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Monday, November 28, 2005

Sam promises Jessica that he will go to therapy with her, but pushes her problems aside when Gwen announces that she signed Ethan's life-support termination papers. Theresa uses her status as a Crane in attempt to convince Judge Reilly to keep Ethan on life-support.

Alistair commands Spike to wreak havoc on the Bennetts.

Kay sleeps in, allowing Valerie time alone with Fox at Crane Industries.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

At the Bennett house, Fancy and Noah cuddled in his bed as she tried to convince him that she had to leave for work. As they flirted and teased in bed, they heard shouting from downstairs and went to see what was going on with Sam and Ivy. Theresa had burst in and asked San and Ivy to join her in filing an injunction to stop Gwen from carrying out Ethan's living will. Fancy put in her two cents and told everyone that she'd caught Theresa trying to smother Alistair before the poisoning. Theresa pled with Sam to join her in stopping Gwen so that he could spend time with his son, in case a cure is found. Sam reflected on when he found out that Ethan was his son and all the years he'd lost with Ethan. He told Theresa that he understood why she wanted Ethan to stay on life support, but he wanted Gwen to know that he supported her difficult decision and she could execute the living will as she saw fit. Part way through all off this wrangling, Sam shook himself and came to the realization that Jessica was missing. He called out frantically for her and Theresa cold-heartedly brought his focus back to Ethan, saying that Jessica wasn't in the middle of a life or death situation. Sam was upset because he'd promised Jessica that he'd go to her therapy session with her and he was letting her down.

At the waterfront Jessica talked to Spike while she waited for Paloma to show up. He kept cajoling her and telling her that her family was never there for her, but he was always there for her. Jessica stood her ground and finally decided to text message Paloma to see where she was. When she hit send, Spike's cell phone began ringing and Jessica suspected that Spike had sent her the message she thought came from Paloma. She questioned him and he weakly reminded her that he was always there for her, by the way wasn't her pops supposed to be at a therapy session with her? She became very suspicious and wanted to know how he knew that. He told her that he knew a lot about her and what was going on in her life.

At Crane Industries Fox and Valerie worked on his Singapore project. Fox was glad for Valerie's financial acumen on the project and decided that he'd give the graphics part of the project to Kay when she got in. Valerie realized that if Kay succeeded with this work, she could lose Fox to Kay so she set about sowing seeds in his mind that Kay was incompetent, unable to work and be a mom, and negligent with the computer virus. She pretended to find a worm devouring his project and then miraculously stopped it in its track. He was so amazed that he gave Valerie the graphics project instead of Kay.

At Tabitha's house, Kay enjoyed her morning off playing with Maria. Simone dropped by and decided to confide in Kay that she's a lesbian and now her father hates her. Kay encouraged her to keep communicating with her father and told her that she supported her no matter what. Simone left feeling like she had at least one friend. Tabitha tried to counsel Kay about her relationship with Fox, reminding her that Fox would turn away from her as he got more successful at work and that she needed to watch her back since there were others who wanted her relationship with Fox to fail. Kay blindly accepted that Fox loved her despite the spell and would always love her.

Wednesday, December 30, 2005

Eve explains to a mournful Sheridan how Gwen has made the painful decision to remove Ethan from life support. Meanwhile, Theresa's hopes are dashed once more when Sam finally sides with Ivy and Gwen. Simone goes to visit her great aunt Irma on the elderly woman's birthday. Sheridan is grateful for Chris' support as she prepares to say a final farewell to Ethan. Fancy snarls at Theresa for causing her family even more grief with her histrionics. Later, Fancy is miffed when Noah dares to say a word in Theresa's defense. Touched by Simone's thoughtful gift, Irma shares with the girl her memories of the civil rights movement. Paloma lends her unhappy sister a sympathetic shoulder. After Simone confides that she's gay, Irma launches a vicious verbal attack on her startled visitor and sends the girl running from the room in tears. Noah promises Fancy he won't let Theresa come between them. Inspired by a mysterious stranger's words, Theresa wonders if she can find some way to save the man she loves.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

