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Monday, April 2, 2007

Fancy is devastated that Luis is the person that she has shot, and Sam tries to calm her down. Simone discovers that the bartender is dead, and she blames Luis. Sam asks Fancy if she helped Luis escapes, and she tells him no. Simone wishes that Luis die because she thinks he killed Ray and Dylan, the bartender. Luis is fighting for his life. Simone smells gasoline on Luis' shirt and thinks that's proof of his guilt. Sam thinks it's circumstantial. The odds are stacked against Luis due to his latest escape and being found at the scene of the latest crime.

Theresa is proceeding with the wedding even though a part of her is waiting for Ethan to rescue her with good news about Luis. Julian and Ivy realize that someone else other than Theresa and Jared is making sure that this wedding takes place. Meanwhile, Ethan is trying his best to get to the hospital on time to stop the wedding. Theresa and Jared are finally married. Ethan has gotten to the hospital too late. As soon as the wedding ended, Theresa goes to see Ethan. He badgers her about why she married Jared. Eve tells Theresa the terrible news about Luis being shot. Ethan convinces Theresa to follow him to the blackmailer's apartment, so that he can show her the evidence that he has discovered. Ethan is under the impression that once he gets proof, he can finally be with Theresa; however, Theresa is already married to Jared, and she tells Ethan that it's too late. Ethan refuses to accept that. Jared interrupts their conversation, and let it be known to Ethan he is now Theresa's husband, so Theresa doesn't have to go anywhere with Ethan. Theresa explains that Luis has been shot, and she has to go. Jared is satisfied with the explanation, but he wants to accompany Ethan and Theresa. Theresa manages to discourage him from tagging along. Ivy is not pleased that Jared agrees to let Theresa leave with Ethan. Ethan tells Theresa that the blackmailer is behind all the latest crimes in Harmony, and he wants to show her the proof. They arrive at the blackmailer's apartment and, they are about to enter.

Vincent blackmails Chad into sleeping with him again. If Chad doesn't comply, he will send an X-rated DVD of them in bed to Whitney. Chad apologizes to Whitney to himself because she does not deserve what he is doing to her. Whitney realizes that Chad has left the hospital. She begs a nurse to tell her if she knows where Chad is headed, and she finds out that Chad left to go to a motel. Whitney is suspicious and goes in search of Chad. Meanwhile, Vincent is telling Chad that he cannot get enough of him and will always keep coming back for more. Whitney hears Chad's voice outside one of the motel rooms and is determined to investigate. She manages to bribe one of the maids to let her in. She enters the room and knocks on the bathroom door insisting that Chad comes out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Whitney's suspicions of Chad deepen as she goes looking for him at a motel room. She bangs on the door and demands that he comes out with the woman. Whitney does not know that Chad is in the motel room with Vincent. Chad tries to make a run for it, but Vincent tells him that if he leaves, he would tell Whitney the truth. Whitney is shocked to see Vincent at the motel. He covers himself by telling Whitney that he is there with Valerie, but it doesn't end there. Whitney wants to see Valerie, so she insists that Valerie comes out of the bathroom. Chad is terrified because he does not want Whitney to know that he is having a gay relationship with Vincent. Vincent manages to get Whitney out of the room without her discovering that Chad is there.

Sheridan reassures Chris that she wants to be with him, but she can't stop thinking about Luis and how she feels about him. Sheridan has the perfect excuse to run to Luis. She hears on the news that he is shot, and that's all it takes for her to go be near Luis, even though he has Fancy to comfort him. Fancy blames herself for Luis being shot since she mistook him for a perpetrator. Eve gives everyone good news about Luis's injury. Since Luis was on the run, Sam cuffs him so that he won't escape this time. Luis explains to Fancy that he did not kill the bartender, but Sam does not believe a word since his clothes wreaks the scent of gasoline. Sam begins to wonder about what Grace told him, and he thinks there must be some connection to what has been going on. Sheridan gets a wind of the incident, and she couldn't wait to tell Luis that it was Fancy who shot him. Luis didn't know because Fancy never got around to telling him. He understands though since Fancy was only doing her job.

Ethan tries to take Theresa to a room filled with clues about the blackmailer. When they arrive, Ethan is amazed that the room is empty. That doesn't surprise Theresa since the blackmailer is always one step ahead of them. Ethan wants to take matters into his own hands because he wants the blackmailer caught. He whips out his phone to call a forensics team, and Theresa takes the phone away because she knows that there won't be any clues. Ethan talks Theresa into getting an annulment so that they can be together. They begin a make out session and are interrupted by the blackmailer. He/she tells Theresa to leave Ethan alone and go back to Jared. She begins to leave and Ethan stops her. He hates her being in bed with another man. Ethan demands to know Theresa's secret, but she does not tell him. She has to protect her family per the blackmailer's wishes.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Whitney goes to the sleazy motel looking for Chad but finds Vincent instead. While Chad hides in the bathroom, Vincent lets Whitney think he is with Valerie. When Whitney demands to talk to Valerie, Vincent confesses that it is another lover, not Valerie in the bathroom. Whitney chastises Vincent and tells him what a wonderful monogamous husband Chad is. Vincent almost gags, but keeps a straight face. He then pretends to try to seduce Whitney, who becomes uncomfortable and leaves.

