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Monday, May 15, 2006

Theresa tried to talk Ethan into going to Rome with her to rescue Paloma, Jessica, and Simone. Crane security had even sent a photo of the girls being blindfolded and led off somewhere to Theresa's phone, but Gwen told Ethan it was probably another of Theresa's lies. After an exasperated Theresa left, Ethan called a trusted friend at Crane security and received a confirmed report that the girls were definitely in trouble.

Gwen changed her mind and told him to go to Rome, after all, but made him promise not to succumb to any of Theresa's ploys. As Theresa buckled herself in on the Crane jet, Ethan joined her. She was overjoyed, but he clarified that he was only there to help the girls out of trouble.

The monk only stabbed Whitney's arm and told her that her willingness to sacrifice herself to save Chad was enough. He left her alone in the church, and she heard Chad calling for her. She hid from him, and the little nun saw her but didn't tell Chad. Chad went to another part of the church to look for Whitney, and the little nun warned Whitney to not believe everything she heard. Chad left the church to continue his search, but the little nun remained behind. She hid when she heard the monk approach and listened as he spoke to Whitney.

Luis called Sheridan and caught her up on everyone being in Rome and on the catacomb incident. Fancy took the phone from him and told Sheridan about the kiss Luis had given her while thinking it was Sheridan and how much passion had been in it, proving to her how much Luis loved Sheridan. Sheridan reacted by being very jealous. Chris questioned her about her jealous feelings when she got off the phone.

Beth and Marty left the café to go speak to Fancy some more but lost her when they stopped to buy a balloon. Beth was disappointed because she had no one to talk to and felt a connection with Fancy because of their man problems. Luis was just feet away from Beth and Marty as they sat by the fountain but was completely oblivious because he was on the phone with Sheridan. Beth and Marty overheard him say the name "Marty" and decided to go talk to the nice man because maybe he'd have a son named Marty also.

The two men that were dressed in black took the girls to an old warehouse-type building with one of the paintings in it. When the girls noticed it, the men started shooting in their direction, but it was at two burglars not at the girls. Jessica distracted the men by enticingly showing them the tattoo on her lower back while Paloma took the painting, and Simone sneaked behind them and knocked them out with a lamp. The girls made a mad dash for the street as fast as they could.

Noah and Fancy continued their argument, and Fancy slapped Noah.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On the Crane jet, Theresa and Ethan discussed the status of Paloma, Jessica, and Simone. She told him she was glad that the man she loved was at her side. He made sure that she knew he wasn't there as part of a couple. Theresa said she didn't want to argue, but she knew that eventually they'd be together. She asked why he'd joined her, and Ethan said that Gwen had sent him after they had confirmed that Jessica was in trouble.

Theresa pushed her luck by saying that he'd go back to her after she proved that Gwen had sent the story to the tabloid, so Ethan said he'd ask the pilot to turn the jet around and leave him in Harmony. Theresa stopped him, and he asked her if she was going to use the trip to get close to him. She agreed, and he said he'd call Gwen and tell her.

Theresa kept hoping, anyway, that she'd find a way to get Ethan back, and she fantasized about past encounters with him. Theresa got an anonymous email that said she'd gain Ethan in Rome but lose her love. It had an omega symbol at the end. The note also said that someone from Harmony would die in Rome.

Noah and Fancy returned to their hotel room in Rome. He started to tell her why he kept ditching her and then saw Lina looking for him. He drew Fancy into a liplock to hide from Lina. Lina questioned one of the hotel clerks, who could see Noah. He said he hadn't seen him, so Lina offered him some money. The clerk accepted the money and told her he hadn't seen him. Another clerk asked why he hadn't given Noah up, and the first clerk replied that he had to be discreet for their guests.

Noah decided that he couldn't tell Fancy yet for her own safety. Fancy pitched a fit about him kissing her and leaving her. A drunken Esme interrupted and comically mocked them both fighting. Fancy stormed off, and Noah decided to take the opportunity to fulfill his mission for Lina.

