursuit and grabs the nurse by the arm.

Things heat up at the Russells'. TC goes after Chad accusing him of purposely trying to seduce his daughters. TC is sure Chad wants to marry the daugher of a doctor and get a free ride. Chad gets furious when he hears this. Chad insists that he always worked hard and paid his own way. Chad wants to knock some sense into TC. Chad tells TC he truly loves Whitney and wants to marry her. TC forbids Chad to ever get near either one of his daughters again let alone marry one of them. Simone begs TC to reconsider. She tells her father that she loves Chad and begs him not to take away the only thing she loves. Simone tells her father that Chad made her feel special. He was the one thing she had that Whitney didn't. Simone accuses both of her parents, especially her father of loving Whitney more. Eve does her best to calm her husband down but both TC and Chad are ready to kill each other. Liz takes the opportunity to twist the knife in Eve's side by telling her sister that her family is coming apart and she didn't have to lift a finger. Simone stands near Liz and tells her that they now have something in common. She hates her sister as much as Liz hates hers. Simone vows to hate Whitney for the rest of her life.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Grace is irritated when Sam has to help Ivy out, and Sam bristles when John interrupts with some news. Later, Sam walks in on David and Ivy arguing, but they cover. Once she and Sam are alone, Ivy flirts shamelessly with her old love.

Through the magic bowl of water, Kay and Tabitha watch the Russell family fall apart. Yet another dancing baby appears. At the Russells', TC accuses Chad of playing both his daughters and lunges for him. Chad tries to tell a disbelieving Simone he never loved her and that Whitney did not try to seduce him. TC forbids Chad from seeing either of his daughters again. Liz watches happily as Eve's family falls apart. Once she gets Chad to leave, a furious Eve lets TC know she does not approve of the way he handled things. over. Once she and Sam are alone, Ivy flirts shamelessly with her old love.

Luis and Antonio search for the person who was after Sheridan, while Beth hides. Antonio thinks Sheridan might have imagined everything, but she insists a nurse wearing squeaky shoes was chasing after her.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Sheridan has another terrifying dream that Antonio collapses and dies after hearing the news she is in love with his brother. Luis finds Sheridan curled up on the floor rocking back and forth saying "We killed him. We killed him." She then voices her concerns to Luis. She tells Luis that they can't tell Antonio the truth today. Luis tells Sheridan that they have no choice. She can't go on this way any longer. He reminds her that she is slowly worrying herself to death and it has to stop.
Antonio finds them and wants to know what is going on. Luis tells him that they have some news and they need to talk in private. Sheridan looks stricken as she follows Luis into Antonio's room.

Beth returns home and tells her that she did not kill Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace is elated but Beth tells her not to be so happy for she will indeed kill Sheridan and soon. Beth then informs her mother that she can't have the visiting nurse around anymore. Beth knows that the first chance her mother gets she will tell the nurse about her deadly plans. Beth lies to the nurse and says she no longer has insurance and can't afford her services any longer. The nurse sees Beth's bogus nurse get-up and thinks Beth hired another nurse. Beth tells her that it is true. The nurse angrily leaves but warns Beth that her replacement better know what she is doing because her mother's condition requires she get the best of care.
Beth tells her mother that the nurse is gone. The doorbell rings and Beth announces to Mrs. Wallace that it is her new caretaker. Beth lets the caretaker in and Mrs. Wallace lets out a blood curdling scream when she sees her.

Ethan rushes home to warn Theresa that her office has been cleaned out at Crane Industries. Theresa is with Fox and Fox tells her that he was afraid something like this would happen. Theresa immediately goes into denial. She tells Ethan that maybe she is being moved to a bigger office. She goes on and on but Ethan cuts her off. He tells her to face facts, she is being given the boot. Theresa storms into the living room where Julian and Rebecca are drinking a toast. She snatches their glasses out of their hands and smashes them against the fireplace. She then tells Julian that he will not be getting rid of her so easily and to tell that to his red-headed whore. She then calls Alistair. Theresa is not surprised to hear that Alistair does not know about Julian's decision. Alistair warns Julian about what he calls Julian's pathetic power play. Julian stands firm in the face of his father's wrath. He insists that executive positions at Crane should be held by Cranes and Theresa does not qualify. Alistair asks Julian for proof. Julian says it is coming. Both he and Rebecca seem a little worried now that Alistair is demanding their proof. Theresa laughs and calls them lame and insists that they have no proof. She says she has it all. She has a ring, a marriage license and a court order saying she is the real Mrs. Julian Crane.
Ethan goes to console Theresa. When Gwen sees this she explodes. She grabs Ethan and asks why she is so concerned of Theresa's welfare. She reminds Ethan that Theresa will land on her feet, even if she isn't a Crane. Gwen the corners her mother and begs her to get her proof soon so Theresa will be out of her life and Ethan's forever.

