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Monday, January 17, 2005

Julian learns that Katherine is alive. He goes to the bed and breakfast and embraces Katherine, and then surprises her when he says he doesn't hate her and even that he's glad she ran away from Alistair. He asks her to stay in Harmony and make them a family again; he says that he will protect her from Alistair and will convince Sheridan to forgive her, but Katherine begs him not to speak to Sheridan.

Martin goes to the church to give Pilar the divorce papers before he and Katherine leave. Pilar loses her temper and throws Martin's shrine plaque at him, which knocks him out. She stops the bleeding and realizes she doesn't want him dead at all. Martin wakes up and he and Pilar get caught up in the moment and share a passionate kiss. Martin apologizes and gets up to leave, but Pilar blocks the door and tells him he's not going anywhere until he tells her why he left.

Gwen chokes Sheridan and Sheridan passes out. Luis and Ethan run to Gwen's cell and Gwen tells Ethan that she had to stop Sheridan before she took Gwen's baby while Luis gets the guard and sends him to get a paramedic. The paramedic revives Sheridan and reassures Luis that she'll be fine. Gwen is further convinced that Sheridan is going to kidnap her baby, and she rushes out of her cell to choke Sheridan again! Gwen is pulled back into her cell and put into a straitjacket.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

At the jail, Gwen is in a straitjacket and still swearing to Ethan that she needs to go to her baby girl. Ethan tries to comfort her while telling her that they don't have a little girl. The guards try to subdue her while she keeps fighting. Luis comforts Sheridan who has been choked twice by Gwen. Sheridan realizes how sick Gwen is and doesn't blame her. Gwen goes into a catatonic state suddenly and her psychiatrist tells Ethan it will be better if he leaves Gwen alone for now. He says she's short-circuited. Ethan apologizes and Sheridan says she knows what it's like to have your dreams dashed when a mother loses her baby. Sheridan takes Ethan and Luis to the Book Café.

At the Book Café, Beth has set up a special tea party for Fox and Whitney at Fox's direction. He wants to give her a time away from all the negative things that have been going on and focus on the baby. He's got a baby name book and thinks it would be nice if they have a son to name him after the baby's dad-Nicholas Foxworth Crane. Chad enters and totally distracts Whitney. Whitney feels pressured and snaps at Ethan because she's got her mind on other things. Chad rushes to her side to help, only to be rebuffed by Ethan. She apologizes for snapping at Fox and blames the stress of her mother's arrest filling the newspapers for her mental state. Fox barely tolerates Chad being there. Whitney runs off to the restroom to be by herself and wonders how long she can keep the secret that Chad is her baby's father.

Ethan, Sheridan and Luis arrive from the jail and when Luis goes for coffee, Ethan apologizes again and Sheridan admits that she thinks of the baby she lost every day. She hopes for a miracle that she'll get to hold her baby. Beth overhears and tells herself that's why she needs to keep Marty away from Sheridan. Beth takes Marty to see Luis at the counter. He tells her about Gwen attacking Sheridan. Marty wants a book read to him and Luis recommends that Sheridan read to Marty to take her mind off everything if Beth is too busy. Beth insists "not Sheridan" and suggests that Luis take him to a quiet corner and read to him. Ethan and Sheridan watch Luis and Beth with Marty. She realizes her baby and Marty are the same age and admits to Ethan that she often fantasizes that Marty is her missing baby. She promises not to flip out again. She says how overwhelming it is to find out that her mother is alive and well. She says that Luis hates her mother and so she has to also. She couldn't stand it if Luis thought she was taking her mother's side over his. Ethan is astounded and says the mother and child bond is necessary and can't be broken. Sheridan wonders why her mother left and she can't forgive her. Ethan says he thinks Sheridan is afraid of her mother coming in between her and Luis. She says Luis is her life.

In a separate corner of the café, after reading books to Marty, Luis tells Beth she's a good mother. She asks him how Sheridan is dealing with the news that Mrs. Wheeler is her mother. She imagines that Sheridan must be excited to find out her mother is right here in Harmony with Luis's father (dig, dig). She continues to poke at the scab "Of course she must hate her mother. She'd never betray you to forgive and love her mother." Luis says he'll never forgive his father. Catty Beth says, "I don't know who I blame more: Your father or Sheridan's mother." She sits closer to Luis and leans in getting cozy. Luis asserts that Sheridan hates both of their parents as much as he does.

At the bed and breakfast, Julian and Katherine discuss Sheridan. Katherine insists that she wants Sheridan to hate her as much as Luis does so that Luis won't abandon her. Julian doesn't understand. She says it's for Sheridan's own good and happiness. She tells him that she just found out that Alistair told Sheridan she killed her mother. Julian wishes he'd protected Sheridan like he promised his mother. Julian tells her it must be killing her to not reconcile with Sheridan. She tells him not to blame himself for her mistakes. She tells him that Luis blames her for everything bad that happened to his family. Julian is sure that Luis loves Sheridan so much that he wouldn't stand in the way of mother and daughter reconciling. He doesn't want her to leave Harmony and Katherine can't believe he can still find it in his heart to love her. Julian explains how bad his father was and how much Sheridan needs her mother's love.