In Italy, Jessica, Paloma, and Simone ran away with one of the missing church paintings, and the three thugs chased after them. The girls eluded capture, and Jessica checked to be sure they were gone before they headed for the hotel. The thugs saw them again and captured them. The girls begged to be told the meaning of the symbol, and the thugs threatened to kill them.

Noah descended upon the thugs, who were threatening the girls, and he attacked them. During the fight, the painting got torn. After the thugs ran off, Noah saw the piece of painting and asked the girls why the painting had the same symbol as Jessica's tattoo. The girls made up a story about buying the painting at a street fair and then asked why he was there. He mentioned that Chad and Luis were there too.

Fancy ran to her hotel room, sobbing hysterically. Esme walked in on her and said that maybe she and "Nathan" weren't meant to be together because they were always out of synch with each other. She said when "Norman" said he loved Fancy, she didn't love him and vice versa.

Esme listed all the fun exploits they'd been on before. Esme told Fancy they needed to go have fun, so she pulled out an invitation to an art gallery opening so she could get her mind off "Nero." Fancy wasn't sure and corrected Esme every time she said his name wrong. Esme told her she'd meet a man who would change her life.

Luis phoned Sheridan from near a fountain in Rome to give an update and reminded her how sorry he was that he hadn't believed her about Marty before. He said the situation was all his fault. Beth and Marty ate gelato just feet away and overheard him say the name "Marty." Marty wanted to know why, so Beth said they'd go check it out. Chad tapped Luis on the shoulder, so Luis turned around, and a shocked Beth saw that it was him. She ducked behind a pillar but not before Chad saw her. Beth told Marty that Luis might be there to take him away to "that awful Sheridan."

When Chad and Luis walked away, Beth lost control of Marty, who ran into the square yelling, "Daddy!" Luis heard his son's voice, so he and Chad went back and saw Beth running off with Marty. They gave chase, and Beth slipped through a door with the omega symbol engraved around the keyhole. Beth and Marty went upstairs and looked out on the street. Marty saw Luis and delightedly called out, "Daddy!" Luis heard him and looked up and saw them in the open window. Beth tried to leave by the back way, but it was locked.

Beth told Marty that they were playing a game and had to stay away from his daddy. Just as Luis and Chad broke in, Beth went into a room to hide. Chad and Luis sneaked up on a door and decided that Beth and Marty were behind it. Marty had been carrying a balloon with him, and it popped. Beth anxiously told Marty to be quiet because they were still playing a game. She hugged Marty close to her and looked everywhere for an escape route.

At Sheridan's cottage, Chris comforted Sheridan and then took a surprise for her out of his suitcase. It was a beautiful art book that he said reminded him of her because she was also beautiful. She turned to a religious picture, and it had the omega symbol in it. Sheridan had a nasty cough, so Chris went to get her some tea. When he left the room, he whispered to himself that he hoped Sheridan would understand as he fiddled with a worn piece of brown paper with the omega symbol on it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kay found Miguel in the bathroom with Siren, who was only covered in bubbles. A fuming Kay threw a towel over Siren's head and started to overzealously dry her hair for her. Miguel got angry, and Kay apologized to Siren. She told Miguel she was tired and needed to take a shower before feeding Maria and going off to work.

Miguel rudely showed Kay the door. H said when he and Siren were finished, the bathroom was hers. Kay went down to the kitchen, ranting and raving to Tabitha, who just plainly told her to get Miguel away from Siren before it was too late. Kay continued to profess her love for Fox but looked uncertain and miserable.

Noah settled Jessica, Simone, and Paloma into their hotel room and waited for room service to arrive before leaving them. Having checked the suite beforehand, he warned them not to open the door for anyone. The girls enjoyed a delicious dinner and talked about their adventure so far, unaware that Spike was waiting outside the hotel room door.

Esme and Fancy were ready for the gallery opening when Fancy told Esme she had changed her mind. Esme talked her back into going. Fancy got a call from Luis before going.