In her kitchen, Tabitha brews a potion to counteract the effects of the happiness bugs that Endora let out of the jar. Fox spies on Kay and Miguel who are kissing in the front room. Ethan arrives with bad news. Fox is delighted to hear all the bad things that are happening to Miguel. Tabitha's spell succeeds and she recaptures all the happiness bugs except one, which Endora sends to Fox, but before it can affect him, he destroys it. After Ethan leaves, Kay and Miguel vow their love. Fox overhears them and plots Miguel's destruction.

At the hospital Sheridan blames Fancy for Luis' problems. When Sam says that Luis will be sent to the state prison hospital, Sheridan intercedes with the governor and uses her influence to keep Luis in Harmony Hospital. Sam will not allow her to stay with Luis and sends her away. He places a guard on Luis, but Sheridan, dressed in a nurse's uniform and a brown wig, slips past him. As Luis sleeps she vows her love for him. Fancy enters the room, recognizes Sheridan and threatens to call Sam.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Noah confesses to Paloma that he is sick with love for her. Paloma tells him that she can't believe that her best friend's boyfriend has become the love of her life. After making love the two decide to celebrate at the Harmony Carnival and make their way to the wharf. While in the House of Mirrors, Paloma gets a cold chill in her spine. As the lights flicker she screams when she catches a glimpse of the half-man/half-woman in the mirror.

Spike catches up with Jessica who is also at the carnival. Spike shares with Jessica that he was just scared out of his wits while in Tabitha's basement and that he knows Tabitha is a witch. Jessica thinks that Spike is either under the influence of drugs or has food poisoning because of the bizarre things he's saying. Spike assures her that other than being scared to death, he is fine. Jessica tells Spike that she is leaving him and going back home to live with her father. As Jessica walks away, Spike tells himself that he'll make Jessica come back to him.

Tabitha and Endora are also at the carnival. Whitney sees Tabitha and joins her and Endora. A confused Whitney seeks advice from Tabitha as to whether she should tell her friend a secret that she just learned. Tabitha tells Whitney that at some the truth always comes out and that she should go ahead and be honest with her friend now. Whitney calls Valerie and leaves a message that she has something important to tell her.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Chad are at the hotel. Chad continues to tell Vincent that their relationship is over. Vincent is not concerned because he's heard that story before. Chad tells Vincent that he better hope that Whitney doesn't tell Valerie about Vincent's cheating. Vincent warns Chad that if Whitney doesn't keep her mouth shut then both she and Chad will pay.

Ethan returns to the hospital to talk with Theresa. Theresa reminds Ethan that they cannot be together. Ethan asks Theresa what she will do when Jared is strong enough to make love. Even though she knows he will be hurt, Theresa tells Ethan that she will make love to her husband. A nurse interrupts their conversation by telling Theresa that Jared is asking for her. Ethan doesn't want Theresa to leave him but Theresa says goodbye and walks into Jared's room.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Chad is sitting up in bed next to Whitney with a guilty look on his face. He has a new haircut and is ready to turn over a whole new leaf with Whitney. She confesses to Chad that she had her doubts and went to the motel looking for him. She is asking Chad for forgiveness when Chad is the one who should be on his knees because he is the one having an affair.

Ethan makes an early morning visit to Theresa's bedroom, and they make love like it's nobody's business. Meanwhile, the blackmailer is in another room spying on them. He says Luis and Miguel's lives are in Theresa's hands, and she will pay for disobeying him.

Kay awakes while fantasizing about Miguel, but Fox is in bed next to her. She pulls away, and Fox questions her reasons. She makes up a lame excuse, but Fox knows that Kay was expecting Miguel to be in bed next to her. Miguel goes to Kay's room to surprise her in bed with breakfast, but he sees Fox with her, and he is not a happy camper. Fox leaves for work, and Miguel goes in for the kill by trying to convince Kay that Fox is faking his illness. Tabitha is getting more signs that things are running amok, and it's not at her doing. Fox tries to get Judge Reilly to move up the trial date for Miguel to the next day, but he tells Fox that he answers to Theresa, and she wants to delay the trial date as long as possible. After witnessing Theresa and Ethan in bed together, the blackmailer sends an Instant Message to Judge Reilly insisting that he moves up the trial date to the next day or else. Fox has gotten his wish after all, but I'm not so sure about Theresa.

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