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Monday, June 6, 2005

Luis and Dottie frantically try to find Sheridan. Luis needs to tell her that he was wrong and he should have trusted her and that Marty might be her son, and Dottie needs to tell her something important about Marty. Luis heads to the cottage, where he discovers that all of Sheridan's things are gone and thinks she might already have gone to the airport. At the airport, Sheridan buys a ticket to Paris and thinks that if only Luis had believed her about Marty, it would have changed everything.

Beth tells her mother that she is going to get Alistair to give her and Marty money so they can move to a nice house in a nice neighborhood far away from Mrs. Wallace. Mrs. Wallace points out that for Beth to get all that money all of a sudden would look suspicious, so Beth decides to have Alistair make it look like she won the lottery.

After Whitney falters onstage, Liz tries to make Chad and Fox leave the Blue Note, but both of them want to stay and help. Fox and Chad get into another argument about Whitney and her baby while Liz talks to Whitney. Liz calls Eve and TC and tells them that Whitney needs them at the Blue Note. Meanwhile, Whitney gets back onstage and starts singing again. When she finishes, she goes to the bar and orders a double while Chad and Fox look on, worried.

In Las Vegas, Fancy and Ned are in the hotel room when rigor mortis starts setting in on the dead body, who turns out to be the man who tried to rape Fancy. Ned says this is not good; Fancy could be a prime suspect in his murder. Fancy points out that Ned would be a suspect too because he fought with the man in the casino. They start trying to wipe their fingerprints off everything in the room. Fancy starts cleaning off the gun when she accidentally fires it and almost shoots Ned. Ned falls and hits his head on a cabinet, but he is okay. They start picking up the money and Ned takes over wiping off the gun when someone starts opening the door.

Alistair, Katherine, and Martin enter the Crane mausoleum. Alistair gives Katherine a chance to leave before she learns the truth, but she is determined to know what the secret of the gazebo is, and Alistair agrees to show her. He opens a door in the crypt and Katherine and Martin follow him into a dark room. Martin tries again to convince Katherine to leave, but she won't listen to him. She says she has to find out the truth if it is the last thing she does. Alistair calls them over to the coffin he is standing next to and Katherine convinces Martin to help Alistair open it. Martin tells her it is worse than she could possibly imagine, and says "God forgive me" before helping Alistair open the coffin. Alistair says that everything before this moment and everything after this moment will change forever. We can't see inside the coffin, but Katherine looks inside and screams!

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

At the Crane estate, Martin, Alistair and Katherine were in the secret chamber of the Crane family crypt. She held a lit torch while the men moved the heavy lid off of the coffin. Katherine screamed as a desiccated body of a woman with long blonde hair was revealed. She asked if this was who was buried under the gazebo. Katherine kept begging them to tell her who it was and what happened. Martin refused to tell her because he said it would sicken her. Alistair on the other hand taunted her with bits of information, alluding to the woman being someone she knew and loved.

In Las Vegas, Ned and Stacy were cleaning up the money and deciding what to do when the room's guest inserted his key in the door. By the time he entered, the dastardly duo was under the bed. The man who belonged to the room started making himself at home, loosening his clothing, flopping onto the bed, and letting loose the gas from his Mexican dinner. He noticed that the body of the man he'd shot was in a different position, but before he could do much about it the maid arrived to clean up all the dirty linens Ned and Fancy had strewn about. He pushed the body under the bed before the maid could see it, much to Fancy's chagrin. The killer noticed that the body was moved again and fired three silenced shots under the bed, but while the man and maid weren't looking, Ned and Fancy had managed to slip out from under the bed and into the dirty linen cart. The maid complained as she pushed the heavy cart down the hall and when she went into the next room, our renegades climbed out of the towels. The killer noticed that his briefcase full of money was missing. Fancy had grabbed it and as she and Ned discussed the stupidity of taking it, he came after them. Ned pushed the linen cart at him and the guy tumbled in head first.