At the waterfront, Theresa conceived and shared a plan to kidnap Ethan from the hospital with Noah. He was astonished at her obsession with Ethan and refused to go along with her plan and threatened to call the police and have her arrested. She dithered on about how she could use her Crane money and influence to buy a van, get clothing and supplies, find a place to stay and she begged Noah to help. At first she begged him to help her because of their shared love of Ethan, but he told her he loved Ethan so much that he was willing to let him go. Then Theresa appealed to his need for funds telling him that she would pay him whatever he wanted if he'd help her. Noah turned that offer down flat not wanting anything to do with Crane "blood money." Then Theresa implored him to help her because he had been a paramedic and she needed help that he could offer. He reflected on being a paramedic and looking up to Luis. Theresa latched onto Noah's respect for Luis and cajoled him to help her as a favor to Luis. Noah grabbed onto her and told her he wouldn't let her go until Gwen had pulled the plug. Theresa plied him with a final scenario—what would he do if Fancy were in that hospital bed and Alistair was ready to pull the plug—wouldn't he do everything in his power to save her? He admitted that he'd never be able to forgive himself if he didn't try. Theresa asked him hopefully if that meant he'd help her kidnap Ethan and when he agreed, she threw herself at him and his face contorted with resignation.

At Harmony Hospital, Gwen, Ivy, Sam and Sheridan each took a few moments (with Eve and Chris looking on) to tell Ethan how much they love him, how much they'll miss him and good-bye. After several false starts, Gwen finally hit the off switch on the respirator. After just a moment of silence, Ivy tearfully raced to the machine and turned it back on as they all decided they'd have Eve run the tests again to see if there'd been any change at all in Ethan's condition. Eve came in with the newest test results showing that Ethan is still in an irreversible coma. Gwen decided that she really did have to carry out his wishes and reached for the switch.

At Crane Industries, Fox and Valerie worked on the Singapore project. Fox worried about hurting Kay's feelings by putting Valerie on the project and Valerie kept weaseling her way closer and closer to Fox. When Kay arrived, she told Fox that she'd had a great idea about posting the personnel directory on the internal website. Valerie shot her down immediately saying that the last project manager who tried to implement that feature got fired and still can't get a job. Fox then told Kay that he wanted her to plan the company Christmas party which started with stuffing envelopes and hand-addressing them. She wasn't thrilled with the job. But didn't want to disappoint Fox so she took the boxes of invitations and left. Fox kept trying to go talk to Kay and each time he tried to leave, Valerie came up with an excuse to keep him there. As Fancy looked at family photos on her credenza, she talked to somebody on the phone about Ethan's condition. She gave an update on how each of the family members were dealing with their loss. She also voiced her hatred of Theresa and how this whole situation was her fault. Kay dropped by with her stationery boxes to talk with Fancy about Ethan. She wasn't in the mood to celebrate as long as their half-brother was clinging to life. Fancy told her that Gwen and their parents were at the hospital with Ethan to turn off life support. Kay visibly slumped. Fancy asked her about the boxes and Kay expressed her worry that Valerie was worming her way into Fox's life and project. Fancy immediately wanted to go set her brother straight, but Kay stopped her saying that she would do the best job she could on her own and win back his trust. Fancy told her that Valerie could be trouble and she belonged at Fox's side as his girlfriend. Kay told her that Valerie knew a lot more about Crane Industries and could help Fox more. Fancy told her not to sell herself short, besides "it's not like Valerie is a witch who can cast a spell on him to love her." That set Kay to blaming herself for Tabitha's spell.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Gwen again steels herself to pull the plug on Ethan after Eve regretfully reports that there's been no change in his condition. Meanwhile, on the pier, Theresa finally convinces Noah to help her save Ethan before his wife can carry out the conditions of his living will. At Crane Industries, Fancy reads Fox the riot act for putting work before matters of the heart. As Sheridan arranges for Father Lonigan to come give Ethan last rites, family and friends begin filing into the ICU to say their goodbyes. After withdrawing a chunk of change from an ATM, Theresa brings Noah to a medical supply company to purchase a specially equipped ambulance. Though Fox explains why he downgraded Kay's responsibilities, his scornful sister suggests that Valerie has private motivations for coming to her new boss' rescue. Theresa prevents a guilt-ridden Noah from calling Fancy as they prepare to sneak into the ICU and steal the comatose Ethan. Down the hall, Father Lonigan conducts a memorial service for Ethan's grieving loved ones. Valerie considers a change of strategy following a showdown with Kay. Fancy is outraged when Fox balks at going to their dying brother's bedside because he still has work to do on the Singapore project.

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