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Monday, November 10, 2003

Grace is torn between her feelings for Sam and her feelings for David. Sam is stunned and devastated when Grace goes into a panic and seeks out David to come to her aid. Of course, this is music to Ivy's ears and she is delighted by Grace's very public declaration.

Antonio is heartbroken when the full impact of Sheridan's love for Luis comes to the forefront. He has to stand by and watch as Sheridan and Luis cling to each other for emotional support as they anxiously await news about the missing baby.

As the coast guard searches for Charlie and the baby, Beth prays her partner in crime has perished. Otherwise, Charlie will surely implicate her in the kidnapping of Sheridan and her baby. Mrs. Wallace puts a fairytale spin on the saga of Beth, Luis and Sheridan

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Kay is having second thoughts about turning to the dark side. She is feeling guilty about plotting with Ivy and David to split up Grace and Sam. Kay thinks it's time to level with her parents and tell them she's sorry. Just then, Jessica reaches out to her for help in reconciling their parents.

Everyone goes into a frenzy when Grace seems to choose David as the man she wants to be with. This makes Sam very upset. Grace packs up and decides it's best to take her leave. Even though she blurted out David's name, Grace struggles with choosing David over Sam. Ivy swoops in and works on making inroads with a despondent Sam.

After it seems that Sheridan's baby won't be recovered, Antonio tries to comfort Sheridan. Later, however, Sheridan comes face to face with her infant. Beth accuses Sheridan of trying to kidnap her baby, but Sheridan persists. Luis thinks it's time that Antonio knew the truth about the baby.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

· A distraught Whitney expresses her disbelief about her situation with Chad, and how she left her family behind when they needed her most, so she can follow Chad to LA. She tells them that she feels like one of those pathetic women on those afternoon talk shows. Theresa tries to persuade Whitney, that Chad is not one of those men. Unconvinced, Whitney continues to tell Fox that she can't believe she left everything behind for Chad, suddenly, she hears her mom call her name. Whitney is thrilled to see her parents in LA; they ask Whitney if she needs any medical assistance but Whitney insists she's fine. TC tells Whitney how she wouldn't listen to him, when he was warning her not to get involved with Chad. While TC and Eve are talking to Whitney, Liz and Julian are looking in from behind; Liz antagonizes Julian that he would do anything to see TC and Eve's happy family fall apart. Julian insists that she is wrong and walks away. Julian pulls Fox aside, he questions him what is his intentions and why he is in LA. Fox informs Julian that he is the reason he is in LA and if it wasn't for him, his friends would not have gotten out of this mess with Latoya.

· In the meantime, Chad asks Theresa how he can get Whitney back, Theresa advises him that it won't be easy, but he might want to start first by filing for divorce. When Chad sees TC and Eve talking to Whitney, he tries to confront TC, but before he can get a word in, TC attacks Chad. Both Ethan and Fox pull TC off of Chad; Chad apologizes to TC for hurting Whitney, and tells him that Latoya didn't mean anything to him, he was young when he got married and he thought that Latoya had filed the divorce papers before he left town. A furious TC punches Chad in the face.

· Mrs. Wallace tries to tell Luis that he doesn't need to continue to search for Sheridan's baby. A worried Beth cuts in and explains to Luis, that her mother is upset because all his energy has been going into trying to find his missing child; and he has forgotten about the baby he has with Beth. Beth tries to manipulate Luis to feeling guilty for not spending time with them, and blames her mother for being inconsiderate for interrupting the investigation. She tells Luis, loud enough for her mother to overhear, that she is considering putting her mother in a nursing home. A guilt ridden Luis takes the baby from Beth, and tells Beth that he loves their baby, but he needs to find Sheridan' baby. Beth tries to convince Luis that Sheridan's baby is dead, but realizes she can't stop Luis, so she tries another angle by telling Luis she has been calling the baby Martin, after his father, which passed away. Luis is thrilled.

· Hank appears and lets Luis know, that the license plates, which were on Charlie's car, were fake. They come to the conclusion that Charlie may be insane, especially after Hank witnessed Charlie ripping a dolls head off at the dwarf. Hank believes that Charlie kidnapped Sheridan because she symbolizes the doll. Beth reminds them that Charlie attacked her too, and tries to confuse Luis and Hank to thinking that Charlie may be after Luis after all. Luis starts to second-guess Charlie' motives, and thinks that Charlie may be a woman he arrested in the past. As Beth, Hank, and Luis discuss the investigation, Precious climbs onto a big rock, and spots Charlie hiding. Precious tries to get their attention, but to no avail. Beth continues to persuade Luis to thinking that the baby is dead and to give up, thinking she won, starts to back off when suddenly, Charlie grabs her from behind.

· Kay warns Tabitha that she is determined to tell her parents the truth behind Ivy and David's plan to break them up; and that Tabitha is a witch. A worried Tabitha tries to convince Kay to reconsider, but Kay leaves anyway to find her parents. Once she is outside of Tabitha's home, she tries to call her dad, but Tabitha pulls the phone out of Kay's hands and warns her that if she does tell the truth she will lose Miguel. Kay tells her she doesn't care because she doesn't want to lose her soul and regrets joining Tabitha into the dark side. As Kay tries to walk away again, Tabitha makes the tree beside her come to life and grabs Kay. Kay threatens Tabitha she will regret it if she doesn't have the tree let go of her. Once Tabitha leaves, Kay calls her dad and tells him, to meet her right away at home to discuss his marriage.

· Grace confides to Charity that she is more confused about which man to pick because she has strong feelings for both. As Grace talks to Charity, Ivy looks in from the window and tells David, that it's only a matter of time for him to be with Grace. Kay overhears their conversation and warns them that their plan is going to be exposed.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Chad tries to make up with Whitney, but nothing he says convinces her that she can trust him again. Whitney explains to Theresa that she cares for Chad, but is finding herself falling for Fox. As Puff Dog and Latoya are taken to prison, Whitney lashes out at Chad for being bringing on all the tragedy they've faced.

Julian lashes out at Fox for trying to take advantage of Whitney's fragile emotional state. But Julian clams up when Fox implies that there is something going on between Julian and Eve. Tabitha's spell to stop Kay proves unnecessary when Grace speaks her mind about her troublemaking daughter. Grace realizes that she can't string along Sam and David any longer. She knows she has to choose between Sam and David once and for all.

Charlie and Beth have a bitter argument and power struggle, and Beth realizes she has to eliminate Charlie once and for all. Beth does her best to cover her tracks so no one will connect her with Charlie. Meanwhile, Antonio is staggered when he realizes Sheridan's baby is Luis's, not his!

Friday,November 14, 2003

Tabitha beams with maternal pride as little Endora proves herself adept at preparing her own bottles of formula. Kay snipes at her mother for keeping Sam on a string while she plays house with David. As Grace struggles to make her choice, Sam appeals to his wife to remember all the good times they've shared over the years. Antonio confides to a nervous Pilar how he's begun to think that Sheridan and Luis are more than just close friends. Beth narrowly avoids detection during a health scare for "her" infant son. Meanwhile, Edna yearns to find a way to help Sheridan and Luis claim their rightful baby. John, Ivy and Tabitha exult but Jessica and Sam are stunned when Grace declares that she chooses David. Antonio begs his distressed mother to tell him that he's only imagining a romantic connection between his wife and his brother. Sheridan hears her baby crying.

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