At the Blue Note, Whitney continued to drink at the bar, causing Liz great consternation. Chad commented to Valerie that Whitney's drinking was a cry for help. He started to get up, but Valerie held him back reminding him that Whitney didn't want to talk to him. Meanwhile, Carla stroked Fox's leg and asked him to let her help him forget Whitney. He removed her hand and gave her the cold shoulder. Julian and Eve arrived in answer to Liz's phone call for help. Liz whined about Whit's boozing ways and Eve was angry at Liz for hiring Whitney and putting her in harm's way. Liz defended her decision to help Whitney out with a job and she'd tried to convince Whitney not to turn out like Eve. Eve slapped Liz just as T.C. showed up. T.C. accused Eve of passing her drunken, whorin' easy to their daughter. Julian defended Eve and Liz told them that she called Eve to help her future daughter. Ivy showed up at the bar and surprisedly asked Whitney what she was doing there. Whitney told her about the singing job and then Ivy told her she should slow down on the drinks. Fox noticed the two of them together and decided to referee. Chad told Valerie that Fox and his mother were ganging up on Whitney so he was going to rescue her. Fox asked his mother what she was doing there and Chad asked Whitney if she was okay. She said she'd be fine if they'd just leave her alone. Fox agreed with Chad that the way she was acting was freaking them both out. Whitney got up to get ready for her next set and Fox accused Ivy of upsetting her. She agreed that she'd brought up the drinking. Ivy told him she was glad that Whitney had given up Fox's baby for adoption since it was better that he not be raised by a drunk. Eve took exception to that and Ivy said she was just trying to help. She asked Chad when she could visit her grandson and Chad said she wasn't his grandmother anymore. Chad said he'd call his lawyer and Julian told her to drop. Ivy appealed to Eve as the "other" grandmother. Eve said that Chad had every legal right to decide who could see Miles. Whitney started singing her "Remember" song while Ivy and Eve continued to argue about Miles. Eve accidentally burst out with "He's not your grandson!" Fox came up and asked what she wasn't telling them.

At the Wallace house, Beth made a point of telling Marty that she is his mommy and Luis is his daddy and soon the three of them would be living happily ever after. Then she said they'd drape Grandma's grave with diapers. Beth decided to look for a new house to buy with the money she was going to ask Alistair to give her as his darling daughter especially since he had the hots for her. Edna was grossed out by that picture and scoffed that Alistair would give Beth nothing. Beth thought she'd get hundreds of millions of dollars from Alistair and then make it look like she won the lottery. Beth told her mother that she'd make sure her mother never went hungry because she was going to buy her cases and cases of cat food, Edna declared that she wanted cases of gin. Beth said she might even hire human help for her mother and Edna rued her loss of Precious. Beth went into a fantasy of her living at the Crane mansion—Alistair having sold it to her furnished—where she wore a sexy evening dress and Luis and Marty wore tuxes. Her mother was outside the mansion (in the dream) whining to Beth that her new nurse had run off with all of her cat food. Beth told her to switch to dog food, or better yet—be dog food. Then Beth locked her mother out and went to a control box with brass tags that read "killer bees," "hit man" and "attack dogs," which she pressed and then snarling dogs went after Edna. Luis and Marty used the helicopter she bought (in her dream) to go to Boston for a game in their tuxes. Luis declared his love for her and her money since Sheridan was gone. Beth came out of her sappy dream almost drooling. Edna laughed at her saying that it was "if" Alistair gave her anything and Beth told her that he owed her for having to grow up poor. Beth continued to make plans for herself, Marty and Luis and Edna worried about getting left out. Beth told her that she'd take care of her mother, but Edna'd have to stay there because she and Luis needed privacy at the mansion to make siblings for Marty. Edna cried out for her angels. Beth went off into another reverie about life in the rich lane. Beth was looking forward to Sheridan being out of their lives. Beth started looking through the real estate ads and despaired that all the ads were for two bedroom dumps instead of mansions. Edna tried to convince her that she was counting chickens before they hatched. She'd been engaged to Luis twice already and still didn't get married. Beth assured Edna that nobody would find out that she isn't Marty's mother.