TC is ready to take Whitney to her next tennis match. Eve is shocked to see that Whitney is dressed and ready to go to the match. Eve is not as blind as her husband. She can see that Whitney's heart is breaking. Eve stands up for her daughter. She tells TC the Whitney can't play today. TC gets angry with Eve and accuses her of trying to undermine his dreams and Whitney's career.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Beth's new nurse for her mother arrives. Mrs. Wallace is shocked and outraged when she sees a trained orangutan dressed in a nurse's outfit walk into her bedroom. Beth assures her mother that "Precious" is trained to take care of sick patients. Beth is glad that Precious is an ape. She says she hired her on purpose. Since Mrs. Wallace always blabs about Beth's evil plans, Precious can't spill the beans. She tells her mother that everything will work out perfectly. Mrs. Wallace bellows that she does not want a dirty ape in her house. Beth shuts her up by saying that in her younger days, Mrs. Wallace dragged home dirtier and beastlier men than Precious. Beth then threatens her mother. She orders her to accept Precious or she will not need any help ever again because she will be dead.

Eve goes against TC by telling him that Whitney will not be playing tennis today. TC ignores Eve and goes to Whitney. He tells Whitney how important this match is and that she needs to play. Whitney breaks down into tears. She sobs,"No Daddy." Eve orders TC not to blame Whitney for not being able to play tennis today. TC turns on Eve. He says it is not Whitney's fault it is hers. He can't believe she would undermine him and go against his wishes. Eve sends Whitney out of the room. She rallies against TC. She tells him "How dare you blame this on me!" She says she wants what is best for Whitney. TC tells Eve that he was the one who spent the most time with Whitney. He throws it up to Eve that she was busy with her career. He spent more time with Whitney and he is the one who knows what is best for her. Eve disagrees. TC calls Eve a stranger in her own house. He says he is always there and Eve never is. He knows his daughters better than Eve ever could. TC blames Eve for throwing Whitney's career out the window. He accuses her of trying to act like a mother and trashing what he and Whitney worked years for. He then informs his wife she had no right to but in.

Gwen and Fox have a talk over Theresa. Fox tells Gwen that he can tell by the look on her face that she knows what is up with Julian. Gwen just smiles and says that Theresa deserves everything she gets today. Fox throws it into Gwen's face that Theresa was good enough for her husband. Gwen balks at this but assures Fox that it is over and Ethan is committed to her and their baby. Fox smiles and tells Gwen that he saw the look on Ethan's face and he is not so sure Ethan is over Theresa.

Theresa asks Ethan to look over her marriage license and court order, declaring her the rightful Mrs. Julian Crane. Ethan says it is ironclad. He can't see a way that Julian can get rid of Theresa. He tells Theresa not to worry. Theresa admits that the Crane name is very important to her. Ethan asks why. Theresa says that the worst time of her life was when she discovered she was married to Julian. The very worst day of her life was when she found out she was pregnant and lost the love of her life. Theresa explains that the Crane name and money are consolation for all that she lost. It is a symbol of what she can give her son. Theresa than looks into Ethan's eyes. She tells him she could live with losing the Crane name and fortune if she had him. She admits that if Ethan told her to walk out the door now with him and Little Ethan, she would and never look back. Ethan says he can't do that. He wishes he could but he can't. Fox interrupts by telling Theresa the TV crew is there to hear what she has to say at her press conference.

Julian and Rebecca are role-playing "Sonny and Cher."
Julian is preoccupied with worry so Rebecca is not having much fun. They both begin to worry that their "Proof" in stopping Theresa won't come in time to stop her from giving away any more of the Crane money. Just before the press conference their proof walks in. It is Julian's old friend from Bermuda...Bruce. Bruce was the witness at Julian's wedding to Theresa.

Luis and Sheridan begin to tell Antonio the truth. Pilar and Miguel show up to lend emotional support. Luis tells the story about the two lovers who were separated. Luis never uses their real names. Antonio interrupts insisting her knows who Luis is talking about.

Mrs. Wallace accuses Beth of losing her mind. Beth agrees. She says if she is caught for Sheridan's murder, she won't go to the electric chair. There is enough evidence that she has lost her mind and she can't be executed.

Bruce tells Julian that he will soon be free of Theresa.

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