At the church, Martin gives Pilar divorce papers. He wants her to sign them and move on from the life he stole from her. Pilar seems to want to keep him despite his affair with Katherine Crane. He and tries to leave, but Pilar won't let him out the door until he tells her why he abandoned her and the family. If he wasn't in love with Katherine, why did they run? He swears that Pilar did nothing wrong, but he rescued Katherine by taking her away and then after he left, he realized he could never come back. Pilar isn't satisfied with his answers and insists that he tell her the whole story before she even considers signing theses papers. She wants to know what Alistair could possibly have on him that he would leave his wife and children to be Katherine's knight in shining armor and then never send word to the family that he was okay. How could he have an affair with Katherine? "Tell me! Tell me why you walked out." She tells him how she went over every detail of those days trying to figure out what she did wrong or how he could have an affair without her noticing. The only thing she can think of that was suspicious was a night that he came home very late with mud covered boots. (Martin slashes back to burying something on the Crane estate.) He'd told her that Alistair kept him late working for Crane Industries. Was this it? Martin suddenly needs air and runs out of the church. Pilar grabs her coat and follows. She finds him sitting on a bench outside. She tells him he looks tormented and he says it's just his head. She apologizes for hitting him with the plaque. She asks if he did love her when they got married. He says with all his heart. He says he still loves her. Pilar says that if his feelings are true, he must tell her the truth so she knows why she spent the last twenty years waiting for him to come home. She was willing to put up with the struggles because she believed in him and their love. He says she doesn't understand. She tells him to make her understand.

At the waterfront, Julian and Katherine run into Fox, Chad and Whitney. Introductions are made all around and Katherine hugs her two grandsons and the woman carrying her unborn great-grandson. She says she's sorry for all Whitney's troubles and she must be worried about her mother. As she storms off, Whitney declares she doesn't care about her mother and she can rot in jail.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Liz goes to see Eve in jail and tells Eve she doesn't care if Eve really poisoned her or not, because all Liz wanted was for Eve's life to be destroyed and it has been. Liz makes it look like Eve is trying to kill her by putting Eve's hands on her neck and screaming for the guard. The guard comes and pulls Eve off of Liz, then tells Eve that if she keeps it up, she'll end up in solitary confinement. Liz promises Eve that she will do everything she can to see that Eve is locked up for a very, very long time. Liz leaves and Julian arrives to tell Eve about Katherine. Eve is concerned about Sheridan and says that Sheridan and Katherine need to talk about Sheridan taking all the blame for Katherine's "death" or Sheridan will be tormented by that guilt for the rest of her life. She also tells Julian that if Sheridan's sleepwalking starts up again, she would fear for her life.

Julian goes to visit Eve, leaving Katherine with Fox and Chad. Fox shares his concerns about Whitney with Katherine and Katherine offers to try to talk to her. Katherine talks to Whitney about how Eve thought she was protecting her, and Whitney breaks down and confesses to Katherine that she is keeping a secret to protect her baby.

Pilar continues to beg Martin to tell her the truth, and says that she knows him well enough to know that he is keeping something from her. He asks her to let it go, saying he's not worth it, but she insists he tell her the real reason he left and he finally agrees.

Sheridan asks that Luis call Father Lonigan to talk about rescheduling their wedding. Luis tells her to get some rest, and she has a nightmare. Luis leaves to see Father Lonigan and Sheridan starts sleepwalking.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Due to news coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, today's episode was pre-empted. This pre-emption was planned for and there will be no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume tomorrow and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

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Friday, January 21st, 2005

Gwen is furious that she is being restrained in a straitjacket, but Dr. Sprague refuses to loosen the straps and warns Rebecca that Gwen is violent and could even potentially harm her. Eventually Gwen slips back into a catatonic state, and Dr. Sprague leaves. As soon as he is gone, Rebecca loosens the straps on the straitjacket. Gwen manages to wriggle out of the straitjacket and comes after Rebecca!

Theresa and her baby get ready to go home. Ethan tries once more to get her to drop the charges against Gwen, but Theresa tells him Gwen can rot in jail. Ethan threatens that if she doesn't drop the charges, she may never see Little Ethan again because the courts wouldn't recognize Gwen's decision in her current mental state, but Theresa says she's not stupid-they'd turn to Ethan for a decision. The doctor comes in and tells Ethan he needs to keep Theresa calm. The doctor, the nurse and Ethan help Theresa into her wheelchair.

Katherine urges Whitney to share her secret and Whitney reluctantly agrees. She begins telling Katherine about how she and Chad were in love before they knew they were brother and sister, and Katherine stops her and tells her she knows exactly what her secret is. She thinks Whitney was afraid that the Crane bloodline would adversely affect the baby. Whitney pretends that Katherine is right when Katherine comments on how awful it would be if Chad was the father. Chad and Fox watch Whitney and Katherine from afar and Chad tells Fox he thinks Whitney is still in love with him.

Martin is just about to tell Pilar the real reason why he left Harmony when Luis storms over and interrupts them. He yells at Martin to leave his family alone, and Luis doesn't listen when Pilar asks him to hear what his father has to say. Martin loses his temper and snaps at Luis to shut his mouth for a minute, and Pilar tells Martin to go ahead and tell her.

Alistair and Tina, his assistant, watch as Sheridan sleepwalks in the spot where the gazebo used to be. Sheridan recalls a meeting between Martin and Alistair she overheard when she was a little girl. Alistair decides she has remembered too much and aims a gun at her, ignoring Tina's attempts to dissuade him from shooting his own daughter.

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