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Monday, February 11, 2008

The spell Kay cast to save Miguel in Mexico has brought back the demon elf without her knowledge. The elf decides to stir up trouble because he thinks that Kay is a stupid witch. After Kay turns on the stove, he turns up the flames and causes the kettle to explode, which scares Kay. Tabitha comes downstairs to investigate, and Kay fills her in on the details. Tabitha notices fingerprints on the stove knobs and concludes that the demon elf has made an appearance. The demon elf comes out of hiding and tells Tabitha that Kay brought him back. Tabitha refuses to believe the demon elf since she is sure that Kay is not using magic. The elf tells her otherwise, and Tabitha is livid that Kay used magic behind her back. Tabitha tells Kay that they have to get rid of the demon elf because they won't have a moment's peace, but Kay doesn't want to use magic. Tabitha states that they could use incense and herbs, but it would take much longer to be rid of him. They prepare a concoction and Kay pours it on the elf's head. He chokes and pretends as if the potion is working, and then he tells Tabitha and Kay that it will take a lot more than herbs to be rid of him. He chokes again, and this time the house shakes. The elf disappears. Kay is thrilled that their little mixture worked, so she gives Tabitha a hug. As soon as Tabitha and Kay leave the kitchen, the demon elf returns.

Sam sets a trap for the serial killer. He thinks that the killer is after Esme and not her men. Sam gives Julian and Esme some alone time. Julian and Esme ponder the best way to trap the serial killer. While Julian thinks of a way to trap the killer, Esme is focused on getting Julian into bed.

On his way out the door, Sam spots someone. He assumes it's the serial killer and gives chase. It turns out to be Ivy. She just wants to spend some quality time with him. After having a romantic interlude with Ivy, Sam remembers that he is on duty and runs off to catch the serial killer. After Sam leaves, the serial killer keeps a watchful eye on Ivy, and then on Rebecca. Sam hears a scream while in Julian's room and goes off to help.

Gwen worries about Ethan in the shark-infested water, so she looks around for some help and runs into Luis and Miguel. She begs them to go save Ethan because she doesn't want her son, Jonathan, growing up without a father. Luis and Miguel leave and tell Gwen to keep Juanita from Pilar. Gwen receives a call from Rebecca, and Gwen fills her in on the details. Rebecca is excited that Theresa could be dead and tells Gwen to kill Pilar right away because she could tell Ethan the truth about them blackmailing her. Gwen tells Rebecca that she will do no such thing. Juanita pulls closer in order to eaves drop on Gwen's conversation. Gwen accidentally puts Rebecca on speakerphone, and Juanita is able to pick up Rebecca's voice. She puts two and two together and realizes that Gwen and Rebecca are blackmailing Pilar in order to get Theresa out of the way. Juanita threatens Gwen and tells her that if she does not free her, she will tell everyone Gwen's dirty little secret. Gwen tells Juanita that she has the option of killing both her and Pilar in order to keep her secret, but Juanita tells Gwen that she is bluffing. Gwen dares Juanita to tell her secret, since no one will believe a mobster. Juanita tells Gwen that she should have killed her and Pilar while she had the chance because Juanita is going to make sure that everyone knows Gwen's secret.

In the ocean, Ethan calls out to Theresa, and she responds and swims towards him. She expresses how happy she is to see him and begins to kiss him. Meanwhile, there are sharks circling them. Theresa realizes that they are surrounded by sharks and starts to scream. Ethan tries to fight off the sharks while Theresa screams his name. Ethan continues to fight off the sharks. Theresa cannot hold up any longer, so she tells Ethan that she loves him and then disappears under water. Ethan screams for Theresa, but she is not in sight.

Luis and Miguel take a boat to save Ethan and Theresa, but the boat is caught in fishing net. Luis goes into the sea to untangle the boat, and Miguel spots a shark circling the area. He screams for Luis to get back on the boat, but it's too late. The shark pulls Luis back into the water. Miguel jumps in with a gun to save Luis. He rescues Luis and they get back on the boat. They pick up an unknown body and place it on the boat to bring back to shore. When Gwen sees the body, she wonders if the body is Ethan's or Theresa's.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The body Luis and Miguel brought back to shore is Ethan's, and he seems lifeless. Gwen rushes to his side and performs CPR. Juanita whispers to Gwen and tells her that even if she saves Ethan, she will make sure that Gwen will never have him. Gwen continues to perform CPR. Ethan regains consciousness, and the first thing he asks Gwen is Theresa's whereabouts and if she is ok. Juanita smirks while Gwen looks on. He tells Luis and Miguel that he was fighting off the sharks and he ended up losing sight of Theresa. Miguel and Luis decide to go and search for Theresa, and they tell Ethan to stay with Pilar and to keep an eye on Juanita. Ethan wants to join the search for Theresa, and Gwen hopes that she washes up on shore like a dead squid. Ethan asks Gwen what she is doing in Mexico and he wonders who is taking care of Jonathan. Gwen tells him that Jonathan is with the nannies at the mansion. In addition, Gwen tells him that she had to be there to make sure that he is okay because she and Jonathan love him and need him, and all Ethan cares about is saving Theresa.