At the airport, Sheridan waited for her flight and despaired at all the people she would leave behind. Dottie continued to call Sheridan's phones leaving messages about the DNA test. Luis drove around town looking for her, resorting finally to putting his police light on top of his car to race to the airport. Sheridan got tired of sitting and wandered out of the waiting area. While she was gone, Luis blew in, flashed his badge and tried to get passenger manifest information about Sheridan from the airline clerk. She refused him since Sheridan wasn't a criminal, but told him a woman was in the waiting area. As he was looking she returned, saw him and tried to duck out of the way. He caught up to her, hugged her, and begged her not to leave. She told him that it wasn't enough to love each other anymore. It would be better for them both if they were apart than fighting ever day. Her flight was called and as Sheridan got ready to board, Luis remembered that Dottie had called. He admitted that he hadn't taken a message because he was too busy looking for her. This news stopped Sheridan in her tracks and she decided that she had to call Dottie immediately.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

With the help of her bowl, Tabitha hears Sheridan's message from Dottie saying that Dottie has the DNA test results. At the airport, Sheridan thinks that Dottie might have found a mistake in the other results and that could be the reason she called. She can tell that Luis doesn't believe this, and Luis thinks that if that were the case than Dottie would have said something when he talked to her. Sheridan says he is probably right, and then says she has to leave. Luis tries to stop her again, but it is no use. Luis watches the plane take off and thinks it must really be over for him and Sheridan, but Sheridan never got on the plane. She says she couldn't leave without talking to Dottie. While Tabitha listens from her bowl, Sheridan calls Dottie and is told that Dottie has the "quite exciting" test results right in front of her. Sheridan asks if Marty is really her son.

Katherine begs Alistair to tell her who the body in the coffin was. Alistair says he is surprised she doesn't know. Martin tells Alistair to spit it out, and Alistair tells Katherine that she knew the person quite well and that the woman was a great beauty. He says that they don't have to look at her face; all Katherine needs to see in order to identify her is her hand. He lifts up the corpse's hand and shows Katherine her ring. When Katherine sees it, she gasps and shrieks that it can't be! Alistair asks her if she remembers the last time she saw that ring. Katherine turns to Martin and says that he knew, all this time, and he never said anything? Alistair tells Katherine to look at her, the woman who was buried under the gazebo for all those years. Katherine begs Martin to tell her it isn't true, and she starts panicking. Alistair grabs her and tells her to calm down and look at the woman's face. He says this is the woman Sheridan called "Mother" and tells her to look at her sister Rachel! Katherine screams "no!" and collapses.

Whitney sings as Chad and Fox watch. By the bar, Eve tells Ivy that Ivy isn't Miles's grandmother. Fox overhears this, goes to the bar and gets Whitney. He and Whitney go back to where Julian, Eve and Ivy are, and Fox asks how that could be, since Fox is Miles's biological father. Eve says it is past time that they knew the truth, but she hesitates before telling them and decides to say instead that Ivy has been a horrible mother to all of her children, and that is why she couldn't be a real grandmother to Miles. Fox defends his mother and says that at least Ivy, unlike Julian, is trying to make up for being a bad parent by helping him get his son back. He and Ivy go to "talk this over." Eve tells Whitney that she can tell how much pain Whitney is in. Eve says Whitney can tell the truth and get her baby back, but Whitney tells Eve to leave her alone and walks to the bar. Julian approaches Fox at the bar and says he knows the pain Fox is in. Fox points out that Julian has been supporting Chad all along, and says that Julian has always been a worthless father. Fox says that he will be there for his son, but he doesn't expect Julian to understand because he has never been there for Fox. Later, Fox tells Ivy that he will take Miles back and make Chad pay. Ivy says she will do whatever it takes to help him. A drunken Whitney gets on stage and starts singing again, and Eve says it is hard to watching Whitney follow in Eve's path. She says if something doesn't change Whitney will end up on drugs.

