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Monday, September 17, 2007

Gwen hands her son over to Ethan telling him that's his son, but Theresa is confused because she knows that Gwen is incapable of having a child. Ethan wants to know how this is all possible, and Gwen explains to him that she had missed a period after leaving Harmony. She thought it was stress but then realized that she was indeed pregnant. Ethan calls it a miracle. Meanwhile, Gwen looks at Theresa in a gloating fashion. Theresa is shocked beyond belief. Ethan wants to know details such as the baby's birthday, and Pilar is eager for Gwen to give Ethan the answers. In addition, Ethan asks Gwen why she didn't tell him sooner. She tells Ethan that she has her reasons and that Theresa would understand. Gwen tries to get a rise out of Theresa by telling Ethan that she would not deliberately keep such important information from him since it would be so unforgivable. Gwen wants her son to know his father. She refuses to let him call another man "daddy," and Ethan is in total agreement. In addition, Gwen states that she was angry and depressed after the baby was born, which almost led to a nervous break down. Gwen hopes that Ethan can forgive her, and Ethan states that he understands. He also states that he is feeling so many things that he has never felt before and that having a son changes everything. Pilar demands that Theresa tells Ethan the truth right away because she will live to regret it. Theresa refuses and tells Pilar that Gwen just had her baby. Pilar tells her that's no excuse and urges her not to make the same mistake again. Theresa finally says that she will tell Ethan the truth, and adding that Gwen may have his baby, but she can't have Ethan.

Luis insists on calling the hospital while Fancy collapses to the floor. Alistair wants to make sure that Luis doesn‘t call 911, so he sends Pretty over to prevent that from happening. Pretty shows up, and Luis fills her in. He asks her to call 911, but Fancy comes around and insists that she doesn't need a doctor. All along, Pretty is pretending as if she is calling 911, but that was never her intent since Alistair sends her over to make sure that Luis did not get through to the hospital. Pretty reinforces that Fancy is ok by stating that Fancy's nose bleeds is not unusual since she experienced it while growing up. On the other side of the room, Alistair increases the frequency in hopes of completely controlling Fancy. It's taking its effect since Fancy starts to twitch all of a sudden. Pretty is aware that Alistair is behind it, so she excuses herself and leaves Luis and Fancy alone. Pretty begs Alistair to stop, but Alistair ignores her. Fancy experiences another nose bleed but hides it from Luis.

Tabitha and Kay go to the basement in search of Endora and Miguel, but the basement is not the same anymore. The boys in the basement have disappeared with Miguel and Endora. Tabitha conjures up a MarTimmy in order to calm her nerves, but Kay is not in the mood to drink, so she conjures up some ice cream. Tabitha decides to use Boogle, another way of searching the galaxy and the universe, to find Endora and Miguel. She figures that she will have no luck since the dark forces will be on their guard. Kay worries about Miguel since he is mortal. She thinks that he won't survive, but Endora will somehow be safe. Both Tabitha and Kay are devastated since their search has come up empty. They both hug and comfort each other. Meanwhile, a desperate Esme tries to revive Fox with Julian's help but to no avail. Esme and Viki cry over Fox's death. Julian questions how Fox could have gotten shot, but Esme doesn't have the answers since she is in the dark herself. Esme is beside herself with grief because she thought that she has finally found love, and now it has been taken away from her.

Sheridan is excited that Marty is alive. She ceases communication with Spike in order to focus on Marty. She is overjoyed and promises to go find Luis and tell him the good news. She states that she, Luis, and Marty will be a family, and Fancy will be out of the picture. Spike urges Sheridan that they have to leave before Sam closes in on them. Sheridan holds Spike at gun point demanding to know where Alistair is keeping Marty. She tells him that if he doesn't tell her the truth, she will kill him. Spike swears on his mother's grave, and Sheridan believes him. In addition, she tells Spike that she is not a monster. She just wants to find her son. Sheridan swears to find Marty, and if she is unsuccessful, she will make sure Alistair dies. Moreover, she makes it very clear that she is hell bent on going after Luis so that they can be a family with Marty. Spike listens to Sheridan blabs about Luis and their past lives and thinks she is stark raving mad since Luis is so into Fancy these days.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Theresa, Ethan and Gwen triangle continues on as Theresa prepares herself to tell Ethan that he is Little Ethan's father. Ethan bonds with his baby, thrilled that he finally has a son. Gwen is worried that Theresa will finally admit the truth while Ethan begins to question how Theresa could have possibly known he had a son when Gwen insists she never told anyone her news.

The evil Alistair plays a cat and mouse game with Fancy's life, increasing the power to the device in her head, hoping to turn Fancy into a true Crane. A torn Pretty worries about her sister's health, but Alistair is able to charm his granddaughter once again. Luis is incredibly worried about Fancy, her headaches becoming more intense. Fancy tries to explain to Luis why she doesn't want to go to the hospital. With all the horrible things that have happened in their lives lately she can't take any more bad news.

The tragedy of Fox's murder plays out as Ivy arrives home to learn of her son's death. Ivy is crushed, lamenting the time she has lost with her son. Sam is affected as he sees Ivy turning to Julian for comfort.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Eve is lonely with her house all to herself, unaware that Vincent lurks in the shadows, prepared to drive his grieving mother mad.

Alistair watches with delight as his implant successfully controls Fancy and she hits Luis! When Luis gets a call from a desperate Sheridan, Fancy loses herself in anger. Alistair has complete control of Fancy!

Ethan wants to know how Theresa knew he had a son, when Gwen never told her or anybody. When Little Ethan and the new baby finally meet, Little Ethan is struck by how similar they look, remarking that they could have been twins. Gwen fears Theresa will admit why that may not be so far off...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's a major moment as Theresa tells Ethan that Little Ethan and his new son look like brothers because they are! Gwen quickly interrupts and insists that the boys are brothers in sentiment only. Before Theresa can object, Gwen changes the subject to coming up with a name for her and Ethan's child. The obvious choice would be Ethan -- but Theresa has already taken that name. Ethan doesn't mind, what matters most is that he finally has a son and that's what's important. Unfortunately, Little Ethan hears this and tearfully wonders if his Uncle Ethan still loves him.

Alistair continues to berate Sheridan then suddenly makes a move for the laptop he notices his daughter continually glancing at. Sheridan panics, knowing Alistair can't find out she knows Marty is alive. Sheridan is able to switch the feed to a shot of Fancy's bedroom and an amused Alistair chastises his daughter for being a Peeping Tom, much as we know he is himself. Sheridan turns the tables on her father, trying to get Alistair to come clean about Marty, demanding to know where her 'deadâ?ť son's body is!

Esme is stunned that Sam is questioning her like a suspect in Fox's murder. She insists she loved Fox but Sam reminds her they know she was the last to see him alive. Fancy and Luis arrive to hear the horrible news and Fancy defends her friend â?" Esme may be a drama queen but she's no murderer! Julian shocks the room by announcing he knows exactly who killed his son.

A shaken Eve wonders if she only imagined Vincent's phone call while we see that Vincent is carefully setting out to make Eve think she is losing her mind. Eve, confused and distraught, continues to drink and take the pills Vincent placed out for her. Finally, Eve passes out only to awaken to her son's voice and the sight of him holding his hand out to her.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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