Gwen leaves to get some water for Ethan, and Pilar catches her off guard and slaps her on the face. She asks Gwen why is she in Mexico. In addition, she tells Gwen that she almost died because of her and Rebecca. Pilar threatens Gwen and tells her that she will pay for what she has done. Gwen tells Pilar that each time Theresa gets involved with Ethan, tragedy follows. Juanita overhears Gwen and Pilar's conversation and she plans to use it to her advantage. She tells Gwen that she will make sure that tragedy comes to both her and Ethan's lives. Juanita tells Gwen that she will never have Ethan, even if Theresa dies, because Juanita will make sure that Ethan knows what Theresa did. Pilar tells her to hush up, and Gwen tells Juanita that maybe she and Pilar should kill her.

Meanwhile, Theresa is floating in the ocean. She comes to her senses and realizes that Ethan is not in sight. She calls out for him, and then starts to swim in search of him. She sees another shark and reacts by screaming out for Ethan. She manages to swim away. In the meantime, Luis and Miguel are looking for her. Luis calls off the search and heads back to shore. Theresa manages to swim back to shore in one piece. Ethan calls out for Theresa. She hears him and begins to walk towards him.

The demon elf is making Tabitha's life a living hell, and she threatens to use magic, but Kay does not want her to use magic. Tabitha manages to convince the demon elf to stop his mayhem because Noah and Paloma are on their way to the house. Noah and Paloma start to bicker as they walk into Tabitha's house. Kay manages to convince Paloma that things aren't all what they seem to be, so Paloma decides to hear Noah out. Their conversation is short-lived when Kay accidentally gives the demon elf ideas. Paloma asks Noah to swear to her that kissing Fancy meant nothing to him. Noah tells Paloma that she loves him and also tells her that he doesn't care that Fancy is the better kisser. Moreover, Noah tells Paloma that Fancy is a better lover and with practice, she can be just as good as Fancy. Paloma is unaware that Noah is under the spell of the demon elf. Kay comes over and tells Paloma that weird things are happening and it came over Noah. Paloma wonders why when weird things happen at Tabitha's house, it breaks her heart. She tells Noah to stay away from her and then leaves the house. Tabitha blames Kay because if she had used magic to get rid of the demon elf, Noah and Paloma would have made peace.

Sam runs towards the scream and he discovers Ivy lying on the ground. Viki stabs her in order to distract Sam. Sam hears something in the hall and decides to check it out. It turns out to be Rebecca trying to hightail it out of town. Viki, who is hiding in the corner, decides to come out, and Esme thinks that all the commotion scared Viki. Sam asks Rebecca why she is in such a rush to get out of town, and Rebecca has a flashback of Gwen telling her that she is with Juanita Vasquez in Mexico. Sam tells Rebecca that she cannot leave town. Rebecca briefly has a conversation with Viki and implies that Viki needs therapy. She leaves to go for a drink and returns. She hears Viki talking to herself and asks her about it, and surprisingly, Viki admits to talking to herself while holding the knife behind her back. Rebecca tells herself that Viki is a freak and states that Viki gives her the creeps. After Rebecca leaves, Viki keeps an eye on Esme and Julian. Julian tells Esme that he wants the attacker found, and Viki tells herself that no one can catch her because she is too smart to be caught.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A weak and injured Theresa makes her way toward her loved ones as they fear the worst for her, thinking she is drowned. Juanita torments Gwen with the fact that she will lose Ethan... unless Gwen lets Juanita escape. A distraught Luis and Miguel question Pilar about why she and Theresa are in Mexico in the first place as a shocked Ethan thinks he sees someone familiar in the distance...

While Paloma researches Juanita, Noah tries everything he can think of to get Paloma to talk to him and work things out. Paloma continues to put him off but we see how difficult it is for her.

Kay catches Tabitha using the magic bowl of water and berates her for breaking her promise not to use magic. Tabitha has had it with people telling her what to do and even Kay relents when her curiosity over Miguel’s safety gets the best of her.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Passions no longer airs on Thursdays. The show airs Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 200pm to 500pm.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 200pm to 500pm.

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