Theresa comes to the Blue Note to forget about Ethan and Gwen taking Jane. She orders a double martini and talks to the bartender about her problems. She says she's really mad and if she saw Ethan, she doesn't know what she'd do. Right then, Ethan walks in and goes to Chad's table. He says he got Chad's message and Chad asks him how he can get back at Fox for trying to sabotage his files without starting a never-ending war between them. Ethan explains to Chad that it's been a very hard night for him and Chad says they can talk later. Ethan sees Theresa at the bar. Ivy comes over to Ethan and expresses how happy she is that he and Gwen have Jane now, but Ethan says he feels guilty for it. Ivy says he needs to cut Theresa out of his heart, that Theresa deserved to lose her child, and people do move on. She says that Theresa destroyed all of Ivy's dreams for him by sending his paternity papers to the tabloid. At the bar, Theresa tells the bartender that she's realized alcohol isn't the solution to her problems and is getting ready to leave when Ethan approaches her. She sees him and slaps him hard across the face. He tells her to go ahead and do it again if it helps her because he deserves it. She screams that she hates him, and shoves him. She starts to sob and Ethan holds her and says he is so sorry. Theresa yells that Gwen has Jane because Ethan helped her, and that really hurts. He apologizes again, and Theresa asks why he is sorry. She tells him not to start, because he won-he got everything and Theresa lost it all. Ethan says he doesn't have the woman he loves. He says he should be with Theresa, Jane, and Little Ethan.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

In Las Vegas, while the killer continued to search for Ned and Fancy, they sat in her suite and discussed what will happen to them if the mobster looks for them and his money. She asked him where home was and he insisted that they not know where each other was going. She wanted to spend some of the money, but Ned told her that the casinos mark the bills and if she spent it, she'd get arrested. They decided that they'll go to the airport, then split up and go their separate ways. They each want to go home to get far enough away to hide. Ned sneaked up to the room he'd been squatting in and retrieved his stuff. When he got back, Fancy had packed dozens of suitcases and her little dog, Preston. Ned told her that they needed to be inconspicuous, but Fancy doesn't understand the meaning of the phrase blend in. They made it out to the taxi stand and there were some nuns collecting donations. Ned made her give all the stolen money to them and when she tried to get it back, the nuns decided to close up shop and deposit their take. The mobster and his cohort walk around out front trying to find them. Fancy really thought the money belonged to her. They said good-bye and took separate taxis to the airport. The goons came up empty and decided to keep looking or their boss would have them strung up. Ned boarded a plane and sat in coach. While he was looking the other direction, Fancy boarded the same flight and went to first class.