Chad and Luis got arrested in the museum storeroom after Luis broke the door down and tackled a mannequin, thinking it was Beth. He called Fancy, and she bailed them out of jail and accompanied Luis back to the museum in case Beth might still be there. Chad headed back to the catacombs. Beth heard Luis approach the museum and quickly locked the door. She told Marty they still had to play hide-and-seek with his daddy for a little while longer.

When Luis and Fancy found the museum door locked, they spent the next few minutes awkwardly complimenting each other before heading back to the hotel, where they shared dinner after Luis cleaned himself up. Fancy excused herself to go up to her room, and Noah walked in the restaurant and sat down with Luis. Luis again questioned him about letting someone like Fancy get away.

The monk told Whitney she would die if she ever even set eyes on Chad again. The monk left, and as she was praying, Chad heard her. They were on opposite sides of one of the collapsed walls. Chad begged her to go back home with him and Miles, and she told him that she had heard the voice of God and that she would die if they saw each other again. She ran off while Chad called to her from the other side of the wall.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

At the dock, Miguel slung boxes of fish around with one of his coworkers. The other guy had a tattoo on his arm that he said looked just like the mermaid he had seen off the coast of Maine 40 years earlier, and Miguel thought she was a dead ringer for Siren.

Carl told the story of how he had met his mermaid out in the middle of the ocean -- beautiful, blonde, and young. He had tried to rescue her and then realized that she didn't have legs, just a big shiny fish tail. Miguel didn't believe him, but Carl swore it had really happened. He said he still kept his eyes peeled for her. Then he told Miguel the story of the mermaid's curse -- once a man made love to a mermaid, he could never make love to a woman again.

At Tabitha's house Kay tossed and turned in bed while she tried to figure out what was wrong with Siren. Fox woke up and asked why she was so restless. He wanted to know why it bugged her that Miguel liked Siren. Fox told her that if he were the jealous type, he'd be worried about their relationship. They bantered a bit about Miguel and Siren, and he ended the argument by kissing her and pulling her back to the bed.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Tabitha cooked up a big breakfast of bacon and eggs for Siren, who really wanted some kelp and fish. Tabitha counseled her to act more like a human, or Miguel would figure out that she was really a mermaid. Tabitha told her she'd throw Miguel away soon enough. Siren said she wanted to throw Miguel onto a tide pool and make love to him over and over and over again.

Miguel got home from fishing and had a bucket of fish with him. Siren excitedly hugged him, despite the fact that he smelled bad. Siren grabbed one of the raw sea bass and almost ate it, but Tabitha grabbed it and scowled at her. Miguel told them Carl's story of the mermaid and how he was still in love with her. Miguel pointed out the resemblance between the tattoo and Siren.

Miguel went to clean and refrigerate the fish, so Tabitha pulled Siren aside and confirmed that Siren really was the mermaid from 40 years before. Tabitha asked how old Siren was. Siren said she wasn't any older than the witch, but she'd aged better. She said it was from being in the healing water all those years.

Miguel told Tabitha and Siren about the curse, and it piqued Tabitha's interest when she realized that if Miguel made love to Siren, he might never make love to Charity. Siren wrapped herself around Miguel and said all the talk about making love made her all tingly. He protested that he needed to shower all the fish stink off. Kay walked in and got jealous, so she told Miguel that he should go spend some time with Maria upstairs before Pilar picked her up.

When Miguel and Kay got upstairs, Maria was gone, so Kay told him he should shower so he didn't offend Maria's nose. He was upset that she'd dragged him up there with Maria gone. He commented that Siren liked the way he smelled, and Kay flipped out and said the girl was loony. He countered that she was beautiful, and he liked her. Kay started to protest, and Miguel told her she'd have to get used to the idea that he was going to spend time with Siren.

In the kitchen, Siren was steamed that Kay had taken Miguel away again. Siren decided to get back at Kay by paying attention to Fox. Tabitha asked Siren how often she'd been out in real life, anyway, since she was stuck in Mr. Andersen's fairy tale. Siren explained that it was magic -- once he had dreamed up that whole world for her, she could pop back and forth from the sea to the story. She had just happened to be there when Endora had popped her out. Fox walked in with Maria and declared he'd cook breakfast. He was very excited because Maria had called him "daddy."

Pilar knocked on the door, so Tabitha took Maria from Fox to deliver her to her grandma's arms. Fox got eggs out for breakfast, and Siren asked him to show her how to crack open an egg. He was surprised and then even more so when she pulled him around her to give her hands-on help.

Kay saw Siren and Fox together when she returned and got furious with Siren. She told Fox he needed to get ready for his big day at work. Siren wanted to know what was up, and he said he had to run a commercial shoot for Fancy, since she was out of the country. When Fox left the room, Kay confronted Siren and asked what the heck she was doing. Siren replied that it should be her line.

On the Crane jet, Theresa mulled over the nasty anonymous email message she had received. It said she'd regain Ethan but lose her love -- and somebody from Harmony would die in Rome. Ethan was asleep, so Theresa unbuttoned his shirt and began kissing him. She murmured that they'd be joining the "Mile High Club." The pilot announced over the intercom system that they were beginning their descent into Rome, and she shushed him.

Ethan woke up alarmed at what was happening, and Theresa told him that she hadn't seen him smile like that in years. He hollered at her for playing games, pulled his shirt back on, and told her that he'd never leave his wife. She said that they couldn't fight fate. Theresa pleaded her case once again and told him she wished she carried a tape recorder around with her so he could hear Gwen and Rebecca bragging about sending his story to Daily Private Lives. She told him he just needed to talk to J.T. Cornell from the tabloid, and J.T. would surely confirm who had given him the story.

Ethan told Theresa there was no proof that Gwen had done any of the things Theresa accused her of doing, and he was going to believe his wife because she wouldn't lie. Theresa yelled that Gwen was lying, but Ethan wouldn't hear it and went to shave. Theresa sat down, buckled up, and swore to herself that just like the email said, she'd get him back.

Luis dreamed that he hid behind a pillar on the streets of Rome and snatched Marty from Beth when she walked by. Then, she was arrested and hauled off to jail. Luis called Sheridan and told her that he was taking Marty home to her. When he woke up, he called Interpol to help him.

In Rome, Fancy drank a latte in a café and looked so sad that the waiter commented on it. She decided not to waste any more tears on Noah. Luis joined her and asked if she'd seen Noah. She snapped at him that he should check Maya Chinn's room. Luis said that he knew Noah loved her because every time she walked into the room, Noah's face lit up. The waiter approached them and said that they looked like a couple in love. They denied it and asked him to serve coffee.

Luis told Fancy that he had a meeting at the bank, and he was hoping to get Beth's address. He said he couldn't wait to put Marty in Sheridan's arms again. Fancy told him that Sheridan was a lucky woman. He told her that he thought that the problems between her and Noah could be worked out if they talked, and Fancy replied that they were way beyond talking.

A guy walked by Luis. Luis was sure he knew the man from Harmony, but couldn't think of his name or why he knew him. He thought the guy's name was D.J. or T.J. or something like that. The guy, who was J.T., talked on his cell phone and said that he had to skip out of town before the IRS caught him on tax fraud. He said he was going by another name and would keep moving so they didn't catch him, but he wanted to know the statute of limitations on his crime. He told his caller that as far as they were concerned J.T. Cornell was dead.

Luis noticed that Fancy was sad again and commented that it hurt to be in love. Fancy said it was more than just another woman, and Luis jumped to Noah's defense, saying what a stand-up guy Noah was. Fancy disputed that and remarked that he hadn't seen Noah for years, so he didn't know. He reached over and took her hand and then moved his chair around the table to be closer to her. She told him that despite the fact that Noah looked up to Luis like a big brother, he was a scam artist. Luis had a hard time believing that Noah would change that much.