At the Blue Note, Whitney sang more sad songs while Chad with Valerie and Fox with Carla listen in. Fox told Carla that he has to destroy Chad. Whit started singing a love song and Valerie scoffed at Whitney still loving Chad and he said he knew she still loved him. Carla asked Fox if he still loved Whitney and he said he couldn't possibly love her since she gave away their son. Ethan told Theresa that he really isn't with the woman that he loves. Theresa jabbered on about how Ethan could move in and make a life with them. Ethan stopped her to say that he would stay with Gwen because he wasn't going to break his wedding vows. He said they wanted the same thing-to be together-but it can't be. Theresa cried as he said they needed Jane to know she was conceived in love. Theresa admitted that he wasn't aware that it was her when they made love and Ethan set her straight-he knew it was her. She tried to convince him he couldn't have known it was her and he explained that whenever she touches him he feels electricity. He said that the same feelings he had when they made love on the beach before their disrupted wedding was the same he felt when she tried to disguise herself that night and all he could think was that he could steal one more night with her. Theresa smiled triumphantly, and then was disgusted with him because they both knew they belonged together and he refused to leave Gwen. Whitney came up and asked what was wrong. Theresa got emotional and left quickly. After Theresa left, Whitney told him to let him go because he'd hurt Theresa enough. He said he didn't want to hurt her and Whitney asked him why he sued her and took her baby away. Theresa's lost everything now. She asked Ethan what happened and he told her that he'd told Theresa he still loves her because he thought it would be better to be honest. Whitney said it was being in hell to know you loved someone and they loved you back, but you couldn't be together. She admitted to him that she still loves Chad. Ethan started to understand and then realized that Chad was standing there listening to them. Ethan decided it was a good time to go home to Gwen and Jane. Chad told Whitney it was okay that she still loved him and that he knew it already. He told her that their strong love just couldn't go away. She said she had so much to tell him and he caressed her face as Fox came up and denounced him for being a freak for loving his sister. Fox asked Whitney if this was why she gave their baby away. He told her to go play house with her half-brother; he just wanted them to give him his son back because he didn't want him near their incest party. Whitney blurted out that he already is. Fox asked her what she was hiding and Chad locked eyes with her.

Theresa stopped at the waterfront to pray to God about how unfair it was to lose the only man she loved. As she looked up Ethan was there. She told him that every time she tried to run away from him he showed up. Ethan apologized and Theresa told him it was fate's sign. He said that it wasn't and they kissed in a light embrace.

At the Wallace house, Beth made nursing home arrangements for Edna who quaked with fear. Beth was sure that Sheridan was gone and she planned what she would do with the millions that she'd get from Alistair, namely buy a huge estate to share with Luis and Marty. Edna said there'd be room at a mansion for her and Beth said if her new estate was half the size of Harmony, there wouldn't be room for her mother. She told her mother that she'd never live in her nice mansion and if she didn't play by her rules she'd end up in the rat infested state-run home for the indigent. (Edna imagined huge rats hovering over her in a dirty room.) Edna despaired and told Beth that she'd tell the police if Bethie crossed her. Beth decided that her only course of action was to kill her mother. Beth chased Edna saying that she's changed her last diaper. Edna prayed to the angels to save her. Edna begged for mercy and Beth started pushing a pillow over her face.

At Tabitha's house, she kept an eye on Sheridan and Luis. At the airport, while Luis looked on skeptically, Sheridan talked to Dottie about the DNA test results. Sheridan was overcome with emotions and Luis assumed that the test proved yet again that Beth is Marty's mother. He started to tell her that he was sure this would happen and she asked him to talk to Dottie. He took the phone and started to ream Dottie for setting up Sheridan for disappointment again. She cleared things up when she told him she was just sorry that she hadn't run the full gamut of tests the first time. She explained that Sheridan is definitely Marty's mother. Sheridan told him that he had the proof that he needed. When he asked for more explanation Dottie started to tell him, but Tabitha put a spell on the phone creating static so they couldn't hear. Luis actually smiled at Sheridan without that "I'm feeling sorry for you because you're crazy" look in his eyes. Sheridan realizes how right she was that Beth kidnapped her and took Marty. He asked her about Beth being pregnant and what about Charlie? Sheridan decided that they had to go get Marty away from Beth before she does something crazy. Tabitha became irate that the story might have a happy ending and wondered what she could do. Luis apologized for being wrong about Beth and said he'd go with her. Sheridan said she wanted Marty right then! Tabitha had an evil idea of something to do that Sheridan would never be able to forgive Luis.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Beth tries to kill her mother. Luis and Sheridan reunite in order to pay a visit to Beth. As they frantically drive to Beth's, Luis mulls over the horrible things Beth has done. Tabitha conjures up a fog to delay the lovebirds.

Katherine makes a gruesome discovery.

Ethan and Theresa share a passionate kiss. Back at the mansion, Gwen toasts Theresa's defeat with Rebecca, until her mother lets it slip that evidence from the tabloid debacle still exists.

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