At a nearby table, Beth had lighter-colored hair and hid behind a menu. She told somebody on her cell phone that she was there and staying out of sight. She said she'd take them and then get out of there. As she exited the café, she snapped photos of Luis and Fancy sitting close to each other and smiling.

The waiter commented to Beth that there was nothing like young love and pointed to Luis and Fancy. Beth immediately started thinking crazy thoughts about what she would do to the new blonde trying to steal her man. She muttered under her breath that he shouldn't have gone to Rome to look for them if he wasn't going to stay there forever. She said that something dangerous was going on in the city -- so dangerous that someone wasn't going to make it back to Harmony alive.

Friday, May 19, 2006

It was a new day, and Miguel wanted to see Maria, but she was off to see her grandma. Tabitha couldn't help but stir the pot a little. She told Miguel that Maria was calling Fox "daddy."

Siren and Kay were having a spat over Miguel. It was one of those "who met whom first and who is better suited for whom" moments. Kay thought Siren was also making a play for Fox. Siren told Kay to make up her mind between Fox and Miguel.

Fox was having a crisis at the office and told Kay about it. They needed a new model for Fancy's clothing line. Fox and Kay thought up an idea for a new model, unbeknownst to each other. Kay choose Miguel, and Fox choose Siren as a model. Kay didn't want Siren to spend the day with Miguel, so he was the perfect idea for the photo shoot. Alfredo, the client, thought both Miguel and Siren were suitable for the photo shoot, and the ad campaign was sizzling hot. Kay was not happy about the situation.

Luis told Fancy to talk things over with Noah, but Fancy replied that it was no use, since she had seen Noah cheating more than once. Luis promised Fancy that he would have a talk with Noah because that was not the Noah he remembered. As soon as Luis told Fancy that he would bet his life on it that Noah wasn't cheating, he and Fancy glanced at Noah kissing Maya. Fancy proved her case, and Luis left to straighten Noah out.

Ethan thought that Theresa had manipulated the situation so that they only had one hotel room to share. He made it very clear to Theresa that he was not cheating on Gwen. Theresa tried to calm Ethan down by telling him about the cryptic email she had received about the death of one of Harmony's residents in Rome. She was scared about the news and did not want to stay by herself.

Theresa and Ethan ran into Luis and Fancy. Theresa filled Luis in on Paloma, Simone, and Jessica's situation. He knew that Paloma was not in Rome for art school. Noah joined in and told Luis of the girls' latest mishaps. Luis told Theresa that he had found Beth and Marty. Fancy asked Ethan what he was doing in Rome but figured out that Theresa has talked him into it.

Ethan thought it was odd that so many people from Harmony were in Rome. Luis thought it was for a reason, and Fancy wondered why. Luis thought it was Alistair, except he was in a coma. Fancy rushed to Alistair's defense by telling everyone that they were overreacting.

Ethan mentioned the email Theresa had received, and Luis asked to see the email. He discovered the same symbol in the email as the one he and Chad had seen in the catacombs. Noah also mentioned the tattoo on Jessica's back. Everyone was trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Luis sensed that there was more to the email, but Theresa tried to take the printout of the email back.

Ethan finally got to read the other email about him. Apparently, it stated that Theresa would gain Ethan in Rome but lose her love. Ethan jumped to conclusions right away. He thought Theresa was trying to wreck his marriage as always. Theresa then started rambling about the tabloid. Luis told her that J.T. Cornell was in Rome, and Theresa was excited right away. She thought that J.T. had evidence that Gwen was connected to the tabloid scandal.

Ethan was suspicious of Theresa, and Luis told Ethan that his problem with Theresa had nothing to do with anyone being in Rome. He thought that everyone was being used as bait for something much bigger. Luis told Fancy that she needed protection 24/7, and Noah volunteered to protect Fancy. Fancy shunned Noah. Luis volunteered to protect Fancy instead.

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